How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet

How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet (2024)

Published on: March 8, 2022
Last Updated: March 8, 2022

How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet (2024)

Published on: March 8, 2022
Last Updated: March 8, 2022

Trust App is highly beneficial for using those decentralized applications for the users. But, it is not always that easy to access these DApps with your mobile devices, especially if you are using an iPhone.

Whether you are using an Android phone or an iOS device, accessing the DApp browser is essential to use the Trust Wallet application.

It will enable you to tap the full potential of the crypto community, which seems to be evergrowing. 

In this post, we will reveal all the information to enable your DApp browser. 

Understanding the Trust Wallet Application and DApp Browser

It is mandatory for you to get along with some other topics in this discussion because you can begin using the DApp browser on your Trust Wallet application. 

One of the services that Trust Wallet offers is that users can log into their wallets and make it using their smartphone devices.

But if you are looking to use DApps on your Trust Wallet, you need to be a step ahead. 

What Are Decentralized Applications?

Here are three simple terms to understand for those of you who do not know what decentralized applications are.

The entire idea is to provide a reliable environment that is decentralized where users can connect, enable, access, and even search for new applications regardless of their goals and locations. 

image 23


No group or individual has any control over the Ethereum blockchain. It means that Etherium is an open public decentralized platform where you can use DApps. 


You do not have to worry about any problems in the overall functionality of an application. An Ethereum blockchain is a virtual machine that works in complete isolation, and it is completely bulletproof. 


The developers of DApps ensure that these apps execute and achieve the same function and purpose no matter in which environment they are working. Therefore, any errors during the operations seem like a long shot. 

What is Trust Wallet?

It is an application that allows you to store, manage and receive cryptocurrencies using your smartphone device. Trust Wallet is an official application brought to you by Binance.

Therefore, you can make your Trust Wallet profile with the help of Ethereum blockchain network technology on the Binance platform. 

image 24

Hence, the Trust Wallet application is not just for using DApp. It is one of the best platforms to check other decentralized apps on your smartphone. 

What is DApp Browser? 

This browser functions as a window or medium to access and navigate all decentralized applications on your smartphone device.

If you have enabled your DApp browser on your Trust Wallet, you will be able to access a variety of other DApps. In other words, you will be able to block the potential to unlock entirely another world right on your account. 

What is PancakeSwap Exchange?

PancakeSwap exchange is among the most popular applications that are available on the DApp browser.

It works as a decentralized exchange or DEXe with a concept to allow Android and iOS users to hold and trade their tokens when needed. 

image 25

This application does not support fiat money. Therefore, it is important that you enable the DApp browser on your Trust Wallet for properly using the PancakeSwap exchange. 

How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet

After discussing all the basics, let us discuss how to enable the DApp browser on your trust pilot. 

To enable your DApp browser on the Trust Wallet application, you must download it on your Android or iOS device. 

Navigate to your Google Play Store or iOS App Store and use your search bar to look for the Trust Wallet application.

Download this application and connect it to your account, and you are all set to begin the process. 

How to Do It on Android Phones?

Enabling the DApp browser on your Android is much easier than on iOS devices. There are some restrictions in place on all iOS devices due to their enclosed ecosystem design.

But we will discuss this after a bit. In the case of an Android phone, you only have to follow these simple steps, and you are good to go. 

Step 1 – Opening your Trust Wallet

With an assumption that you have it all set up and configured, you will just have to tap that Trust Wallet icon and allow it to load.

To efficiently connect your Trust Wallet application account, you must keep in mind to enable your DApp browser without any issues. 

Step 2 – Taping on Settings on the navigation bar at the bottom

Now, scroll down to the bottom of your screen. There will be a navigation bar with the Settings option. As soon as you tap on it, a popup menu will appear.

You will have to look for Preferences in this menu and then tap on it to proceed further. 

image 26

Step 3 – Toggling Enable the DApp Browser

You will have to enable the DApp browser on your Trust Wallet by toggling the option to its left. It will enable the DApps on your Trust Wallet.

Once that is done, you will start seeing the DApp browser menu that you will find at the bottom of your screen on the bar of the application’s main page.

There is nothing else that you will have to do here. Just look for the option to enable it, and you are all set to go. 

image 27
image 28
image 29
image 30

How to do it on an iOS Device?

June 2021 Update: You can no longer enable DApp browser on an iOS device including the iPhone. Sorry!????

It is time to enable your DApp browser on the Trust Wallet application using your iOS devices. This process is going to be a little bit trickier, but you can certainly manage it on your own.

You will only have to follow the steps and see that it is not that complicated.   

You cannot download this application from the App Store as Apple forced Trust Wallet to remove the DApp browser from the store as per its guidelines.

But do not despair; here are the steps you can follow to get the job done on your iOS device. 

Step 1 – Opening Safari Browser

You will use your Safari Browser to enable your DApp browser in your iOS device efficiently. Tap on the URL bar and type,


image 31
image 32

Once you have done that, a popup message will appear saying, “Open this page on Trust?”. Tap on Open and continue.

You can always reverse the actions by tapping on Cancel if you wish. 

Step 2 – Going back to the Trust Wallet application on Safari 

Now, return to the tab in Safari where you will find the Trust Wallet application. The Browser option will start showing right at the bottom.

And that is how you can enable your DApp browser on trust Wallet using your iOS device. It is not that difficult, you see!

image 33

Does the “Trust: Browser Enable” command work on Android too? 

No, this command is not going to work on your Android phone. But with an Android phone, you are already fortunate enough to enable and use the DApp browser by downloading the application from the Google Play store.

This command is the only way to use DApps on iOS devices because they have a closed ecosystem. This application does not work on Apple devices. 

Final Word

Binance Wallet Address is the best option if you use your computer to make crypto transactions and manage them.

But if you use your phone more than your computer, you will need the DApp browser, a decentralized application. 

You can conveniently run it on your Android phones, but for iOS, you will have to use a bit of help from your inbuilt Safari browser.

But as you can go through the steps mentioned above, you do not have to be tech-savvy to get the job done here. 

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