How to Download Twitter Videos

How to Download Twitter Videos in 2024

Published on: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 14, 2023

How to Download Twitter Videos in 2024

Published on: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 14, 2023

Twitter is not particularly known for videos, given that the microblogging site posts limits from the number of characters in a Tweet to the length of video allowed on the platform.

Despite this, many users still manage to create short but entertaining videos that blow our minds. 

If you want to download videos from Twitter, SnapDownloader and 4K Video Downloader are your best pick.

We have tried these tools ourselves and loved every bit of our experience with each. 

For those who want to find out how to download Twitter videos in 2024, this article is just for you.

How to Download Twitter Videos in 2024

Out of the one thousand and one ways to download Twitter videos in 2024, our favorite is using SnapDownloader.

SnapDownloader is a free-to-use app that is available for both Windows and macOS users.

Aside from downloading videos individually or in bulk, the tool has a variety of other functions such as basic video trimming, file conversion to audio or GIF, and proxy setup for geo-restricted areas. 

SnapDownloader Review

Users have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of formats beyond MP3 and MP4 namely MOV, AVI, AAC, and M4A, among others.

Moreover, video resolutions can go as high as 8K which is like watching in cinema quality, but without a cost.

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Below are the steps on how you can download Twitter videos in 2024 using SnapDownloader:

Step 1. SnapDownloader requires users to install its dedicated app before they can start downloading their favorite Twitter videos.

To do this, follow this link which will redirect you to the site’s download page. Note that you have to select the download format that is most compatible with your device.

Get the macOS version if your device is from Apple Inc and choose among the two Windows options if your PC is from Microsoft

Step 2. After installation, open the app just to check if it loads smoothly.

Once you made sure it runs with no problem, let it hover while you go search for the Twitter video you wish to download

Step 3. Go to Twitter and enter your login credentials. You do not need to create an account if you don’t have one as Twitter allows non-users to scroll around the platform without restrictions.

But having a dedicated Twitter account makes it easier for you to save videos in a Bookmark folder which you can easily access later

Step 4. Search for the video title on the search bar or open your “Bookmark” folder if you have saved the video on your archive list before.

Click on the content and copy the link from the address bar

Step 5. After getting the link, reopen the SnapDownloader app and paste the link.

Clicking the “Search” button will redirect you to the page where you will be asked to select the format and resolution you want.

Make sure to fill in all the required information as the outcome of your download will depend on the choices you will make on this page

Step 6. The Twitter video will automatically get to your PC’s “Downloads” folder after processing. You may now watch Twitter videos offline, anytime and anywhere. It’s that easy! 

Refer to this guide every time you need to download videos from any site.

SnapDownloader supports video downloading from more than 900 sites including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, and others.

How to Download Twitter Videos Using 4K Video Downloader

Another free-to-use site we are definitely loving is the 4K Video Downloader.

Not only it’s as easy to navigate as SnapDownloader, but it also offers the same amount of versatility in terms of features, formats, and functions.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader allows users to get videos in audio only and audio-video format while offering a maximum video resolution of up to 8K.

Such a quality is comparable to theater-produced movies.

This means one thing: your watching experience will just be as enjoyable as it would be when you are in a theater but better because it is unpaid!

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Below are the steps to download Twitter videos using 4K Video Downloader:

Step 1. The good news for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu users, the 4K Video Downloader app is compatible with your respective operating systems.

Click on this link to access the download page for the site’s free version.

Upon clicking, tap the green download button labeled “Get 4K Video Downloader” to start the installation process

Step 2. After installing, run the app and check for technical problems. Make sure it is running smoothly to avoid encountering problems with your downloaded files later on

Step 3. Now go to and search for the video you wish to download

Step 4. Copy the video link and reopen the 4K Video Downloader app.

Click the button labeled “Paste link” on the landing page and drop your link on the space provided, then finish by selecting the “download” button

Step 5. Select the format and resolution for your video.

Note that you may customize the download speed by tweaking some settings in the “Connection” tab located under the “Preferences” button.

For the fastest download speed, choose “Unlimited” to maximize your internet connection’s power

Step 6. Your Twitter video will automatically go to your PC’s “Downloads” folder after processing.

Watch and rewatch endlessly, it’s all yours! That is how you download Twitter videos using the 4K Video Downloader

All About Twitter Videos

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter is not notoriously known for video content.

Instead, users frequent the site for posting texts which are often fragmented into one thread due to character limitations. 

But as short videos became a thing on other rival sites like Facebook, we are now seeing more of these types of content on Twitter today.

Although, they come at a much shorter length as Twitter set the maximum allowable video duration to only 180 seconds or 2 minutes 20 seconds.


Despite being bound by a duration limit, Twitter videos are very entertaining, and many of them hit popularity.

This is exactly why many of us are willing to go to lengths just to save videos that are posted on the site.

We’re glad there are free Twitter video downloaders like SnapDownloader and 4K Video Downloader that enable us to download video from Twitter.

As with anything, this microblogging enterprise goes by its core principle up to this day: keep it short but sweet!

And this is very evident in how videos are portrayed on Twitter.

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