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How To Delete Your Binance Account

Last Updated: December 3, 2021

This guide gives an overview of some of the key steps that you can follow to remove your presence from the platform.
How To Delete Your Binance Account
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While Binance may be the preferred exchange platform for every cryptocurrency trader, there are times when people need to delete their accounts permanently.

They could be trying to switch to some other platform for the experience or might be taking a break from cryptocurrency trading, which may require them to delete their Binance account.

This guide gives an overview of some of the key steps that you can follow to remove your presence from the platform.

Why Do You Need To Delete Your Binance Account? 

One you have decided to stop using Binance, you need to make sure that you close your account permanently. This is necessary to ensure safety and security in the future. If not closed permanently, you may have to deal with some cybersecurity issues later.

Alongside this, as your essential information would be saved either on the Binance website on your laptop or the application on your phone, selling either of them can put your personal information at risk.

How To Permanently Delete The Account On Binance 

If you think that a single click by you is going to close your account forever, you are completely wrong! This process is not as easy as you might think. Rather, it requires an extensive process and thorough navigation on the website.

One major problem that you may face is the presence of the option ‘disable’. It will not show ‘delete’, and the disabled account can be put to work again, later.

If you are panicking right now and stressing over the fact that your date may stay insecure forever, you need to calm down. There are a few steps that you can take to delete your account permanently. 

Visit The Website

Go to the official website of Binance through the link and access it through your browser. You can do this on your laptop as well as your phone. The domain name of the website would be according to the country you reside in.

On the main page, you will see the menu icon. Steer your mouse towards it and click on it. There you will see a drop-down list. Click the option ‘log in’ and fill in the required spaces with all your details and information.

This will take you to your account instantly where you may see a few options.  

Click or Tap On The Icon Of Your Profile 

The icon of profile on the top right corner of the page will further show you a drop-down menu. Here you need to find the option of ‘security settings’’.

You will spot your email address right on the top of this menu, through which you can view the security settings. By clicking on this, you will be able to see the current settings for the email address.

delete binance account 2edit

View Your Account Activity

Once you are on the security page, you will see a new checklist. It will highlight the 2-factor authentication, log in password, device management and account activity.

At the end of the checklist, you will see the option of ‘Account Activity’, this is what you need to consider right now.

Click On The Disable Option 

The login activity will be shown right under the account activity option. Right under it, you would see the option ‘Disable Account’. Cross-check it once to be on the safer side and make sure that the account is removed. 

delete binance account 3edit

Choose To Delete Account 

Clicking on this ‘Disable Account’ option will further show your two choices. These would include ‘disable’ accounts and ‘delete’ accounts. 

Choosing the option ‘disable’ account would halt your activity for the time being. You can do that if you see some suspicious activity happening in your account.

The second option available to you is ‘delete.’ Choosing it would permanently delete your account, and you won’t be able to log into it ever again. All your stored information and data would also be removed automatically.


You will then be directed to a new page. On this page, you will either have to fill in your phone number or the email address, which is already associated with your account.

Lastly, you will be asked to confirm your action before leaving. Clicking the ‘Confirm’ button can delete your Binance account successfully.


Before you opt for the delete option, you need to be considerate of the fact that it is an irreversible action. Once you delete the account, you won’t be able to use it ever again.

To trade through Binance, you will have to make a new account once again, going through the laborious process of having to fill in all the information in detail. 

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