How to Delete and Disconnect LinkedIn Connections

How to Delete and Disconnect LinkedIn Connections in 2024?

Published on: June 22, 2022
Last Updated: June 22, 2022

How to Delete and Disconnect LinkedIn Connections in 2024?

Published on: June 22, 2022
Last Updated: June 22, 2022

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On popular social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, it’s relatively easy to unfriend someone. However, for some reason, it is very difficult to work out how to delete connections on LinkedIn. You probably already know this, but LinkedIn was originally intended to be a social network just for professionals who wanted to connect with people within their industry that they already knew or knew about.

However, these days people are a lot more open to connecting with others on LinkedIn that they might not already know. This is similar to finding someone on Twitter or Facebook that you think looks interesting and requesting a connection without really knowing them.

As our degrees of connections have evolved on social media platforms like LinkedIn, so has the need to delete LinkedIn connections at some point as well potentially. The great thing about being on social media platforms is that if you make a connection and things don’t work out with the relationship, whether it is romantic or platonic, you can always remove them.

The same goes with LinkedIn, the home of professional connections. If you don’t think that the connection is going anywhere, or when it comes to business, you are simply too different, then you’ve got the option of removing them.

However, it’s not as easy as you think, which is why you need a couple of options to opt-out of certain connections. 

Two Main Ways to Delete LinkedIn Connections

1. Delete the Connection When on Their Profile

Delete the Connection When on Their Profile

The first way to disconnect from someone on LinkedIn is to do it when you are visiting their profile, and coincidentally this is by far the easiest way to do it. When you are thinking about deleting someone, you will want to visit their profile first to make sure that you definitely want to sever that tie.

However, if you are worried that they might find out that you visited their profile right before you disconnected them, make sure that you adjust your privacy settings so that you are seen as an anonymous visitor. 

Once you are on their profile, click the right arrow so that you can see a ‘send a message’ prompt, and you should also be able to see a ‘remove connection’ option as well.

2. Delete Your Connections from My Network Connections View

Delete Your Connections from My Network Connections View

If you want to be able to remove your LinkedIn connections without having to visit their profile, then you might want to check out the second option. This option is for people who want to delete connections they have on LinkedIn if they already have a list of people they want to remove, and they just want to be able to scroll through them and cut ties easily.

If you visit the network tab, you will be able to see how many connections you’ve got on the top left corner. Clicking on this number will put you on the connections view page that you see below.

Through this dashboard, you can search the connections that you want to remove either by their first name, their last name or if they were recently added. Every connection will have a message button to the right of them,  as well as three dots.

If you click on the three dots, you’ll see the ‘remove connection’ button. Both these ways of cutting ties on LinkedIn results in the same thing.

There are a few advantages to understanding how to get rid of connections on LinkedIn. The first is that the person you are trying to sever ties with is not going to be informed that you did so.

Another is that if the disconnected connection were to reach out and connect with you again, they would get an error message saying that the user cannot be invited at this time. However, if they decide to contact you directly through messages to ask why this has come up, you need to be prepared to explain yourself.

Lastly, you do have the option of reconnecting with those that you have removed from your LinkedIn profile. This way, they will never know that you removed them, and there will be no hard feelings.

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Final Thoughts

Now that we have taught you how to delete connections on LinkedIn, you should feel confident that if you ever need to, you can do so discreetly and without reservation.

Make sure that you have a good reason to remove someone on LinkedIn, but even if you regret your decision afterward, you do have the option of reconnecting with them again. Just remember to remain anonymous if you are going to visit their profile before you take action. Sometimes in the world of business, things just don’t work out with your online connections – and there’s nothing wrong with this.

It’s always nice to have the option of removing someone from your LinkedIn should you need it. Good luck!

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