How to Create a good LinkedIn Profile (with Good Examples)

How to Create a Good LinkedIn Profile in 2024 (Examples)

Published on: March 19, 2023
Last Updated: March 19, 2023

How to Create a Good LinkedIn Profile in 2024 (Examples)

Published on: March 19, 2023
Last Updated: March 19, 2023

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A profile is a perfect replica of something. It should show the outline and serve as a view of what should be expected from the person.

A good profile should have some elements that would make you stand out and leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

LinkedIn is a professional marketplace where you get to put out your skills and capabilities for prospective employers or, better still, to sell yourself.

Contrary to the opinion of many, LinkedIn has grown in leaps and bounds since its launch in 2003 and has witnessed tremendous growth in the last five years, recording 80% of B2B sales, a significant increase of 50% over the past year on engagement, growing on to further record at least two new members every second.

Impressively, the app is a berth of professionals with over 810 million users active on the app.

To round up its unique features, it has over nine billion content impressions every other week, with many users sharing experiences and milestone achievements that are certain to generate waves on the website.

The app is the right location for anyone looking for a job as it opens you to various career opportunities that are guaranteed to propel you to a better career point.

LinkedIn is responsible for generating leads or just looking to learn from peers; LinkedIn is an excellent ecosystem for all professional and career goals. 

That being said, you must build the right profile to present your qualities to the right employer, who most likely has many possible applicants to consider before selecting the right applicant that meets the requirements that guarantee the position.

Therefore, you need to put the correct information on your profile that would interest your target audience.

Below is the list of things that you should know that would improve your profile significantly, so that you can create a good LinkedIn profile.

  • What is a Linkedin Profile? 
  • Why is it essential to have a Linkedin profile
  • What does a Linkedin profile help you do? 
  • Basics: How to create a good Linkedin profile 
  • How to create a good profile picture for Linkedin
  • What is the ideal Linkedin profile picture size? 
  • What makes a good Linkedin cover photo? 
  • How to write a Linkedin profile headline
  • How to craft an impressive Linkedin profile summary 
  • How to craft your work experience description on Linkedin 
  • Using Linkedin’s Featured section 
  • How to view your LinkedIn profile
  • How to customize your Linkedin profile URL
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What Is a LinkedIn Profile?

How to Create a good LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is designed as a social page that showcases your professional life, including your career achievement and professional experience over the years in the employment world through different content types.

The LinkedIn profile is a statement that helps you build trust, foster partnerships and win the proper endorsements for yourself. This ultimately helps you get your business and personal brand to the intended height that you foresaw.

Many LinkedIn profiles are currently on the site; however, only a few of these profiles are coined to near perfection. A good profile means more opportunities for you to write well to tell your professional story perfectly.

Why Is It Important to Have a LinkedIn Profile?

Posing the question what do you think a LinkedIn profile is about would lead to responses like “personal/company branding, it helps to build trust, it assists in networking with a wide range of people, Improving your propensity to secure a job, generation of leads and access to a host of professional communities”, and these responses would be deemed correct.

LinkedIn is rated by the business rating team as the “most trusted social media platform” as it is the best platform to deliver your professional content and find multiple opportunities.

It is important to note that there are many people with existing profiles who are not optimizing them to sell themselves or their company. With its millions of listings of professionals, it is the best place to progress your career or business.


The presence of top influencing people like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Richard Branson alongside many top VPs, Directors, Manager, and C-level combined with start-up founders on LinkedIn means that if you are looking to building connect with industry experts and grow your business and career, your LinkedIn profile should be just as important to you as the air you breathe.

What Does a LinkedIn Profile Help You Do?

There are four primary reasons why someone would decide to use Linkedin.

These categories could be Marketing, Hiring, Selling and Learning, depending on the user’s use case for LinkedIn. 

Ways that A LinkedIn Profile Helps You with Marketing

The use case for LinkedIn to market your product can be taken from a lucid example, imagine you want to promote new technology to other companies in, you can’t possibly reach out to effectively to those who might be needing the design without a LinkedIn profile, evening yo do have one, you’d have to make sure it is well put together or they’d most, or they’d ignore you. 

A good LinkedIn profile enhances your visibility and with it. You can showcase your story, background and your company with an emphasis on how you’re trying to make a difference in the world with your innovation.

This allows members globally to be tuned to your products and connect with you due to your coherent LinkedIn profile. A good LinkedIn profile also avails you the opportunity to access the wide range of advanced marketing tools available on the site.

Using a LinkedIn Profile to Help You with Hiring? 

Linkedin has earned reverence as the right place for recruiters to sell for quality candidates. To put in context, there are 2.8 milion active recruiters on LinkedIn actively searching for job seekers who could render the r service they desire.

It is worthy of note that over 4 million members have been sourced and hired through LinkedIn. It is pertinent to have a LinkedIn profile as recruiters can’t find you without one.

A good profile allows you to share content that brings you to the limelight for recruiting and helps build your network, ensuring that you get referrals into the company you desire to work for.

Using a Linkedin Profile to Assist You with Sales? 

Many sales professionals use LinkedIn one way or another to get their products or services in front of many; however, profiles of a lot of sales professionals don’t stand out. A clear view of your company’s value proposition gives you a significant edge.

With a well-structured profile, you’d be well equipped to increase the likelihood of connecting with the right person interested in what you are willing to offer.

With an emphasis on value proposition, you’d need to be concise and explanatory to give the prospective buyer an insight into your offers. 

How Can a Good LinkedIn Profile Help You with Learning?

LinkedIn is the home of many seasoned professionals with good LinkedIn profile options. Hence. Many individuals come on Linkedin to learn from experts, peers, and industry leaders.

A good Linkedin profile lets you interact with experts, get advice from peers, and share back your learnings; as well as people with communal beliefs can quickly locate each other, and you can select from whom you’d desire to learn.

A well-positioned, good LinkedIn profile is just as important as how you interact with your peers as people judge the book by its cover on social media, which is the mooted truth.

Therefore, having good LinkedIn profile will create more learning opportunities for locating professionals you’d like to meet mentors to help you advance your learning and build your professional capabilities. 

Most pertinently, you’ll need a profile before you can access Linkedin learning bolstered learning options, with its over 16,000 courses. These courses would avail you of the needed opportunity to interact with other professionals. 

Basics: How To Create a Good LinkedIn Profile in 2024

Step 1: Add a Profile Photo


You do not want to function on LinkedIn as a ghost; your goal most probably would be to get noticed; therefore, you need to add a photo of yourself to improve visibility and trust.

Your profile picture with a headshot is the first thing visitors see before they read your background. 

The quality of your smile, the professionalism in your look, and seeming trustworthiness are all visual cues that form a large part of the first impression.

It has been ascertained that LinkedIn users with a profile photo have been known to get 9x more connection requests, 21x more profile views and 36x more messages than those without, so you get the idea. Your profile pictures say a lot about you to the visitor.

Hence it is deemed an essential part of your profile.

Step 2: Add Your Industry

Add your industry

The industry you are affiliated with is the first step in determining your professional reputation on LinkedIn.

As LinkedIn statistics have revealed that an industry filter initiates more than 300K searches on LinkedIn weekly;  therefore, choosing the right industry is going to help you be discovered better (9x more profile views) by the right offers and opportunities that would enhance your chances of getting noticed on the site.

Step 3: Include Your Header Text

Include Your Header Text

This text appears immediately under your profile picture and name. The header text is quite essential for standing out in profile searches from recruiters or people looking to network with the right professionals as it speaks immediately to what you are capable of doing and the services you excel at.

Step 4: Drafting a Compelling Summary

A summary of yourself will appear in the “About” section in your profile, just above the part where your work history detailing all your previous employment history would appear.

The content of this summary is referred to as your personal “Elevator Pitch”. It is an opportunity to bolster what you are good at within the minimal period of type; it is an opportunity to sell yourself immediately and helps to answer questions like; why you are good at it?

And how can you help the viewer? So it is pertinent that you learn how to pen words appropriately that would suit the purpose of this section? 

The reckoned practice that is expected in writing a summary is to keep it simple and under a maximum of 40 words – with a focus on career accomplishments over the years and your aspirations for the future, citing goals that you intend to achieve if your intention is for people to reach out with opportunities, mention and give permission in this section as well which immediately puts you in the forefront of their demands. 

However, these best practices are meant to be broken. If your compelling summary is expected to transcend the 40 plus mandate, you are given free will to do it, and it could serve as a means of standing out.

When others Zig, you Zag as a longer compelling profile in a host of short ones is bound to stand you out.

Step 5: Fill in Your Professional History

Under this part, where you fill up your work experience, visitors need to evaluate your past experiences, accomplishments, and current position, to form an opinion on how you have progressed over the years.

Creating an avenue for visitors to view your professional history and how your career developed over the years helps the visitor determine if they can trust your expertise in a particular field or industry you claim to have expertise in.

It doesn’t exactly matter whether you are an authority or just a beginner; it has been estimated that members with up to date positions are more likely to get 5x more connection requests, 8x more profile views, and 10x more messages; therefore, you wouldn’t want to take this part for granted.

Once you are done including the necessary information in this segment, refrain from stopping there as it is a fact that a picture paints a thousand words. Therefore, intentionally include visuals to beef up your professional profile.

Included in the media sections of each work experience are sections where you have the choice of uploading photos, presentations that you are proud of, videos that showcase your past accolades, hence making people see what you have achieved and the pictures that speak to it at the point of the achievement.

This should be utilised intelligently to develop a dynamic, visually appealing representation of your professional story and tell your stories in a pictorial form, which more people are bound to relate to.

Step 6: Add Volunteer Experience and Causes You to Care About 

Many might consider this unnecessary, but if you genuinely care about a cause or have done work in the volunteering field, it would offer the visitors a glimpse into your interests and passions outside of the professional setting, which may further align your interests with potential employers or professional colleagues.

Furthermore, leadership roles in organisations outside of work can pit you appropriately in a bid to endorse your professional capabilities.

It is attested that dong this is certain to get your account 6x more profile views compared to those without any relevant experience in volunteering, as volunteer services tend to improve your relevance to the job you are seeking.

Step 7: Adding Your Job Skills and Their Associated Endorsement 

It is evidenced that job skills are a fantastic way to get discovered.

Members who add more skills to their profiles get over 17x more profile views than those without an endorsed job skill.

LinkedIn was incorporated with an algorithm that showcases endorsed skills by members who are also skilled in the same job; hence, the more you collect, the stronger your social proof for your skill sets which could serve to communicate your requisite skills to the world.

How to Create a Good Profile Picture For Linkedin

Profile Picture For Linkedin

LinkedIn Profile Picture Tip 1

The quote “A picture speaks more than a thousand words” rings true every time; therefore, you must choose a recent picture that looks like you now if you want to nail a good LinkedIn profile.

You have to be deliberate in ensuring the picture is as similar as possible to how you look in real life.

It could eventually backfire if you catfish someone with a photo from 10 years ago, as the person might be left disappointed when they eventually meet with you. 

The issue here is that peradventure, if someone does not recognize you in real life from your photo, then you will need a more recent authentic photo that speaks well to the business you intend to portray.

LinkedIn Profile Picture Tip 2 

Your face must take up more than 60% of the photo and be as straightforward as possible. Take extra care not to make long-distance shots as this could defeat the purpose of what we intend to achieve.

Moreso, it is pertinent to make sure your face fills the frame as the visitor would be more inclined to view it. There are cropping tools on LinkedIn with which you this when you add your profile picture.

Therefore, you should endeavor to zoom in and ensure your face is clean before you upload the picture for viewing by the professional world. 

LinkedIn Profile Picture Tip 3 

The famous saying “Dress the way you want to be addressed” also plays an important role when showcasing yourself for the view of all.

The standard rule of thumb is to wear what you usually wear for an office appointment for your profile picture. There are no fast and hard rules to achieving this.

It indeed boils down to what perception you would want people to have of you with your profile picture that is included in your profile. 

LinkedIn Profile Picture Tip 4 

Selecting the proper expression is important when creating a good LinkedIn profile.

Try as much as possible to refrain from looking angry as you do not intend to put off visitors to your profile.

Endeavour to smile in your photo as this tends to make you look approachable. Furthermore, try not to be expressionless. That being said, you do not need to have too many teeth in the smile as a simple, approachable look works just fine.

This is especially critical if you are in a sales role as smiling makes you more likeable and approachable, which would sell you accordingly to the correct public.

It is essential to check out some examples of excellent and well-positioned profile pictures on LinkedIn to help advise your decision on the right profile picture that would befit your demand, and you would then be able to select the profile pictures that you like to engage with. 

Suppose your brand demands that you portray a more serious look; that would work fine as well. Hence, you must align your expression to what your audience might be expecting. 

LinkedIn Profile Picture Tip 5 

Linkedin has incorporated an algorithm that provides up to 7 filters for your profile picture, and it is then left to you to use the one that gives more life to your picture.

You can even adjust the colours of the picture manually to fully fit your profile to the demand in the professional world. 

What Is the Ideal LinkedIn Profile Picture Size? 

Linkedin profile picture

You would want to understand what an ideal LinkedIn profile picture size is as it is essential that your picture has to follow the below-listed dimensions and file size: 

  • 400×400 (width x height)
  • File size – 8MB Max
  • The file type should be PNG or JPG as these are the acceptable type
  • GIFs are not supported 

Taking a Good Profile Picture

A good profile picture should be taken professionally; this can be taken at LinkedIn events; they usually have a booth or join a local chapter of LinkedIn, which would produce the best shots and background for your profile picture. 

What Makes a Good LinkedIn Cover Photo? (with Examples)

Finding the best cover photo for yourself would imply that you first start thinking about your brand. Questions like; what do you want other professionals to know you as? Do you want to be known as a speaker? Are you offering services? Are you a coach?

Should be at the top of your mind to ensure that your brand speaks for itself. A good profile picture offers you only have a split second to convey what you stand for, and the cover photo is a great way to do that and achieve this optimally. 

A review of some popular profile pictures would provide an explicit call-out of what your brand offers; incorporating some quotes like “Text me if you want to grow” provides your audience about what you offer as there would be no second-guessing what you provide and how you can be reached.

LinkedIn Cover Photo

A photo that shows that you appear on stage also showcases your authority in the field. And this tends to speak to the fact that you are a speaker as well hence winning you accolades and respect on the site.

The brand page should show your logo; therefore, having an overall well-branded cover photo with a great profile picture to top it off is an improved manner to communicate your brand to the world and win you lots of reviews for your profile.

Another angle to explore is to showcase the brands you work with or support, which would win them the right audience for your brand.

Furthermore, you could also list down the customers you have worked with and their reviews. The angle here is to ensure that your brand is seen and gain popularity.

LinkedIn Cover Photo

Adopting this would work exceptionally well if you’re the founder of the marketing/sales team of the company you are portraying, as this aligns with branding goals and ensures that you meet your desired marketing reach. 

Another way to sell your brand is to upload pictures of your time on stage with prominent people or perhaps of a picture of yourself interacting with well-recognised industry leaders.

If you have such photos, adding them as a cover photo would suit you appropriately. Uploading a cover photo of yourself standing with authority figures would cause others to associate you with them and bring the right audience to you.

Hence, you’ll be seen in a more favourable light. It’s a psychological bias that is most termed the “halo effect” since people who have some level of attachment with these figures tend to associate more with you. 

LinkedIn Cover Photo

A typical example is from Jennifer Lopez’s cover page where she uploaded a picture of herself with Arianna Huffington in a bid a change the perception of her not being capable of being a severe entrepreneur; the picture aims to alter the mind of people and show that she transcends merely an actress and she has her tentacles spread as wide as being able to achieve success as a business leader.

LinkedIn Cover Photo

Another masterclass ensures that what stands out in the cover photo are the big brands you might have worked with.

It should be highlighted and made clearer that you have worked with Entrepreneurs, GrowthHackers, The Hindu and more, all relatively renowned brands in their industry space.

These trust signals help to ensure that your cover page enhances your credibility to the visitors who would view the profile page. If you have a specific action that you want audiences to take, the cover photo is a great place to call it out so that they can act. 

LinkedIn Cover Photo

Another example of a good cover photo depicts “Follow”, which would serve as a targeted action for any viewer. The caption tends to give visitors to the site a reason to follow.

Always remember, if you want someone to take action when they visit your profile, give them a reason; you would need to think: What is the likely benefit they would derive from doing business with you. 

It also helps if you are an acclaimed salesperson in the Social Media Marketing World, as seen in the centre picture that might be uploaded.

While it might appear small, a website site on the top left could also get more views. By so doing, you have successfully made your pictures speak a thousand words.

Therefore, as members of the professional community scroll through their feed or LinkedIn search results, the two things that pull attention are the profile picture and the headline.

Hence, making the headline just as important as the profile picture to guarantee attention on the site. It is essential to answer questions such as: What keywords do you expect to appear on Linkedin?

What skills do you want to be renowned for? What value proposition can you offer? And why should people spend time talking to you? 

You might be unsure how to begin; therefore, you may search for keywords you want from the LinkedIn Taskbar, then you study the top 5 profiles that come up.

This might serve as a basis for the common keywords these people are using in their profiles? Which you might want to include in your profile as well. But you mustn’t copy the entire headline, be original and genuine to yourself.

Below are a couple of Linkedin profile headline formulas that you can follow to advertise your brand to the right persons. 

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example 1: Use a Straightforward Job Title Headline Profile 

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example

You should include an impressive job title if you have; it could easily be as simple as calling it out on your Linkedin headline.

For example, including a title like the CEO at Linkedin, CMO at Salesforce, VP of Marketing at Netflix etc., can easily garner you the attention you desire. 

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example 2: It Is Good to Showcase Your Company’s Achievements

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example

This is another example where you could also call out the remarkable achievements that your company has made over the years.

For example, Dave Gerhardt, a sales rep at Shopify, calls out his company’s achievement as the “#1 Sales app on Shopify”. This would reflect well on him, too, since he’s in a marketing/sales role. 

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example 3: Ensure You Are Specific with What You Achieved Over the Years

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example

A headline like “3x Linkedin Top Voice” is a headline that is certain to grab some attention. Another good thing is that it is also peculiar.

Cursory attention would also suggest the substantial use of emojis would help you stand out, too, as evidenced in the profile of String Nguyen.

Her profile communicates that she wants her audience to know she likes chicken wings a lot, to include the same on her profile. The emoji of chicken wings is considered her brand.

She also states important keywords on her profile that provide a clear view of what she does so the people who might require her services can find her.

On her profile, she clearly states that she helps with Personal brand marketing, which would make her a berth for individuals seeking marketing skills and brand management. 

Linkedin Profile Headline Example 4: Show Unique Certifications/Qualifications

Linkedin Profile Headline Example 4

If you are certified in some specific skills or technology, you must list them.

Include on the headline certifications you have that are difficult to achieve.

Linkedin Profile Headline Example 5: Author and Listing Your Content

Linkedin Profile Headline Example 5

Though many do not have what it takes to be best-selling authors, you can still do the honours of listing down publications or blogs you have written; even when you don’t have a book or a blog, you can state your Podcast or Youtube channel for people to visit. 

Although, you mustn’t falsify information on the site, such as tagging yourself a best-selling author when you know you are not, as there are quite a several best-selling authors who are false. This is important as it could easily backfire and hurt your image if it is deemed too fake. 

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example 6: Employ the Use of Call-To-Action

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example

Should you employ this to specify actions, you would want your profile visitors to take? If your intention is for them to follow you, ensure you communicate to your visitors.

You can further use an emoji to point at the “follow” button, which would indicate that you expect the visitors to follow you.

For example, Joe Escobedo on his profile wants you to learn more about the content he provides on his profile page.

He has incorporated a call-to-action with a clear “Learn More”. The down arrow emoji directs your attention downwards into his content stream, which would enhance the visitor’s experience on the site. 

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example 7: Demonstrate What Problems You Are Capable of Solving

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example

The value proposition you are willing to offer would be a perfect fit for this part. Stating challenges you could help solve? How were you able to solve it? Do you have tangible results that you can show?

What’s in it for the members to connect with you with the hope of benefiting from your seeming value. From the examples earlier stated, you’ll notice exactly how the service that they provide is communicated.

Their headlines are structured to call out the audiences they work with and intend to work with. There are precise measurable results and specific benefits that make these headlines stand out amidst many other professional pages.

Linkedin Profile Headline Example 8: Keyword stuffing

Linkedin Profile Headline Example 8

Some members tend to use “keyword stuffing” for their page, and there is a diverse opinion on this, but it seems to have worked for several profiles. If you search on LinkedIn, you’ll see a couple of top searches that have adopted this same strategy for their profiles.

This strategy implies putting in as many keywords as you want to be known for in your headline. It doesn’t matter if it is a coherent sentence.

However, this could easily backfire because it doesn’t say much about what you can do for others. It also doesn’t state what problems you can help with and the ones you can offer your technicality to solve.

That being said, if you intend to appear in the search results, your work description is more important; this is to be covered in detail in subsequent headlines.

Therefore, if your intention is for keyword stuffing is to rank higher, then you should know that it doesn’t matter.

LinkedIn Profile Headline 9: Product Type Headline

LinkedIn Profile Headline Example

It is possible to list your product name in your headline and provide a call-to-action to draw attention to it and make people purchase immediately.

The Product-type headline hardly works if it’s the only thing on your headline as it’ll make you seem arrogant. 

Embellish your product with other credibility and proof points that are guaranteed to spur people into buying.

It is not enough to tell them that your product is good. You are expected to show them through results and customer reviews. 

Crafting an Impressive LinkedIn Profile Summary 

Most people tend to use “Resume Style” often when it comes to optimising their LinkedIn profile. For someone who already has a Linkedin profile, all you need is to plug your profile in; you will be appropriately scored with recommendations on how to improve it to communicate you in the best light to the viewer. 

However, if you do not have a completed Linkedin profile, you can also make use of Linkedin profiles of industry leaders you want to mirror, copy and paste this in their Linkedin profile into Resume Worded style, after which they will give a score and what they like about the profile and suggestions on how to improve it.

Once you have achieved this, you can then proceed to apply these recommendations to your Linkedin profile. 

Below are a couple of examples and structures that make a good summary of your professional outlook. 

LinkedIn Profile Summary Example for Small Business Owners

LinkedIn Profile Summary Example for Small Business Owners

For a small business owner, adopting this lucid example might prove to be very useful for your business, as what stands out here is the call to action right at the start, which immediately position to sell your brand to the visitor to your page.

The summary starts with a question that qualifies the audience; in one sentence, you would know precisely whether this person can assist in achieving your goals and how to contact the person. 

Not everyone would read through the entire summary, but they would already know how to contact the person. If you successfully introduce yourself, then follow same with your achievements; this would assist in preventing you from being view as one who is too self-centred.

Instead, you would be considered impressive enough to garner attention. You can proceed to the middle section, where you share the process of how you have helped clients achieve a Return on Investment, then at the end of the summary, be sure to reiterate the call to action and remind prospects what you want them to do. 

LinkedIn Profile Summary Relating to Service Providers

LinkedIn Profile Summary Relating to Service Providers

The summary should start with something provocative, as this will help capture attention and cause members to wonder what is next. After which, you can then move on to what you have to offer and the key challenges you have successfully solved.

At this point, if you consider yourself as not a target audience, you would immediately stop reading, which is considered a great filter.

After that, you should speak on what’s in it for the member and how they can get involved in the whole process.

You can gloss up your testimonials with case studies and testimonials where you could list a few of those in your summary to marshal the proper attention.

You can then end the section with services you offer whilst being straightforward and clear on your call-to-action.

LinkedIn Profile Summary Example for Influencers 

LinkedIn Profile Summary Example for Influencers 

If you do have a long history of achievements as an individual or with your company, then this is the best approach for you.

While some profiles written to impress might sound obnoxious, it gets to the point that he’s an authority in the field, and he has amassed professional experience on the job.

The first section usually contains personal achievements, while the second section shows your corporate achievements, and the third section should incorporate the specific Return on Investment numbers achieved.

The summary should end with a clear call to action and how to connect with the professional

LinkedIn Profile Summary Example for Marketing 

LinkedIn Profile Summary Example for Marketing 

Another example is centred on a profile that wants to be identified as a Brand builder.  Although this example suits a marketing intent, the formula could technically be applied to other functions and industries.

They all want to communicate their goods and services to the public. This formula is considered the leading (your job function) in (your industry), a tester and trusted formula.

The first section should summarise the most significant past and present achievements, and this first section should provide a great snapshot of who this member is and why you should trust the person.

Under this section, the member should expressly state what he believes in and reviewing past achievements in detail would also give his summary a lot more weight; it is a known fact that people are suckers for stories. 

In the final section, you might want to consider listing events where you have spoken before, and this will serve to social prove you.

However, If you are bereft of past speaking gigs, you may consider listing out either testimonials or customers you’ve worked with to enable you successfully social proof this section. 

How to Craft Your Work Experience Perfectly on LinkedIn (with Examples)

The work experience area is where you include your work experience; it should be almost the same as your resume and perfectly fit your profile.

Therefore, if you already have an impressive resume, all you need to do is replicate your work experience description from it.

LinkedIn Work Experience

This kind of example should get right into it. It should state what the company you worked with was, what your role in it, and her specialties, all in one starting paragraph. 

It is important to note that bulleted points would dive deep into the top achievements you made by drawing attention directly to them.

The primary key that assists you in making these bullet points impactful is being specific on what you intend to achieve. It is important to note that you manage your brand consistently.

LinkedIn Work Experience 2

This would further establish your authority as someone who manages her brand. Looking critically at this example, it’ll be good to add statistics and return on investment to your achievement effectively would make your work experience more compelling for members. 

When you’re leading a team, it is essential, even though some might say that this work description is too long, but the length of your work description is relative. 

It should not matter how much detail you put in your Linkedin profile– As long as it’s essential points that they are not repeated to fill up space in the resume. 

LinkedIn Work Experience 3

If you currently serve as a prominent leader in sales/marketing, you might want to position your latest job description a little differently, endeavor to talk more about the company, share about the exciting new products you are working on or the mission of the company that you believe in and the objectives of the company which are bound to spur you to the limelight.

This is pertinent because if your role is to sell the company, this work experience space is a great way to promote your products. 

How to Use LinkedIn’s Featured Section

What Is the LinkedIn Featured Section? 

The Linkedin featured section was launched in February 2020 and is designed as a new way for Linkedin members to showcase their skills, experiences, and content.

If your profile is made public, members who visit your Linkedin profile will be able to see your featured posts and interact accordingly with you.

Therefore, this is a great way to show your expertise and build credibility that would last long term. 

Where Is the LinkedIn Featured Section?

This section is accessible on the Linkedin featured section on your profile home page. If you have not added any feature previously, all your news to do is go to your profile page and click on “Add Profile Section” to set it up, then immediately. You need to click on the “featured” menu and add it up. 

LinkedIn Featured Section Examples

Here are some excellent examples of how others use Linkedin Featured Sections from which you can easily benefit.

Feature Your Solutions

Feature Your Solutions

You must be very clear about the services that you offer in the featured section.

Hence, note that the first sentence of the link description is all that can be viewed; it is essential to remember to either call out your audience or state what to expect in the post-click option on the dashboard. 

Process of Adding a Featured Content, Documents, Images, Videos, and Presentations to Your LinkedIn Featured Section

Under this example, you would see how you can embed documents, images, videos, and presentations in your featured section. Endeavor to showcase your top content here by establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Refrain from being afraid to give away your best ideas and content for free, as that is the most effective way to build leads, connections, and credibility. 

Utilize Your Top Post and Articles in Your LinkedIn Feature Section

Linkedin Feature section

Once you are aware that you’re getting great engagement from your posts and articles, featuring them would be a perfect idea.

It showcases all the engagement that you’ve received, thereby increasing the perception of you being a thought leader.

This is more important if you’re a CEO or senior executive, as people are more inclined to want to hear about your thoughts about the industry in general. 

Importance of Ending Off Your Featured Section with A Strong Call to Action

Featured Section with A Strong Call to Action

The last tip for this section is that you end off strong.

Try as much as possible to be concise about what you want your audiences to do whilst also informing them how you would like to be communicated.

It is not out of place to notice that the images in the featured section are huge, as it is essential to customize your creative and add your call to action within it. 

How to View Your LinkedIn Profile 

Viewing your profile from the LinkedIn homepage is made easy as all you need to do is click on the “Me” icon on the top right-hand corner, then proceed to “View Profile” from the menu.

This would bring you to your profile homepage, where you can view and edit your professional profile accordingly to reflect any update in your professional career.

If you proceed to copy the current URL in your browser’s search input bar while you are at your profile page, this also serves as your public URL for your LinkedIn profile.

How to Customise Your LinkedIn Profile Url

The option to edit your public profile & URL should be evident on your profile landing page in the exemplary rail display. Once you select this, you will be immediately brought to an editing page for your public profile.

You should then click on the edit icon next to “Edit Custom URL” to edit your custom URL for your profile which you want to be accessed.

LinkedIn Profile Url

This is a great way to add additional search ability to your profile for people trying to find you online and grow your accounts accordingly.

Kindly note that this custom URL must contain between 3-100 letters or numbers, and no spaces, symbols or special characters are allowed to enable it to load appropriately. Once it suits your desire, proceed to hit save.


It is no news in the professional world that your Linkedin profile is the best way to build credibility and trust with your target audience.

In recent times when you Google search people’s names and have a Linkedin profile, it will be ranking on the first page. That is how vital your Linkedin profile has become.

Therefore, Apply these Linkedin profile tips and examples to build a Linkedin profile that impresses you and intending visitors to your page.

Once you’re done with this foundational setup, then It is recommended that you progress to reviewing Linkedin’s top hashtags that you can use on your post and profiles for better visibility. 

Learn how to create a good LinkedIn profile, and you’ll go a long way.

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