How To Craft The Perfect Web Developer Resume

Published on: October 2, 2022
Last Updated: October 2, 2022

Web developers can spend many hours and weeks crafting the perfect website, digging into the code, the platform, extensions, and content to deliver a sparkling web page.

However, when it comes to looking for a new role or career, you might think that your web pages will do all the talking. Don’t forget to spend some time adding sparkle to your resume, and if you don’t have the time there are plenty of ways to automate the process while still putting your achievements to the fore.

Web developers are in constant demand with average salaries nudging the $75,000 mark. It is a growth industry with around 10% more roles expected by the end of the decade. However, as more people become web developers with the skills increasingly part of many tech and IT courses, competition is fierce. To stand out, you need a strong resume, curriculum vitae, or CV to beat other candidates for the scarce attention of a recruiter.

Why You Need a Great Web Developer Resume

Plenty of people working in technical roles can do with some help with their resumes. While you might be a great web designer, the skills to come up with a smart and effective resume might be a bit rusty, or you may be behind on the latest recruitment and human resources trends.

To create that perfect job resume as a web developer, you need to keep it professional while getting over your skills and achievements in a manner that will appeal to recruiters and mark you out as someone with attributes above the other applicants.

 Note that web developer skills are regularly changing and you should ensure you can meet as many of the modern industry requirements, as trends change. Gaining cloud, container, and security skills are also a good bet to make you a more rounded applicant.

When putting together a resume as a web developer, you need to focus on your professional summary, key skills learned, relevant courses or studies taken, go into your experience, and where you added value as a web developer in ways that help your resume to stand out.

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If you have been doing web development as a hobby and you are creating your first resume, you can still stand out. But you will need to make sure that you get all the basics right. Proof of your skill with industry standards including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, testing and debugging skills, managing back-ends and SEO are all key. But being able to show your analytical and interpersonal skills is also vital.

That should include how well you can work with others, where you took the lead in tasks, came up with solutions to problems, and so on. You can also add how you have studied new web technologies and gotten your hands dirty, whatever the personal project or result.

Resume Builder to the Rescue

With all the right components in place on a resume, it can still look basic and the language might not seem as professional. ResumeBuilderPro – Smart Resume Builder provides an intuitive and smart way to buff up your web developer skills with strong messaging and language to make them leap out at a recruiter, ensuring they read as good as they sound to you.

Resume builder uses a range of templates and pre-selected text sections relevant to particular roles or industries including web developers. With your particular details filtered in, they help boost the quality of your resume. Busy HR managers will notice that quality and identify the key skills and experience messages from it instantly, increasing the likelihood that they will put you through to the interview.

Increasingly AI tools are used to scan resumes and use HR-approved text will score well with their digital brains. Resume Builder provides well-tuned examples of technical and professional text to deliver key messages in a tone and language that will get your resume noticed. 

Free, intuitive, and easy to use, Smart Resume Builder is a tool that will resonate with web developers, helping largely automate and simplify a complex and often stressful task. It has been used by thousands of people to get their dream job or provide valuable interview experience (after all, that intense competition for web developer roles means that you won’t get every role you apply for).

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 If like many people, you have trouble expressing your IT and web development skills and achievements in written form, Smart Resume Builder is the ideal tool to build a great-looking resume. Pick from a range of suitable templates, tweak the color and style to something suitable, or pick examples that should resonate with your specific industry market. 

Use the pre-chosen text examples as guides so you can refine or edit them to make them applicable to your personal experience. All of that can be done in just a few minutes, speeding up the time it takes to apply for a role.

Web Developer Resume Best Practices

Before you send your resume off, take the time to ensure you have followed these best practices for a more polished end result:

●     Is your basic information up to date?

●     Remove anything jarring like a silly email address

●     Double-check your spelling and grammar

●     Check that your resume hits all the points the hirer used in their job advert

●     Ensure your resume is in a modern format

●     Delete duplicates and excess chat about less relevant subjects

If there is too much content on the resume you might be able to move some of it to the covering letter if required. And with digital resumes, ensure you provide working links to your best websites and pages to ensure they can quickly see what you are capable of.

Using your own skills, the information in a job advert, the plentiful advice out there about getting hired, and our own resume advice, you can create one that will make a big impact on the hirer, and improve your chances of getting an interview, where you can go into more detail and shine through to get the job. 

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Written by Allison Langstone

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