How To Choose The Best Fast Charger For Your iPhone

Last Updated: January 17, 2022
If you are looking for fast charging options for your iPhone, a power delivery (PD) charger is the best choice. Here are benefits and characteristics of a fast charger.
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Charging a smartphone without constantly using it in between is the biggest challenge today.

We have the urge to see the latest notifications on different social media platforms, we have to reply to every message we receive. It is like we can not operate in this world without our mobile phones.

The only rest our smartphones get is when we are sleeping, or the phones are plugged in for charging. 

Truly so, in a hybrid work environment, most of our businesses depend on the use of smartphones, tablets, and computers.

With ever so increased use of mobile phones, we need chargers that charge our devices at a faster rate without causing any damage to the device or its battery. 

A power delivery (PD) charger is the best option for your iPhone when you are looking for fast charging options.

Here are some benefits of using a fast charger for your iPhone. 

Benefits Of Using PD Charger

There are numerous benefits of using a PD charger for your iPhones. Here is a list of a few advantages that may motivate you to invest in PD technology.

1. A Quick Power Dose

pD chargers are made to provide a quick power dose to your devices. This means that your device can take up as much juice as it requires in a very short time.

For instance, a 10-minute charge-up from a PD charger might be equivalent to a 30-minute charge from a normal charger. 

Therefore, a PD charger can save you time and also the trouble when you are getting late and your mobile is insufficiently charged.

With a car charger, you can charge your mobile without fearing damage to the battery.

2. Intelligent Technology

PD technology is a smart, artificially intelligent technology. This means that a PD charger can detect the amount of power a device requires to fully charge.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting your device heated up during charging, or being overcharged if you let your device be plugged in overnight.

Artificial intelligence can also protect your device from voltage fluctuations.

If you connect more than one device to the same charger, the devices can share the power depending on their requirements. 


3. Green Technology

PD technology was introduced to reduce the growing e-waste. Since every device needed a separate charger, one person could own multiple chargers separately for each device.

This was only adding up more plastic and chemical waste to the environment in terms of cables and electric chips. 

Moreover, a PD charger does not require AC/DC conversions, therefore reducing the consumption of electricity.

Therefore, using PD technology, will not only keep the efficiency of your device but also protect the environment.

4. Retains Battery Efficiency

Since PD chargers are based on smart technology, they protect your device’s battery from overcharging. They protect your device in cases of electricity fluctuations as well. 

Secondly, since your device charges in a considerably less amount of time, your device will not spend too much time plugged into the electricity.

Ths retaining the longevity of the batteries. 

5. Universality

Owing to its universality, a PD charger is compatible with any device that can utilize PD technology.

Therefore, you can keep only one charger for all the devices. This is not only a cost-effective solution but also saves you from hassle.

Secondly, you can charge multiple devices at the same time. A PD charger does not reduce its efficiency when charging multiple devices. A PD charger uses optimal power flow.

This means that if you connect a mobile phone and a laptop to the same charger at a time, the devices can communicate with the charger and decide the amount of power each requires. 

While looking for a perfect charger for your iPhone, you need to keep in mind a few factors that can affect the functioning of your device.

A good-quality fast charger has some characteristic features that you should keep in mind when you go shopping.

Characteristics Of A Fast Charger

A PD charger can be the right choice for your mobile because it not only provides the charge at a faster rate but also allows your device to determine the amount of power it requires to perform efficiently.

Therefore, you do not need to fear overcharging.

The PD chargers are smart as they have a chip installed inside that allows your device or devices to recognize and control the amount of charge required.

Thus protecting your device from the risks of overheating and overcharging.

If you connect multiple devices to a single PD charger, it will allow your devices to divide charge depending on their requirements. 

A fast charger built nowadays has universal compatibility. It means that you can connect any model of your iPhone that supports PD technology.

You can also use the charger for your laptops, android phones, and tablets. Thus saving you the hassle of carrying a separate charger for each device. 

One distinguishing characteristic of PD chargers is that they are very compact in shape and size.

A mini PD charger takes about 50% less space than a normal charger. Therefore they are very easy to carry.

Whenever you are traveling, you can take a single mini PD charger for all your devices. A PD car charger can charge two devices at a time.

What is more interesting is that both the ports supply an equal amount of charge. This means you can charge two devices at the same time, at the same rate.

List Of Fast Chargers Available In The Market

Here is a list of a few fast chargers that can help you get your iPhone and other devices charged at a faster rate. 

1. Mini PD USB Charger

PD charger allows your device to take up more power in a shorter period.

Therefore, these are the best fast chargers you can find for your iPhones. Mini PD USB chargers are smart and compact in shape.

These little square chargers are a great choice for you when you have to carry your charger in a purse. 

Regardless of the size, a mini PD USB charger provides 20W of power that can charge your device in an hour.

This charger can charge your smartphone quickly, especially when you are already running late and your device is about to die. 

2. Fast Car Charger

A fast car charger can charge your device while you reach your office. Some car chargers have an aluminum body, to avoid any short-circuiting.

The dual ports allow charging two devices at a time. 

Most car chargers take hours to charge your mobile phone. Sometimes you reach your destination while your mobile’s battery is still not fully charged.

A fast car charger provides up to 18W power that can charge your mobile phone within 1-1.5 hours to the maximum.

Having a fast car charger available in your car can save you from trouble. 

3. Car Charger With Socket

Having a car charger with a socket is even a better option when you are looking for a fast car charger.

This little device converts one cigarette lighter socket of a car into three charging ports that collectively give an output of 90W power.

Since you get three charging ports, this charger is the best when it comes to family vacations. Everyone can get their mobile phones charged without having to fight for the turns.

The second most useful thing about a car charger with a socket is that the cigarette lighter port gives you the total power of 60W, you can attach a car vacuum cleaner too! 

The universal capability of this charger allows charging iPhones as well as android phones with the same charger.

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4. PD Power Bank

A Power Delivery Power Bank is another great option for a fast charger. Power Banks are particularly popular among people who travel frequently.

When you have business meetings back to back and you are not finding enough time to sit at one place and get your iPhone charged, a PD Power Bank is the solution to your problem.

The fast charging Power Bank has a chip inside, that prevents your device from overheating, over-charging and protects it from short-circuiting. 

Look for a Power Bank that has an ultra-high capacity, so that you can charge your iPhone multiple times before recharging the Power Bank.

5. PD Wall Charger

Wall chargers are only useful when you can stay at one place for a longer period. For example, your home or the office.

Even when home, we want to check and recheck our notification bar, for no particular reason.

When the phone is on charging, we hardly resist our urge to unplug when half-charged or to use the mobile in between. This can damage the battery in the longer run. 

A PD wall charger allows you to charge your iPhone in very little time as compared to a conventional charger.

This smart charger also protects your device from any kind of damage caused by voltage fluctuations.

Bottom Line

A PD charger is the best solution if you are looking for fast charging options for your iPhone.

A PD charger has many advantages, as it can protect your device from overcharging and maintain the efficiency of the device and its battery.

When looking for a PD charger, you should look for some characteristic features, such as size and its charging capacity. There are many options available in the market.

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