How to Change YouTube Banner on iPhone

How to Change YouTube Banner on iPhone in 2024?

Published on: November 22, 2022
Last Updated: November 22, 2022

How to Change YouTube Banner on iPhone in 2024?

Published on: November 22, 2022
Last Updated: November 22, 2022

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A YouTube banner is part of your overall branding. This is why its design should align to the overall feels of the channel, including the display photo and the general content.

There are times when we deviate from our usual path and make some changes on our interface.

Many YouTubers fail to tag their banner along with this change, thinking this is not an important aspect of a channel’s success.

It is time to know how to change YouTube banner on iPhone! Remember, the first striking feature that your audience sees from your channel’s profile is the banner.

Tailoring it based on your content and putting an extra effort to put one and make it visually appealing reflects your attention to detail, as a content provider.

How to Change YouTube Banner on iPhone

This can be among the most neglected features of YouTube but putting up a banner is an essential part of your content creation journey.

The best channels are those who have learned how to turn this feature to their advantage by putting up relevant information on their banners, especially contact details.

If your YouTube banner is outdated or still not filled, follow this guide on how to change YouTube banner on iPhone.

We will also be providing one for Android and PC users.

1. Download the YouTube app from App Store and enter your channel’s login credentials

2. Once on your homepage, click on your profile icon found at the upper right section of the page

3. A dropdown menu will show a list of actions you can do next. Select ‘Your channel’ located right after your channel’s name

4. Next to the tab labeled ‘Manage videos,’ click on the small square with a pen symbol.

For those with an outdated version of the YouTube app, an ‘Edit channel’ tab is available 

5. Click on the camera icon located at the top-most part of your screen. You may take a new photo or choose from existing images from your gallery.

It is recommended to use one that has already been pre-edited, with details on your contact and other relevant information

6. Resize the image to fit YouTube’s standards and click ‘Save.’ You have just filled in or changed your YouTube banner using your iPhone!

The steps took less than three minutes to complete.

How to Change YouTube Banner on Android

Now, we understand that many of you are Android users. Don’t worry! We have also prepared a guide which you can follow easily.

1. Since YouTube and the Android operating system are both developed by the same company, Alphabet Inc, all Android phones have a pre-installed YouTube app.

There is no need for you to install one. But in case you need to, just go to Google Play Store, type ‘YouTube’ on the search bar, and install

2. Open the YouTube app and enter your channel’s login credentials

3. Once landing on the homepage, tap on the circle icon with your profile located at the upper right side of your screen

4. Click ‘Your channel’ and you will be redirected to a page with your profile information and list of subscriptions

5. Proceed and tap ‘Edit channel.’ Click the symbol of a camera found at the uppermost part of your screen, right in the center of the banner page

6. Choose between taking a new photo or selecting an existing photo in your Cameral Roll or gallery.

It is best to put a banner that is creatively designed to fit your channel’s design as this speaks a lot about your branding

7. Click ‘Save’ and you are good to go

How to Change YouTube Banner Using a Personal Computer

Aside from using the dedicated YouTube app, channel owners may also change their profile banners using a personal computer. 

1. Go to YouTube Studio’s official webpage

2. Enter your channel’s login credentials

3. Once successfully logged in on your homepage, browse through the menu on the left-hand corner of your computer, just below your profile icon and channel name

4. You will see different tabs on the menu such as Dashboard, Content, Playlist, and Analytics, among others.

Scroll down further until you see the ‘Customization’ tab and click

5. Once on your page labeled ‘Channel customization,’ click on ‘Branding,’ in between the ‘Layout’ and ‘Basic info’ tabs

6. Scroll to see ‘Banner image’ on the menu. Click the ‘Upload’ tab located next to it

7. Browse the image you want to put on your banner from your computer and click ‘Open’ to upload.

YouTube only accepts banners that fit its sizing standards or the image will be rejected 

8. Once accepted, finish your action by clicking ‘Done,’ followed by ‘Publish.’ The image will automatically be uploaded on your profile banner and the audience will see it whenever they visit your channel

YouTube Banner Guidelines

image 13


As mentioned, YouTube will only accept images that strictly follow its guidelines.

Here are some of the important information content creators need to remember before changing their YouTube banners.

1. The image should achieve YouTube’s minimum dimension should be 1024 by 576 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Any image that does not meet this criterion will be rejected. A piece of pop-up information saying ‘retry’ means the image is either too big or too small to fit the YouTube banner

2. For channels planning to put texts and logos, safe sizing is at 1235 by 338 pixels.

Meanwhile, larger images can be cropped later on using YouTube’s preinstalled crop tool available during uploading

3. Maximum file size is at 6 MB. The platform encourages channels to use a smaller file size than this to achieve to prevent distorting the quality upon upload


Having an eye-catching banner is another key to YouTube’s success. The audiences of today are very observant even to this small information.

A well-planned and impactful banner speaks a lot about the content creator’s attention to detail, exactly what subscribers of today are looking for.

Have you enjoyed this article on how to change YouTube banner on iPhone?

Aside from making use of this feature to get people interested on your channel, there is a shortcut to increase your fanbase instantly and cheaply!

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