How to Change Your Identity

How to Change Your Identity (Get New Identity)

Published on: February 4, 2024
Last Updated: February 4, 2024

How to Change Your Identity (Get New Identity)

Published on: February 4, 2024
Last Updated: February 4, 2024

The vulnerability of personal identity has never been more pronounced. 

Every online interaction leaves a trace, exposing people to unprecedented risks. 

Understanding and proactively managing our digital identity becomes imperative as we use the internet. 

This guide unravels the complexities surrounding the protection of our online selves, offering insights into the risks and providing guidance on how to change your identity. 

Join us in exploring digital identity protection online.

How to Change Your Identity

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Understanding Digital Identity

Digital identity is a bit like having a unique online fingerprint – it’s all about what you do on the internet. 

But here’s the catch: it’s not always as safe as we might think. 

If your online identity isn’t adequately protected, it opens the door to some not-so-great things, like someone stealing your info or doing things in your name without you knowing. 

And here’s the deal – these issues don’t just stay online; they can spill into your real life and create problems. 

That’s why it’s super important to get why your online actions matter and to be smart about protecting yourself. 

Think of it as putting a shield around your online life to keep it safe from potential troubles.

Introducing Surfshark Alternative ID

Surfshark Alternative ID 2

Surfshark Alternative ID is your go-to online identity generator, crafting a unique profile for subscribing to and registering on various online services. 

It generates a pseudonym, birth date, gender, address, postal code, and email to ensure a secure online experience. 

Alternative ID is a great choice when dealing with services that lack transparent privacy practices.

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You can customize gender, country, and age range to match your preferences. 

Easily change your country when accessing services abroad – for example, set it to Australia for a seamless 9Now account creation. 

Alternative ID currently supports Denmark, Germany, Australia, Portugal, Brazil, and the United States, with potential for more countries as it moves out of beta.

Main Features

Surfshark Alternative ID Fea
Protected Email Forwarding:

Simplify your email management with Alternative ID’s secure email forwarding feature. 

Emails directed to your alternative address are automatically and safely forwarded to your primary inbox. 

This seamless process ensures that you receive essential communications without the hassle of monitoring multiple accounts, enhancing the convenience and security of your digital interactions.

User-Controlled Profile Duration

Enjoy flexibility and control over your online identity with Surfshark’s user-driven profile lifespan feature. 

You can decide how long you want to use your alternative identity, whether for a short-term interaction or an extended period. 

Additionally, Surfshark allows you to change your alternative profile at your convenience, providing the adaptability required in the ever-evolving landscape of your online presence.

Exclusive Email Creation

Reinforce your online privacy with Alternative ID’s dedicated email generation. 

This feature provides you with a unique email address that corresponds exclusively to the persona you’ve created. 

Offering an additional layer of anonymity, this dedicated email ensures that your digital interactions remain secure and separate from your primary inbox, providing heightened privacy in your online activities.

Distinct Identity Formation

Personalize your online presence with Alternative ID’s unique persona creation feature. 

Tailor your digital identity by setting preferences such as gender, age, birth date, and country.

This customization empowers you to navigate the digital landscape on your terms, ensuring a distinct and individualized online experience that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Changing Your Identity

Changing your digital identity begins with a thoughtful assessment of your current online presence. 

It’s like taking a close look in the virtual mirror to understand how you appear in the digital world. 

This involves evaluating your existing accounts, the information you’ve shared, and the trail of data you’ve left behind. 

By identifying potential vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords, outdated security settings, or excessive personal information disclosure, you pave the way for a more secure online persona.

This guide will walk you through the steps of this crucial self-examination, ensuring that you can confidently embark on the journey of reshaping and fortifying your digital identity.

How Does Surfshark Alternative ID Work: A step by Step Guide

Surfshark Alternative ID work

Surfshark’s Alternative ID is a simple solution for boosting your online privacy. 

Let’s break down how this tool operates:

1. Crafting Your Digital Persona

Begin by creating an alternative identity. 

Provide details like your gender, age, birth date, and country to shape the online persona that Surfshark tailors to match your preferences.

2. Generating a Shielded Email

After sharing the required information, Surfshark takes the next step. 

It generates a unique email address aligned with the details you provided. 

This isn’t just any regular email address; it comes with an added protective layer.

When someone sends an email to this new address, Surfshark ensures it’s securely forwarded to your actual, primary email. 

This method allows you to receive all messages without directly revealing your email address.

3. Employing Your Profile

Once your Alternative ID is set, it’s time to use it. 

With its proxy email, this fresh identity becomes your representation in all online activities.

Intriguingly, you have the power to decide how long you want to use it. 

Whether you prefer an extended duration or periodic switches, the choice is yours.

Is Surfshark Alternative ID a Valuable Investment?

Surfshark Alternative ID Mobile

Are you careful about sharing your information online? 

You should be, and Surfshark’s Alternative ID can assist you. 

It’s perfect for signing up on new websites, receiving newsletters, or when you’re unsure about the safety of a site.

Simply create a separate online profile to keep your accurate information secure.

However, it’s important to note that it’s most effective for websites where trust is uncertain.

Always use your genuine details for well-known sites, especially for banks or government websites.

As seen in this overview, if you want to feel more secure online, Surfshark Alternative ID might be precisely what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Change Your Identity?

Changing your name through legal channels isn’t overly complex. 

Similarly, legally altering your Social Security number (SSN) is feasible, albeit under specific conditions. 

However, even after changing both your name and SSN, records within the system will still connect the “new” you to the “old” you.

Is Alternative ID the Same as Surfshark VPN?

No, Alternative ID and Surfshark VPN are distinct products. 

While both aim to improve online privacy, the VPN conceals your IP address and secures your online actions through encryption. 

On the other hand, Alternative ID furnishes a distinct online identity and email address, safeguarding your overall identity.

How Do I Get the Surfshark Alternative ID App?

Surfshark Alternative ID is seamlessly incorporated into Surfshark’s online platform. 

You can easily access and configure Alternative ID through the website upon subscription. 

For an optimal experience, consider downloading the Surfshark extension on Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.


This article is here to help you understand how to change your identity.

Navigating the intricacies of online interactions requires a proactive approach, especially in assessing and fortifying vulnerabilities like weak passwords. 

Surfshark Alternative ID is a pivotal solution, creating a unique online persona with features such as secure email forwarding, user-controlled profile duration, and exclusive email creation. 

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By offering customization, flexibility, and heightened security, Surfshark Alternative ID empowers users to take charge of their digital footprint and navigate the online world with enhanced privacy. 

This guide encourages readers to explore the critical landscape of digital identity protection, providing insights and tools for a safer online experience.

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