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How to Change Your Age on Discord

Last Updated: November 23, 2021

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can change your age on Discord if you haven’t been able to find it already.
How to Change Your Age on Discord
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Discord allows that regulation of adult content, aka NSFW content, on its platform. NSFW means “Not Safe For Work”, and such content is inappropriate for workplaces.

Therefore, you need to provide your age on Discord. Then, only they can allow you to access the NSFW content.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can change your age on Discord if you haven’t been able to find it already.

Why Can’t You Easily Change the Age on Your Discord Account?

Discord Account

Well, you might know that changing your age on Discord isn’t simple.

 Why is this so?

This is because Discord is aware of the adult content that is regulated on the platform. The team also understands that many young users get exposed to NSFW content.

There are also underage users who are searching for opportunities to change their age to access adult content.

Discord wants to make sure that NSFW content is accessible to users who are above the age limit specified by the governing bodies from where the users come from.

They understand if they bend the rules and allow users to easily tweak account information like age, they might face critical criticism from governments, social media giants, instant messaging platforms, and various agencies around the world.

Hence, age restriction is crucial for regulating NSFW content.

How to Change Your Age Information on Discord

Let’s break down the puzzle of how you can change your age information on Discord.

Now, people believe there is no way you can do this. But the good news is you can change the age information, and the only way to do this is by contacting the Discord team.

You can also use another way, which is creating a new Discord account.

Method 1: Contact Discord Support

So, you can change your age information by requesting Discord support. 

Let’s look at some steps that’ll help you.

Step 1: Submit a Request

Submit a request

Click on this link:

Now, find the option of saying: “Appeals Age Update and other Questions.”

Step 2: Fill the Request Form With Your personal Information (Discord tag, Email Address, and More)

In this step, you need to give all the information they ask. This includes the Discord Tag, email address, etc.

They might even ask you to write a brief paragraph explaining the issue with your age information.

Step 3: Provide a Copy of a Photo ID

Attach a photo

Well, if you thought you can change the age information just by asking the Discord team, you are wrong.

This is because they will not take your word for it. You need to provide proof that your age is above the limit to access the NSFW content.

You may provide them with a copy of your birth certificate, Photo ID, passport or driver’s licence.

Add the file and send the request to the team.

Method 2: Create a New Discord Account with a Different Date of Birth

Fill in your date of birth

The second method by which you can set the age you want is by creating a new Discord account.

How can you do this?

Step 1: Go to Discord’s Homepage

The first thing you need to do is visit the official website of Discord.

Then, on the homepage of the website, start the registration process by providing the correct age information and setting a new Discord tag.

Step 2: Register With a Secondary Email Address

Most people make the mistake of falling into the trap of using the email address they have already used while creating their old account.

You must avoid this by using a new email address.

This is critical because if you use the old email address, Discord will associate you with the information you have provided with your old account.


Can You Fake Your Age on Discord?

Of course, you can fake your age on Discord. But you shouldn’t do this because Discord wants to restrict underage users from accessing NSFW content.

Can I Disable NSFW on a Discord Server?

Well, you can do this. You needn’t worry if the server is an NSFW server because you can disable the content in the settings.

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