How To Buy Sandbox On Binance

How to Buy Sandbox on Binance (SAND) in 2024

Published on: November 12, 2022
Last Updated: November 12, 2022

How to Buy Sandbox on Binance (SAND) in 2024

Published on: November 12, 2022
Last Updated: November 12, 2022


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Are you wondering how to buy Sandbox on Binance?

The gaming industry is always on the lookout for ways using which they can offer a better in-game experience to players all around the world.

The industry has witnessed several innovations over the decades- some have miserably failed while others have gone on to secure iconic positions across media.

But, as digital technologies progress, the gaming industry is equally trying to branch out and collaborate with other platforms and entities in the hopes of making the different games more intriguing to gamers across the planet.

And, with that they decided to build games on the basis of blockchain technology and Sandbox is a great example of that. 

Before you learn how to buy Sandbox on Binance, it is important that you learn what the game is all about.

In simple terms, it is a virtual world where gamers are allowed to build different things using free design tools and then monetize them as Non-fungible tokens or NFTS.

There is a marketplace present in the game where you can showcase the creations that you built inside the game itself and sell them in return for Sand tokens, which are the native coins for the game.

The assets you can sell include plots of land, decorations as well as games. The game has not fully developed yet and is still currently in the beta stage.

However, Sandbox already boasts an active community of players who have managed to create a massive and beautiful world inside the game, much like you see in games like Roblox and Minecraft.

Land plots and assets inside the game might gain great value if interest for them rises.

Several financiers have already purchased several of the better spots in the hopes of reselling those properties at a profit once the application has a larger base of users.

The game might turn you into a simulated real estate billionaire by allowing you to acquire and improve land prior to actually reselling it to the winning price.

What Does Sandbox Entail?

The game was primarily introduced as a competition for Minecraft but after its prominence grew, its founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget wanted to turn the game into a 3D crypto platform where players will have complete ownership of whatever they build.

The game is essentially a thriving and live virtual setting where user-created content is the main essence.

As already mentioned, the players can make virtual items, different avatars, and even games, all with the help of user-friendly software like Game Maker and VoxEdit.

You can then sell these creations as NFTs and get tokens in return. 

In order to understand how to buy Sandbox on Binance, it is essential to first grasp what the Sandbox marketplace entails.

It is an active marketplace where players can exchange the assets (ASSETS) they have built in the form of NFTs. 

In order for participants to engage with the ecosystem, the Sandbox marketplace employs multiple distinct coins in its community, namely SAND, LAND, as well as ASSETS.

SAND is the primary utility coin that is used to conduct transactions using The Sandbox.

Users may use this adaptable Ethereum ERC-20 token to browse the gaming platform, purchase and sell ASSETs, participate in the administration, staking, and liquidity mining for passive revenue, and much more! 

Now, what are assets? In simple terms, they are the user-created items built inside the game which are then sold as NFTs.

Players can build assets using the versatile tool called VoxEdit. The assets in the Sandbox ecosystem can be pretty much anything ranging from animals, to cars to even buildings.

They can even be weapons, clothes, or accessories on the avatars that you may create.

Whatever asset you choose to make using the VoxEdit software, you can monetize it on the Sandbox marketplace.  

On the other hand, a LAND is an ERC-1155-based virtual piece of real estate inside the Sandbox metaverse.

The LANDs can be used to create games with the Game Maker software which can then be sold to other players as NFTs.

But, first, you need to purchase the LAND. LAND enables gamers to commercialize their gameplay experience.

They may, for instance, charge other gamers who visit their LAND or play their games, receive SAND rewards by presenting content and activities, or possibly sell or even rent their personalized LAND.

What is the Sand Token?

We have already briefly gone over what the Sand token is, but let’s learn about it in a bit more detail before we move on to how to buy Sandbox on Binance.

It is a highly valuable ERC-20 token that is used for any kind of transaction inside the game.

The token will be your best friend if you wish to do absolutely anything in the ecosystem including buying LANDs, making avatars, or exchanging ASSETs.

Those who acquire and own Sand tokens inside the game are considered important since they also hold the power to bring forward or vote any kind of change to the game. 

Since the token is so valuable, users are always on the hunt for methods using which they can acquire these Sand tokens.

The good news is that they can be acquired inside the game by playing games as well as participating in contests.

Moreover, they can also be purchased on platforms on Binance. We will go over that in a second. 

How to Buy Sandbox on Binance

There are several ways for purchasing the sand token on the Binance platform. Keep on reading to find out more.

Method 1: Purchase Sand Tokens with The Help of Fiat Currency

Step 1: Open an Online Account

Binance account

The sandbox game is available on the major exchange platform, Binance. But, before you start trading, you need to set up an account if you have not done that already.

Note that when trying to purchase sand, you will need important documents such as proof of address, identity, driver’s license as well as social security number.

You will learn all about that on the official website of Binance. After you have configured your account, let’s move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Navigate to The Buy/Sell Crypto Section

Buy-Sell Crypto

If you are planning on buying sand tokens directly with your fiat currency using your credit or debit card, then navigate to the Buy/Sell crypto section.

Enter the desired fiat currency in the spend section and in the receive section, search for Sand. 

Step 3: Select a Payment Method

After you have entered the details, you need to give the details for your card.

Once a payment method has been selected, it is time to tap on Buy and you will receive your Sand tokens right away. 

Method 2: Exchange Sand with A Cryptocurrency

Step 1: Fund Wallet with Crypto

Before you can actually trade crypto for sand tokens, you need to fill your wallet with some cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or bitcoin.

Here, we will be demonstrating with bitcoin.

You can either purchase BTC on the Binance platform with your fiat currency or you could also receive it from some external address.  

Step 2: Navigate to the BTC/SAND Trading Pair


Then, head over to the BTC/SAND trading pair. Here, you will find a detailed overview of the BTC/SAND trading pair.

Study it carefully before you proceed with your decision. 

Step 3: Convert BTC to SAND

After you have studied the charts and learned the necessary things about the pair, all you need to do is tap on the option that says “Buy SAND” and the platform will tell you all about how much BTC is required to transform it into a specified number of Sand tokens.  

Before you go on purchasing the sand tokens, note that you will be charged a fee which will vary depending on how much cryptocurrency you are exchanging into Sand.

After you accept the exchange, you will receive the SAND tokens right away.  

Where to Store These Tokens?

After you have purchased SAND, you will need a secure location to keep your cryptocurrency token.

Of course, Binance is safe, however, when trading Sand, it is recommended that you keep them on a wallet, which is a hardware or software system that holds the symmetric encryption necessary to conduct crypto transactions. 

Before you make any decision on selecting a wallet, it is important that you consider your intention with the coins.

This will help you to choose a crypto wallet that meets your requirements.

Because the Sandbox game is an Ethereum-based network, SAND coins may be kept in a number of Ethereum crypto wallets.

Notably, smartphone and online wallets can facilitate transactions, but hardware wallets, in fact, are best suited for safe, extended storage.


Does the Binance Platform Provide Details on The SAND Trading Volume?

Yes, it does! If you want to expand your knowledge on the Sand token or the Sandbox game in general, you can go to the official Binance page and look for the SAND page where you will find details on the current price, circulating supply as well as the total supply of the coin.  

Final Thoughts

The Sandbox platform has offered a new twist to the gaming world with its user-generated content by allowing users more control over what they create.

As a creator, you can monetize your assets in return for tokens, which provides the gamers with a gameplay experience unlike any other.

The sandbox game, in contrast to other famous games that are based on the play-to-earn concept, does not have a preset gameplay setting.

It has a flexible framework that helps users to personalize anything using free and simple tools.

We hope we have been able to help you with all your queries on how to buy Sandbox on Binance

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