How to Buy Nano Crypto

How to Buy Nano Crypto in 2024

Published on: November 14, 2023
Last Updated: November 14, 2023

How to Buy Nano Crypto in 2024

Published on: November 14, 2023
Last Updated: November 14, 2023


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If you are an environment-conscious crypto investor, you should know how to buy Nano crypto.

One common concern that makes investors think twice about cryptocurrency investing is environmental degradation.

Mining, trading, and spending Bitcoin alone consumes 91 terawatt-hours of electricity in a year. This is higher than the consumption of many countries worldwide.

In this article, we will introduce Nano. It is an eco-friendly crypto coin that’s all about energy conservation and zero gas fees.

It is changing the way investors look at cryptocurrency.

We will provide a step-by-step guide on how to buy Nano on trusted exchanges, including storing it on secured crypto-wallets.

Best Exchanges to Buy Nano 2024

XNO is still not listed on all major exchanges. Here are two of the most recommended sites to buy Nano for very low trading fees. 

1. Pionex

image 135

Sites with built-in trading bots are emerging favorites among crypto investors nowadays.

Since there is high volatility in prices, traders want to make sure that they enter and take profit during the best times. 

Pionex offers 16 built-in trading bot defaults on its platform without having to pay a single cent.

Imagine earning a passive income for free–the app does all the hard work for you. 

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While you cannot fund your account directly using a debit/credit card or other payment platforms, making a deposit is very easy.

You may connect your Pionex account with a crypto exchange you normally use to transfer the fund.

Among the most commonly used are Binance and Coinbase. The same process applies to withdrawal.

Pionex is recommended for high-volume traders which are willing to ride the tide even during the smallest price movements.

Maker and taker fees are set at 0.05% which is one of the lowest in the market today.

2. Binance

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Binance officially admitted Nano to its platform in 2018 and the coin now trades under ticker symbol XNO.

Among Binance’s strongest points is its worldwide accessibility.

This is also the reason why it generated the highest trading volume among all crypto exchanges in 2021. It is currently available in 140 countries and 40+ US states. 

Many traders prefer using this exchange to buy Nano and 600+ other crypto coins due to its trading fees. A flat rate of 0.1% can barely be felt in every transaction.

Also, it offers a wide range of trading options appealing to both beginners and advanced traders alike.

Spot and futures trading options are available along with staking and earning mechanisms.

Best Crypto Wallets to Store Nano 2024

Meanwhile, you may store your XNO on crypto wallets. This option is best for investors wanting to make sure that their coins are secured and compounding while staked.

For the safe keeping of your crypto coins, hard wallets and soft wallets are the least hackable option you should consider.

1. Ledger


Ledger is one of the most popular hard wallets among crypto investors today. It supports over 1,500+ tokens, including Nano, with no reported hacking incident to date. 

When it comes to convenience, the unit is very similar to a USB flash drive which makes it very easy to carry around. Users could also stake their coins on Ledger in exchange for interest. 

Its Ledger Nano S retails for $59 while the Nano X unit sells at $119. Reminder to buy only on the Ledger’s official website to avoid getting a tampered device.

2. Trezor


Another trusted multicurrency wallet is Trezor. It has nearly a decade of experience in the field and is home to more than a thousand crypto tokens.

It also supports ERC20 which means it can store Ethereum-based tokens. 

Trezor is compatible with 15 cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets including Exodus and MetaMask.

It employs a top-notch security process of entering a PIN code when accessing the owner’s account. This is to avoid unsolicited breaches to the wallet.

This brand’s products lean on the pricier side, with its Model T retailing for $200. But you can ensure that the service and security you get are top of the line.

3. Trust Wallet

How To Withdraw From Trust Wallet To Bank Account

Another way to keep your private keys private without the need for a physical device is a software-based wallet. 

Trust Wallet is one of the most trusted platforms in this category as it is a partner of Binance, a site with a large user base, since 2018.

It supports more than 50 blockchains and over a million digital assets. Also, it is downloadable for both iOS and Android users.

Some coins and tokens with great potential for price breakouts are accessible to retail investors through Trust Wallet.

It is a breeding ground for initial coin offerings and staking opportunities.

How to Buy Nano (step-by-step)

More and more cryptocurrency websites and digital wallets now offer Nano for trading. Here is a general guide on how to buy Nano crypto on some exchanges:

Step 1: Account Creation

Visit the website of an exchange of your choice and click “Sign Up” to start your registration process.

Enter a username and a password and agree on the Terms and Conditions to complete registration.

Step 2: Account Verification

The next step is account verification. In this stage, the platform will require new users to upload proof of identification which are commonly government IDs and bank statements.

Step 3: Deposit

The website will notify you once your account has been verified. At this stage, you may start depositing using a bank transfer, a credit/debit card, or online transfers to fund your account. 

Step 4: Buy Crypto

You may now start buying crypto. Click the token of your choice, enter the amount you want to trade, and click “Buy” to complete the order.

You have just made your first crypto purchase!

image 133
Credits: tradingview

All About Nano

Nano launched in 2015 as a “fee-less, instantaneous technology” as stated on its white paper. It is one of the most-talked-about ICOs during its public debut.

It employs a voting-based consensus structure instead of using the Proof-of-Work mechanism.

Proof-of-work, used prominently by Bitcoin, relies on miners having to solve a complex mathematical problem to validate a transaction in exchange for a reward.

A reward-based structure is not only costly but also time-consuming.

With Nano, individuals have their own blockchain, and transactions stand and validate one another instantly.

Every transaction, commonly a digital payment, has an average processing time of less than a second.

One important thing to remember, Nano’s native symbol changed to XNO from NANO in November 2021. But some exchanges still use “NANO” to trade it on their platforms. 

Price History of Nano

Before you buy Nano, take a look at how its price fared so far over the past years:

Nano is currently exchanging hands at $2.33, up by 0.83% in the last 24 hours, and holds a market capitalization of $309 million. It has a total supply of 132 million XNO–all of which are already in circulation.

It hit an all-time high of $20.30 on April 20, 2021–a period when the overall crypto market is on a bull run.

However, it failed to maintain the bullish momentum and traded sideways since then. It fell to a cycle low at $1.53 on February 2022.

Return on Investment from Nano

image 134
Credits: Tradingview

Three months into 2022, Nano is still trading with high volatility and fails to gain the right momentum to consolidate a bull trend. It recorded several lower-lows this year. 

If you invested a year ago, your NANO holdings are down 32.60%.

Meanwhile, those who entered at the start of the year are not faring any better with an 11.30% year-to-date decline. It is also down 4.25% from the same period last month.

Nano Price Prediction 2022, 2024, 2026

2022 Price Prediction

To clear the air on its extended bearish performance, Nano had just broken an important psychological resistance level at $2.35. This could stage an uptrend to break $6.14 per token last seen on November 2021.

XNO is expected to wrap this year at $8.46 if more buyers will come to its rescue. Its average trading price for the year is $3.00. 

2024 Price Prediction

Nano will breach past $10 again at the start of 2023 which will stage a slow but steady uptrend until it enters 2024.

The price is expected to hit $15.45 but we might see it touching its all-time high level of $20.00 again at the end of the year.

2026 Price Prediction

The increased adoption of Nano as a payment medium along with its unique gas-free mechanism will contribute to its long-term performance.

XNO is forecasted to end 2026 at $40.00 but occasional small retracements should be expected.

Is Nano a Buy in 2024?

Yes, analysts recommend Nano for a buy this year. Think of it as scoring a semi-luxury item at a big discount. Its strong fundamentals and real-world utility justify this verdict. 

At current prices of $2.00, traders could take home a 200% profit from their initial investment if Nano would hit $6.00 as predicted.

On the other hand, practice caution at all times since cryptocurrency is a highly volatile investment. 


Nano is steadily emerging as a disruptive crypto coin that’s changing the landscape of how transactions are done in the space.

It has a lot of potential, both near-term and long-term, but caution must be exercised at all times.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about how to buy Nano using exchanges and digital wallets.


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