How Do You Buy CumRocket Cryptocurrency?

How to Buy CumRocket Crypto (CUMMIES) in 2024

Published on: June 27, 2023
Last Updated: June 27, 2023

How to Buy CumRocket Crypto (CUMMIES) in 2024

Published on: June 27, 2023
Last Updated: June 27, 2023


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If you want a short and quick answer, you can buy CumRocket cryptocurrency on PancakeSwap using BNB coins from Binance. But if you do not know much about this cryptocurrency, this article is just for you.

Here, we will share some important information on how to buy CumRocket crypto (CUMMIES).

What Is CumRocket? 

This cryptocurrency is relatively new and available on BNC (Binance Smart Chain). You can buy it on PancakeSwap and purchase it from CumRocket’s cryptocurrency exchange known as CumSwap.

On CumSwap or PancakeSwap, you can easily exchange your Binance coins for CumRocket coins (CUMMIES). 

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BNC has initiated CumRocket as its small project in the first quarter of 2021.

And it has seen high price variations ever since. However, it reached its all-time high in May 2021 at USD 0.2726. It jumped to this spot in only five days (a 1200% increase).

This crypto is getting plenty of attention when crypto memes by Elon Musk’s tweet start gaining traction. So will these trends result in a price hike similar to what we have seen in May the year? 

Cummies is looking to revolutionize the pornographic industry with its introduction to blockchain to ensure an equitable and safe environment for any 18+ entertainment and communication. 

This cryptocurrency will host platforms where you as a user can conveniently chat with one another, send texts, subscribe, own content, and exchange Cummies.

It is among the mega projects that will use blockchain to reliably and safely host all such services. Most of these services are already pretty popular in the porn industry, such as paid messaging and private subscriptions. 

The project and its application are geared towards distinguishing itself from other less or small useful coins called shitcoins. Though CumRocket has a similar protocol to these shootings, the early boom might guide it to advance further.

Apart from the CumRocket utility, the software engineer management team backs this technology to make it more refined and streamlined. 

Brief History

CumRocket was released in April of 2021 as a BEP20 token for BSC. The cryptocurrency aims to develop fair platforms for creators to control their content within the porn industry. 

Its target is very much like what NFTs were introduced for. It has become a trendy and well-accepted digital platform. This cryptocurrency has already published its markets based on 18+ NFT.

However, this market is at an early stage for all fresh content developers on this platform. 

With any growth in this market, users and creators will have a reliable and safe platform for pornography and developing its community productively.

It is critical to this crypto as it starts building its ambitious objectives of developing a market/platform that can host an entire ecosystem for porn users. 

Buying CumRocket

The entire process of buying CumRocket is pretty simple. Here are the steps that you need to follow to buy this cryptocurrency. 

Opening your online account 

As CumRocket token is available on BNC, you will have to open an account on Binance and buy BNB (Binance Coin), the native token. You can either visit outside the US and if you are located inside the US to create an account. 

After that, Binance will verify your ID by assessing your home address, social security, and of course, your driver’s license. And do not worry because your personal or financial info will be kept private, and it will not be linked to the wallet and shared with the public in any form. 

Once this information has been approved, you can find the account and buy your BNB. Once you have purchased your BNBs, you can swap them with Cummies using PancakeSwap.

You can add funds to your account using cryptocurrency and US exchange. 

This way, you will conveniently convert cash into crypto. You can go for any exchange such as Coinbase, eToro, Gemini, and of course, Binance. 

Downloading your Metamask or Trust Wallet

You have to send new BNBs to a PancakeSwap-compatible wallet. You can use either Metamask or Trust Wallet. Both these wallet services require a new account, but you will not provide them with personal information. 

As soon as you create a new wallet, you must save those private keys in a safe place. These keys will help you recover your funds if you cannot access your wallet.

You can use Metamask, which is very common for these transactions, and Google Chrome extensions. Therefore, connectivity with any decentralized exchanges is always a breeze.

Converting your BNBs

By default, Metamask is linked with the Ethereum network. You can conveniently check what network the wallet is currently using. You can see it by using the dropdown menu loathed on the top-right of your screen in the Chrome extension of Metamask. 

To connect your wallet to BNC, you have to click this dropdown menu and show Ethereum Mainnet as its network. Change it to Custom RPC. Then, it will ask you to enter your information to connect Metamask to BNC. 

After that, you can connect to BNC. You will see BNB as the default crypto since the process is complete. From here, you can visit Binance to send BNBs to your wallet with the BNB address. Ensure to select the BNC network when sending your BNBs.

Making your purchase

You are all set to swap BNBs for Cummies using PancakeSwap. First, visit to connect your wallet. As soon as you connect, go to transactions, exchange, and that swap section. Now, search Cummies by making a selection from the dropdown menu. 

Cummies is on the list of top hundred tokens by PuncakseSwap, which will appear in the list. But if it doesn’t appear, search CumRocket contact address in that search bar. ((0x27Ae27110350B98d564b9A3eeD31bAeBc82d878d)

In your wallet, you will have to approve transactions before they are executed. Once you execute it, the Cummies will start arriving in your Metamask wallet in no time. If you have received an error, you will have to increase the slippage tolerance up to 6% or even higher. 

When buying cryptocurrency that is still not very developed, you will have to deal with extreme price variations. Cummies have also seen jaw-dropping price volatility in their first month.

Token prices depend on bad or good publicity, not the project it is designed for.

What Can You Do to Make This Process As Swift As Possible?

Here is a pro tip for you! You can speed up your entire process of buying Cummies by using an anonymous, high-speed VPN. This VPN will let you conveniently and securely connect your internet without any chance of getting traced by any website or bot online. 

It can automatically connect when you connect your internet, ensuring lightning-fast speed. And fast speeds are always necessary when you are looking to trade in cryptocurrency markets. 

Final Word – Is CumRocket a Good Investment?

CumRocket is trying hard to enter the porn industry, and it is a risky feat to achieve. Many websites already host the markets that CumRocket is trying to enter. Therefore, Cummies have to bear competition from outside the blockchain industry. 

So, does this industry care about the advantages of decentralization to join Binance Smart Chain? Maybe not, but only time will tell whether Cummeries can get their market share or not. 

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