How to Bulk Delete Twitter Likes/Unlike all Tweets

How to Bulk Delete Twitter Likes & Unlike all Tweets in 2024

Published on: December 3, 2022
Last Updated: December 3, 2022

How to Bulk Delete Twitter Likes & Unlike all Tweets in 2024

Published on: December 3, 2022
Last Updated: December 3, 2022

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Do you want to know how to bulk delete Twitter likes?

Twitter is one of the world’s leading social media forums and a great platform to stay in touch with people from different parts of the world.

It’s a forum that allows its users to engage in discussions, as well as create new connections.

With Twitter, you can easily express your feelings, become a trending topic, stay informed about current world events, meet new people, and even make new friends.

Twitter users can set their tweets as a highlight and get likes for each of these tweets. This is a feature Twitter has created to please and encourage its users.

On the platform, there are several icons displayed below each tweet to express yourself, of which the like button is one of them.

The like button is a star-shaped image that connotes an agreement or support for a particular argument.

There is also a dislike button suggesting a disagreement with whatever discussion the user is engaged in, depending on the user’s views. 

We are going to discuss how to bulk delete Twitter likes and how to unlike all tweets.

The Impact of Twitter Likes and Dislikes

Twitter is a platform used by millions across the world, so there must always be controversial topics and outrages.

Therefore it is expected to get some dislikes together with the likes you get from your supporters, irrespective of how strong or reasonable you feel your argument is.

When there is a topic that goes against people’s views, they also have the right to express their disagreement by commenting and/or liking it.

This action could end up influencing other users’ opinions or help your tweet trend. A like from a Twitter influencer could help a user gain massive attention, as well as more followers.

The reverse is also the case when the dislike button is used on a tweet by an influencer. The misuse of Twitter likes due to the freedom to use it could lead to online bullying.

But a user could choose to change their decision because the way people view things could change over time. Therefore, it is customary for users to hate a tweet today and like it tomorrow.

One could wake up to the news that a celebrity who has been getting tons of likes from you is offering certain disgusting services or engaged in a scandal that you don’t support.

You might want to delete all likes you’ve given this celebrity over the years and because of the negativity of their scandals.

Doing this individually could be a hectic task to handle and could be very discouraging. The good news is some applications can help delete likes, of which Circleboom is the best of them all.

How to Bulk Delete Twitter Likes with Circleboom

Circleboom Delete Twitter Archive

Circleboom is a top-rated Twitter tool used by Twitter users to auto-tweet, unlike tweets, delete retweets, schedule tweets, and even delete their Twitter archive— which means that you can easily bulk delete Twitter likes.

This multifunctional tool helps users search for specific tweets that they have liked in the past and delete them. Thereby helping them manage and strengthen their social circle.

Circleboom allows you to quickly, unlike, or delete specific Twitter likes in bulk.

You can use Circleboom for free, but the number of likes you can delete will be limited when using the free plan. To thoroughly enjoy the features of Circleboom, it is best to pay for a plan.

With this, you can delete as many Twitter likes as possible. One unique feature of Circleboom is that it allows you to test run their services before choosing a plan.

They offer different plans based on users’ needs. Individual users can subscribe to the Pro plan for a fee of $21.99 per month.

There is also a business plan for agencies and business owners who operate multiple Twitter accounts. The cost of subscribing to the business plan begins at $172 per month.

You could stand a chance of enjoying 65% discounts on Circleboom fees when you subscribe to the annual plans.

Circleboom Features to Help Unlike/Delete Tweets

Circleboom makes deleting bulk Twitter likes and tweets easy, as it saves you from the stress of deleting previous likes one by one. It also saves users time thanks to its unique features for deleting Twitter likes.

Here are some of the features of Circleboom that help users navigate this multifunctional tool with ease.

Filter and Sort Like Features Circleboom has a feature that helps you filter and sort out all tweets which you wish to unlike.

With its Grid power search, users can download as many 3200 recent likes to be deleted. It also enables users to search for specific tweets that they want to unlike.

Individual and Bulk Unlike Features

Circleboom allows users unlike tweets individually and also in bulk. If you wish to delete just one tweet, search for it and click on the “unlike” button to delete the like.

Also, if you want to delete bulk likes, search for the specific tweets, select them with the select option, and click the “Delete selected” button.

Unlike all Twitter likes Features

With Circleboom, you can delete all your liked tweets with the “Unlike all” button. This saves you the stress of trying to search for specific tweets to unlike. 

Once the desired tweets and likes have been deleted, it is impossible to recover these deleted likes irrespective of the Circleboom plan you are using.

Therefore, before deleting any likes on Twitter, reconsider if deleting is what you really want.

How Circleboom Works

Circleboom is a pretty easy tool to use and doesn’t require much hassle to navigate. You can sign up and use Circleboom by following these simple steps below.

Step 1:

Visit the Circleboom website on

Step 2

Click on the sign-up option and authenticate your Twitter account on Circleboom. This allows you to use the features available on your Twitter account.

Step 3: 

Choose the Circleboom Free plan available or purchase a premium plan of your choice to get started.

Step 4:

Scroll to the left corner of the page on the Circleboom website and click the menu icon. Click on the option “My tweets > Unlike.”

Once you do this, all your previous tweets will appear. Click on the option “Unlike All” to delete all likes.

If you choose to delete specific tweets, you will have to search for these tweets using keywords, locations, dates, or hashtags.

The searched tweets will appear with the aid of the Grid power search.

Step 5:

Once the tweets have been selected, click on “Delete selected” to delete the chosen Twitter likes. 

Further Reading: Still want to know more about Circleboom? Read our Circleboom Review.

Other Top Quality Tools to Unlike All Tweets

Although Circleboom is considered the best in the market, other reliable and efficient tweet deleters are also available in the market that can help you to bulk delete Twitter likes.

Some incredible tweet deleters you can count on include TweetAttacksPro, Semiphemeral, and Browser Delete Option.



TweetAttacksPro is a fantastic tool designed to help Twitter users manage their accounts, so that you can easily unlike all tweets.

With TweetAttacksPro, users can easily manage and delete tweets, retweets, likes, follows, unfollows, comments, un retweet, favorite, unfavorite, messages, and even add to list.

All users’ accounts have their unique settings to ensure their users are not banned. TweetAttacksPro also operates in strict compliance with Twitter’s API.

TweetAttacksPro Versions

TweetAttacksPro has several versions to choose from for customers’ premium satisfaction when figuring out how to unlike all tweets.

This gives their users the flexibility to choose what they feel is suitable for them and how they wish to enjoy the additional advantage TweetAttacksPro offers on Twitter.

Here are the available versions of TweetAttacksPro to choose from.

One Account Pro Version

Users of TweetAttacksPro can choose the one account version; this is an excellent version for users who want to manage a single Twitter account.

It comes with a user guide that helps users learn how to use the software effectively.

Unlimited Pro Version

This version allows its users to manage multiple Twitter accounts at a go.

With the Unlimited Pro Version, all accounts can efficiently perform different tasks like tweeting, retweeting, following, unfollowing, and even replying all at once.

Unlimited Elite Version

With the Unlimited Elite Version, you will not only have access to manage all your accounts at once but also have access to enjoy about 99% of the functions on Twitter.

This is because the Unlimited Elite Version is constantly updated to add all new Twitter functions.

Unlimited Ultimate Edition

The Unlimited Accounts Ultimate version of is TweetAttacksPro is the highest version of the software and the best version.

With the TweetAttacksPro, users can create hundreds of accounts on Twitter in a few minutes and also update their profile, avatar, and design with just a single click.

Users also have access to manage all their accounts and enjoy 99% of the latest Twitter functions.



Semiphemeral is an excellent tool developed to perform several functions on Twitter, including deleting likes, DMs, and retweets.

Semiphemeral was first introduced as an open-sourced version, where users have to set it up on their server.

Over the years, some improvements have been made to the old version to produce the web interface that allows anyone to use it quickly.

How Semiphemeral Works

To use the Semiphemeral software, you’ll need to visit their website through your desktop browser. Sign in to your Twitter account, then allow your tweets to load.

Once your tweets have loaded, examine them to see the tweets you wish to delete. To delete in bulk, you will visit the settings tab to configure it.

With Semiphemeral, you can also schedule for automatic deletion by configuring the app. It allows you to delete likes, tweets, and even DMs automatically.

To automatically delete your DMs, Semiphemeral will request access to your DMs.

Many Twitter users don’t feel comfortable with this; however, if you are satisfied with it, you can grant the app access and enjoy the service. 

Semiphemeral is unique because it allows you to choose tweets that should never be deleted under the Tweets tab.

When using Semiphemeral, you might have to wait for a little while before deleting bulk tweets or likes.

The reason for the wait is because there’s an enforced rate of the number of requests the Twitter’s API allows an app to make within a certain period.

Browser Delete Option to Delete Twitter Likes

You can also delete a large number of your Twitter likes through the Twitter console of your web browser.

Achieving this efficiently requires some basic knowledge of how your browser’s Twitter console works.

It is important to note that this method only works on the Google Chrome browser.

To use this method, first, you have to launch your Chrome browser. Once this is done, sign in to your Twitter account.

Scroll to the section for likes, then hit F12.

Chrome’s debug console will be opened by this command.

Once the console has been opened, click on “Console” to ensure the tab opens.

Copy and paste the following script without the quotes into the console field next to the blue arrow.

$(‘.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo.ProfileTweet-action–unfavorite’).click(); ”

Hit the “Enter” key once the script has been pasted to run it.

You can repeat the process over and over again till all likes are entirely deleted.

Deleting Twitter likes through the console method has its limitations.

Users can only delete about 3,200 Likes at a time.


Social media will be more fun and user-friendly if its users have access to certain features.

If these social media platforms are provided with the needed tools, users can handle their accounts better in ways that offer a more excellent user experience.

On Twitter, software like Circleboom helps users perform certain functions they desire (unlike all tweets, for example) from the platform, which is absent.

Circleboom is a tool that solves a lot of problems Twitter users are faced with and does it well. You can quickly delete likes, tweets and perform many other incredible functions.

Several different software has the same functions as Circleboom, but none comes close to it.

The best alternative which could be ranked next to Circleboom is TweetAttacksPro. However, the choice of which software to use depends on users’ preferences. 

How to bulk delete Twitter likes? Use Circleboom.

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