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How to Avoid Online Scams During the Black Friday Period in 2023

Published on: June 18, 2023
Last Updated: June 18, 2023

How to Avoid Online Scams During the Black Friday Period in 2023

Published on: June 18, 2023
Last Updated: June 18, 2023

Online scams have been rising in popularity for several years, especially during Black Friday and Holiday seasons.

People tend to shop more and pay more attention to discounts and special deals. Online shopping scams were the most reported scam type from the start of 2022.

Increased demand for bargains online naturally will attract more attention from hackers.

Therefore, we have noticed an opportunity for educational articles focused on scam tactics and how to stay safe while shopping online.

The headline and nested keywords have a decent keyword volume, and closer to Black Friday, the Cyber Monday period will gain even more interest.

So exploring this topic could bring more organic traffic and conversions to your website.

Publishing such content soon would be the best timing because the article will have time to start ranking in Google SERPs just before Black Friday begins.

Online Scams and How to Avoid Them During the Black Friday Period?

Black Friday

Online shopping has risen in popularity and has become the number one option for how we shop.

The pandemic and the recognition of how convenient online shopping can be has changed our shopping habits for good.

More people are shopping online and this also leads to more people searching for sales and better deals online.


The Black Friday and holiday period is a busy time for everyone, including cybercriminals.

They tend to target a broad range of people with many different tactics constructed to steal personal, financial, or corporate information.

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It was never more important to follow the upcoming internet trends and stay up to date with the latest hacker trends.

Education about prevention tips for online scams is one of the most effective fighting mechanisms that potential victims can equip themselves with.

Most Common Online Scam Techniques Used by Hackers

Fraudulent Websites

Are designed mainly to steal victims’ personal or financial information.

Websites can be great copies and look completely normal, but there are ways to detect a fake.

URL should always have letter HTTPS and a ‘lock’ icon, which indicates that the website is safe. If you notice HTTP instead of HTTPS, you can assume it is an insecure website.

Grammar is another good indicator of legitimacy. Most fraudulent websites will have grammar errors present.

Lastly, checking the contacts section can help you spot a fake.

Legitimate businesses will provide contact information such as email address, phone number, and the actual location of their business.

Phishing Scams

Email Phishing

Usually consist of sending a fake message or an email, tricking the recipient into providing personal information.

One of the most successful tactics used is social engineering. Attackers, through human interactions, gain access to victims’ personal or financial data.

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Downloading a Fake App

Is also a common scamming technique. Hackers trick victims into downloading a fake app with malware to steal their credit card information.

Requesting to download apps is not a usual practice of legitimate retailers.

So if you receive a request to download an application before making a payment online, you are probably being scammed.

Fake Antivirus Pop-Ups

That appear while browsing online through different retailers’ websites are another common technique.

Victims who press and download the suggested antivirus software can end up with malware on their devices.

Tips for Secure Online Shopping

Black Friday

Choose to pay with Google pay, Apple pay, or use a credit card. These payment methods are secure, and a customer has legal protection against the seller if things go wrong.

Update your phone or PC software regularly because scammers always target out-of-date weak spots.


Avoid suspicious links or downloads and if you decide to download something either way, always double-check the information about the application.

There are several ways to determine the legitimacy of the app:

  • Look out for grammar mistakes and pay attention to the logo because copies of an app will have a different letter/font if compared to the original.
  • Check the review section and pay attention to low ratings, negative or all positive reviews, because attackers might fake them to look trustworthy.
  • Check the release date because if the app is new but has many reviews, that’s a red flag.
  • Additionally, a tool like NordVPN’s Threat Protection can help spot malicious documents or apps. Threat Protection will scan through downloaded files and check for malware automatically.

Avoid too-good-to-be-true offers or free gift card offers. These offers are eye-catching, but it is important to stay critical and question the intent of such advertisements.

Use a password manager so that all your online shopping accounts have unique and strong passwords.

A password manager will securely store your passwords and credit card information, making online shopping quicker and more secure.

Use a good-quality VPN to add an extra layer of security (see NordVPN Black Friday Deals).

VPN functions by encrypting your traffic which shields your data from prying eyes.

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