How Many People Use Marijuana

How Many People Use Marijuana in 2024? (Quick Stats)

Published on: April 11, 2023
Last Updated: April 11, 2023

How Many People Use Marijuana in 2024? (Quick Stats)

Published on: April 11, 2023
Last Updated: April 11, 2023

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How many people use Marijuana in 2024?

49.6 million people in the USA reported using marijuana over a one-year period.

In this article, we will address how many people use marijuana, how it’s consumed, the effects of using it, and other data related to this controversial drug. 

Marijuana comes from the Cannabis plant. The usual way people prepare it for use is to dry out the plant, grind it up, and then smoke it wrapped like a cigarette, from a small pipe, or from a bong.

Marijuana can also be used in edible foods like brownies, candies, or other baked goods. 

It’s important to know that its legal status varies among countries and regions.

That said, we will share with you the research and data we gathered about marijuana.

How Many People Use Marijuana in 2024?

The most recent data revealed that in people 12 years old and older, 49.6 million people in the USA reported using marijuana over a one-year period.

That accounts for 17.9% of the US population. 

A few common facts about marijuana include:

  • Marijuana is considered the most commonly used illicit drug in America, with about 22.2 million people using it monthly. 
  • Marijuana comes with a variety of names like pot, weed, herb, grass, and dope. 
  • Currently, it’s legal in only 18 states in the United States. 

In 2021, around 7.1% of students in the 8th grade reported using cannabis. Likewise, 17.3% of 10th graders, and another 30.5% of 12th graders said they had used hashish/marijuana over a 12 month period. 

The percentage of people in the United States claiming to have at least tried marijuana is nearly 50%.

In 2019, 49% of the US adult population claimed to have at least tried marijuana. In comparison, only 4% claimed to have tried the drug in 1977. 

How Many Teens Use Marijuana in 2024?

These marijuana statistics will help you prepare to speak to your teens and preteens about using marijuana. 

  • Over 1 in 3 students in high school have used marijuana. That’s 37% of high-schoolers. Another 1 in 5 admitted to it over one month.
  • Males are the predominant users of majijuana over females in the teen age group. That said, while female rates are being maintained, male rates are on the decline.
  • Older teens are the most likely group to have said they tried or used marijuana. At the 10th grade level, the percentage is 30%, while at the 12th grade level, that percentage is 44.5%.
  • Using marijuana among high school seniors more than doubled between 2017 and 2020. Additionally, more than one-fifth admitted to vaping THC over the past year.
  • Most teens prefer to smoke marijuana over any other form of consumption, by at least 50%. Dabbing, vaping, and drinking marijuana are the second, third, and fourth preferred methods.
  • Nonbinary teens who feel distressed about their gender identity are more likely to try or use marijuana than heterosexual and cisgender teens.

Since the data only offers what is reported, we can only use that information for this article. The figures could be larger than we uncovered. 

What’s in Marijuana and How Does It Affect Users?


The cannabis plant, marijuana, has one or both of these active ingredients. 

1) Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

2) Cannabidiol (CBD)

Marijuana itself is categorized as a psychoactive drug, which means it’s used to alter the user’s perception.

THC is the psychedelic element of the drug that offers the “high” one gets from using it. This ingredient also determines the strength and potency of the drug. 

CBD, the other ingredient, regulates and controls pain, appetite, and mood. Generally, its use is aligned with the body’s health and wellness.

CBD (without THC or trace THC elements) is used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia

The FDA did approve CBD for treating epilepsy. Others have found it helpful for treating diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn’s disease. Only a doctor can prescribe it for these uses.

Here are some effects of using marijuana.

  • Promotes feelings of happiness
  • Lessens anxiety
  • Causes minor hallucinations
  • Boosts appetite

Is There a Difference Between Marijuana and CBD?

Given the controversy over CBD oils, lotions, creams, supplements, and other products, we felt we should briefly clear some things up in that regard. 

While CBD can be taken from the marijuana or hemp plant, the most common CBD products are made using CBD from the hemp plant.

Hemp has significantly less THC than marijuana. 

So, using CBD that comes from over-the-counter, is not likely to make you high or produce psychoactive effects like marijuana. 

That said, you do need to be watchful about the CBD products you choose since some are made from the marijuana plant that contains higher levels of THC. 

You also need to know that there could be more THC than the label on some of these products suggests. 

How Do You Know when Marijuana Use Is a Problem?

If you think someone you know is using or abusing marijuana, it’s wise to know the signs. 

  • Making marijuana use a priority over other activities they used to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Using more marijuana than intended, or needing more to achieve the expected high.
  • Having withdrawal symptoms when cutting back or quitting marijuana.
  • Falling behind or neglecting one’s responsibilities because of excess use of marijuana.
  • Using marijuana even when psychological or physical repercussions are present.

This is only a partial list of things to watch for if you suspect someone you love is overusing marijuana. 


While there is a lot of data about how many people use marijuana in 2024 available, we tried to condense what we found to present some highlights. 

We hope you feel enlightened about marijuana enough to continue to research it and to talk to your kids about it. 

Have you ever used marijuana?

Do you feel that marijuana is not the worst drug people can use?

Do you know someone who may be abusing marijuana?


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