How Many People Can Use YouTube TV

How Many People Can Use YouTube TV? (Multiple Devices)

Published on: November 12, 2023
Last Updated: November 12, 2023

How Many People Can Use YouTube TV? (Multiple Devices)

Published on: November 12, 2023
Last Updated: November 12, 2023

YouTube itself is a free video platform used by over 2 billion people over the world. YouTube TV is a subscription-based service offered by YouTube that offers more than 85 channels for your viewing pleasure.

YouTube TV has about 4 million subscribers, but today’s topic will answer, “How many people can use YouTube TV at a time?”

For every person who subscribes to a video streaming service, you have at least a few that wonder how many people can use the service at a time and on how many devices.

Each video streaming service has its own set of rules and policies that subscribers must abide by to enjoy movies and television.

In this article, we will discuss how many people can use YouTube TV and other fascinating information about this subscription-based YouTube service.

This information will be great whether you’re already subscribed to YouTube TV or if you’re on the fence about it.

How Many People Can Use YouTube TV? 

The default subscription for YouTube TV allows you to enjoy 3 simultaneous streams.

This is one more stream than other video streaming services like Hulu Live TV, fuboTV, and DirecTV that come with just two simultaneous streams.

That said, PlayStation Vue offers even more with five simultaneous streams. 

There is not an option for upgrading YouTube TV to get more streams. You are restricted to the default three streams with no way to get more at the time of this writing.

You can, however, log into multiple cable channels directly and watch on the website or on the network’s app. That would not go against your limit of three streams. 

What that means is that if the network is supported, you can gain access to it from YouTube TV outside of the platform and on the network’s platforms without an issue.

It’s smart to know YouTube’s list of supported networks. Now, you know you can watch YouTube on three streams simultaneously. Let’s discuss YouTube TV further. 

What is YouTube TV?

Youtube TV 702

We can’t just answer how many people can use YouTube TV without defining and describing the service, can we? That is what we will do in this section.

The YouTube TV subscription service was launched by its parent company, Google in 2017.

It offers 85 channels now, which includes mainstream basic channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and others.

Plus, you also get live television channels just like cable for channels like TNT, HGTV, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, and more. 

You can also add optional channels like HBO, Dove, STARZ, Hallmark Movies Now, Acorn TV, and other premium channels.

Most of the video streaming services like FuboTV, Sling, and Philo, which are also pretty popular subscription services. 

Essentially, YouTube TV allows you to watch television and movies live or on demand.

It’s important to note that availability of channels and networks has to do with your location and is not always under YouTube TV’s control.

Top Tip: You can use a YouTube TV VPN to remove restrictions.

What Features Come with A YouTube TV Basic Subscription?

As mentioned, you get live and on-demand television shows and movies, unlimited cloud storage for DVR that allows you to record almost any live television series or movie and watch it at your leisure. 

This cloud DVR feature allows for pause, rewind, and fast forward functions. 

YouTube TV offers 85 channels for $64.99 per month. This amount is competitive with other live TV services that aren’t connected to cable like Hulu and Fubo.

If you want more than the basic networks and channels, YouTube TV does let you pay per addon for those premium channels.

For example, Acorn TV costs an additional $6 per month and HBO costs an additional $15 per month. You aren’t just limited to the basics if you want to pay for more.

Finally, YouTube TV has an option to upgrade to the 4K Plus plan that allows for 4K streaming, saving recordings offline, and streaming on as many devices as you want at once. 

For the first year, this upgrade costs an additional $9.99 per month, but after that first year, you will pay $19.99  additional per month for this upgrade.

What Channels Come with The Basic YouTube TV Subscription?

Here is a list of some of the networks you get with the basic YouTube TV subscription. You will see these are just like you would get with traditional cable. 

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • FOX
  • BBC
  • BET
  • Bravo
  • CNBC
  • ESPN
  • Food Network
  • Freeform
  • Disney
  • CMT
  • MTV
  • NatGeo Wild
  • Nickelodeon
  • OWN
  • Paramount Network
  • PBS
  • QVC
  • TLC
  • TMC
  • TNT
  • Sundance TV
  • TV Land
  • USA
  • WETV
  • Telemundo
  • YouTube Originals

It’s up to you whether you move away from cable and partner up with YouTube TV and enjoy television shows and movies your way. 

How Can You Watch YouTube TV?

YouTube TV

 How many people can use YouTube TV? The subscription allows you to stream across three streams. That said, what devices are compatible with YouTube TV?

YouTube TV can be accessed on most streaming devices like Chromcast, Google TV, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs (Samsung, HiSense, LG, Roku TVs, Vizio), XBox and Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5, Google Nest Hub, and FireTV devices. 

Even if you don’t have any of these devices, you can watch YouTube TV via web browser or the YouTube TV app for PC.

That means you can watch on your desktop, laptop, and other compatible devices. 

Therefore, you have plenty of options for watching YouTube TV with your subscription.

There really isn’t much difference between YouTube (free to watch videos) and YouTube TV as far as how you can watch it. 


We have answered the topic question, “How many people can use YouTube TV?” We have also provided further information about this video streaming service.

If you already subscribe to YouTube TV, you may know a lot of this information, but we hope we have enlightened you with extra information anyway.

If you are thinking about subscribing to YouTube TV, you have plenty of data to make an informed consumer decision about it now. 

We have provided accurate and updated information about YouTube TV for our readers. We hope you have enjoyed it and learned something from it. 

Did you already know how many people can use YouTube TV and its limits to three simultaneous streams?

Did you know that there are premium channels you can subscribe to and that you can upgrade to 4K streaming? 

We recommend that you keep your eyes on YouTube TV and any updates they may have in the coming years. 


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