How Long Does Binance Verification Take?

How Long Does Binance Verification Take? (Guide for 2024)

Published on: February 27, 2022
Last Updated: February 27, 2022

How Long Does Binance Verification Take? (Guide for 2024)

Published on: February 27, 2022
Last Updated: February 27, 2022


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Binance allows you a 5 percent rebate on all your cryptocurrency trades. We have all heard about it through the company’s rigorous marketing campaigns online, and many have benefited from it.

All Binance users and other crypto enthusiasts have to complete a critical authentication process to fully comply with the Terms of Use that Binance has set. 

image 10

You have to provide it with your personal information to use the mobile application as it is designed to use. We all hold our personal information very dear to us.

Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the Binance verification process and how long it takes, so keep reading. 

How Does the Binance Verification Work? 

If you have been using the Binance mobile application or have used it before, you know what we are talking about. It is critical for the protection of your digital funds. Nonetheless, using Binance is a give-and-take process. 

Before you start using the amazing features of this mobile application, you have to provide personal information.

You will be able to work on this platform in a better way, and Binance will have better control over you as its user.

image 11

Therefore, you must complete that personal verification process on Finance.

Even if you are not planning to control large amounts of cryptocurrency, you should still go through the entire process. And we are going to help you with that through this guide. 

Here we are going to discuss:

  • How long does the entire verification process take? 
  • The importance of this verification and completing it successfully.
  • Step-by-step guide on the entire process to set up your Binance account. 

The Binance Verification Procedure

The anonymous nature that cryptocurrencies have is no secret to anyone. In the past few years, this matter has caused a lot of cryptocurrency controversies too. 

Though blockchain technology might seem to be working just fine, Binance has to complete its user verification process effectively.

Entering the standard information, along with other data, might not be enough for this verification process. 

The giant cryptocurrency platforms are lawfully obligated to know more about their clients and their purpose in using this service. But, unfortunately, Binance is not the only one to do this. 

Other exchanges do ask their clients for fiat and crypto verifications.

So, for example, if you are looking to withdraw money using Coinbase service, they have to know about your ID documents and bank account to make the exchange happen. 

Why is the Completion of This Verification Process Vital? 

Before discussing this matter, we would like to mention that you do not have to complete the verification process on Binance if you do not use this platform a lot. 

There will be some limitations that you will have to deal with if you do not do this. Or it can be a bit of a problem in the long run when you decide to use the Binance service in the long run. 

In the end, comprehending the criticality of this verification process by Biance is crucial, and you must start doing it immediately. 

Unlock New and Improved Limits Associated with Your Binance Account 

You can receive or send funds with the help of your Binance Wallet Address, even if you do not have a verified account.

But there are some critical limits that you must know and understand. For instance, there is a withdrawal limit of 2 BTC or a $300 fiat limit. 

These are limits for a lifetime, and they are not going to go away anywhere till you complete the verification process on Binance.

Apart from that, you will only have limited access to most features that the service offers with primary verification. 

However, once you complete the full verification process, you can conveniently trade up to USD 50,000 daily. You can also reach crypto withdrawals up to 100 100 BTC using your account. 

Your basic level verification is completed as soon as you create your account on Binance. After that, it is entirely up to you to carry on with the full verification process.

We will only advise you to go forward if you are looking to use this service frequently. If not, then basic account information can work for you too. 

Measures for Binance Account Security

Identity verification is vital for enhancing the security measures on client accounts. If you are not looking to manage large amounts of cryptocurrency using your account, you will not need complete verification. 

But if you want to manage large cryptocurrency amounts, complete identity verification is a must. It is critical to prevent any illegal activities, along with any potential security breaches on your Binance account. 

Binance is consistently looking for ways to improve its investor protection from any fraudulent processes on this platform.

Therefore, all users must create a community that is safe for trading. All the procedures will carry on seamlessly when this happens. 

Financial Regulations on Crypto Exchanges

Binance account verification is vital for all users because financial regulators have imposed rules and regulations on cryptocurrency to protect users and the platforms they use from any illegal activities. 

Knowing any personal details of the clients is mandatory for KYC (Know-Your-Client) and AML verification laws. In other words, ID verification is not optional, and it is compulsory.

If there is nothing to hide, then you must fully understand the vitality for firms and corporations like Binance to comply with such KYC laws across the globe. These rules and regulations are available in full detail here

Things You Should Know Before Starting the ID Verification Process

As we have established how important it is to verify your Binance account fully, it is time to move forward and discuss the fundamentals you need for this process. 

The process itself is pretty simple. But before you get there, you have to make sure that you go through these tips to prevent any failure during the verification process. 

You only Have 15 Minutes to Complete This Process

Yes, that is true; you only have 15 minutes to complete the process correctly. But, of course, you can complete this all in less than that, too but ensure you are doing it all right. 

Moreover, there are ten trails that you can go through daily to complete this process. If you fail to complete the process in these ten trials, you will then have to wait for the next day (24 hours) to try again. 

You have to keep in mind not to refresh your browser when that Binance verification clock is running. If your Binance verification fails, you can always go for the next try.

But you will end up wasting your time if you do it. How long does the verification take? 

It is an excellent question whether your verification will be complete in 15 minutes or will it take an entire month. The total Binance time for reviewing and verification of your documents is between one to ten days. 

Some people get their approval within just a few minutes. But that is something that does not happen to everyone. It usually depends upon how much workload their customer support team is dealing with. 

Google Authenticator App for Binance

Activating the Google Authentication app as Chrome Extension or on mobile is ideal to guarantee your account safety.

You can enable this 2-factor authentication by following these steps,

  • Open your Binance account and then click on that security page icon. It will result in a dropdown menu.
  • Now, click on the 2FA (2-factor authentication) option and wait for the app to give you a QR code or a verification code on the screen. They might also provide you with the verification code either by call or through text message. 
  • You can activate your Google Authenticator for Binance by clicking on that Submit button. 

You will have to integrate text message authentication and voice verification to deal with any problems in the future. However, some people have had trouble while using Binance SMS for transactions. 

These problems include having a call blocker active or due to a poor network signal.

To deal with this issue, you will have to enter your correct mobile phone number and keep your account safe from any mess in the future. 

Suppose you want to restore your SMS or email authentication using your new mobile phone number or email address.

In that case, you need to click on the Security Verification Unavailable, which appears on the menu under Security. 

Completing Binance ID Verification Procedure

The next stage of the verification process involves the fulfillment of intermediate verification requirements.

Again, it is not complicated, but you need to go through all those steps carefully to avoid any confusion. 

image 12
image 13

Step 1 – Clicking on the User Center

After you have logged in with your email and Binance password, click on the User Center link located right at the top of the screen and then tap on Identification.

Step 2 – Selecting Identity Verification

From the next step, you are about, to begin with, the verification process; get ready. As soon as you select the Identity Verification, a menu will appear and have numerous basic questions.

Remember, if your residential address is not included on the Allowed Countries list, the process will finish right there. 

image 14

Step 3 – Completing your basic information

Binance will ask about some of your critical but essential information on the screen next. You can proceed further as soon as you answer all the questions.

Step 4 – Uploading all your ID documents

In the next step, Binance will ask you about all your ID documents, including your driver’s license and passport. From there on, a photo verification process will begin where you must upload the photos of your ID documents.

Step 5 – Face verification

In the end, Binance will ask you about your fundamental Face Verification, and you have to upload a prominent portrait photo.

For this photo verification, you cannot wear any hats, glasses or use any digital filters. 

image 15

Step 6 – Finishing the Basic Requirement of Id Verification 

It will not take more than five minutes to upload all the documents Binance asks from you until these steps. Once you are all done with these steps, you can proceed further. 

Verification of Residential Address

It is time to proceed with the advanced verification stage of Binance verification. In this process, you will have to complete your address verification. This verification is mandatory for correctly fulfilling the entire process.

Here are the steps that you need to follow, 

image 16

Step 1 – Selecting Advanced Verification

For completing the process of address verification, you have to select the correct option on the menu that has the option of Advanced Verification.

Step 2 – Completing All the Information Required

You will have to type in your postal code, and then you will have to upload a file that confirms your real address.

You can use a utility bill or a bank statement document for this purpose. Keep in mind that all the documents are clear to read. 

image 17

Address Verification on Binance Failed – What Should I Do?

There are three primary reasons why address verification has ended up in a failure, 

  • You might have failed to comply with Binance’s 15-min verification window.
  • You might have uploaded incorrect documents or photo files. 
  • Your documents are not valid (one or more). 

If you believe that there was no apparent mistake during the uploading process, contact Binance support.

It is critical to remember that the Binance support team receives thousands of verification requests each day. So, it is necessary to check everything before you submit it to Binance.

You can retry thi process up to ten times a day. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you do it daily on your first attempt. 


Can I Use the Binance App without The Verification?

Yes, you can use the Binance app without verification. However, you will have to deal with many significant limitations in trading and withdrawing or transferring your funds without verification.

Therefore, Binance account complete verification is highly recommended. 

Can I Withdraw from Binance without Full Verification? 

Yes, you can withdraw up to USD 300 or 2 BTC with your account on primary verification. If you are looking to convert your cryptocurrency to fiat currency, this limit might not be enough.

Hence, you have to go for thorough verification at registration when you have the chance. 

What Exactly Is Required for Full Verification? 

You will have to upload an ID, along with a selfie, and go for facial verification. Then, in the address verification section, Binance will ask for a document proof of your residence.

If your residence address is not on the list of Available Countries, the verification process will end right there. 

Is Kyc Verification Safe to Go For?

Yes, KYC verification is safe, and it is mandatory for financial institutions, money transfer firms, and banks of all sizes.

However, any such company that fails to follow these regulations has to deal with regulatory risks like substantial fines or loss of licenses. 

How Many Verification Levels Does Binance Have? 

There are three additional verifications tiers available on Binance. These include Verified for individuals, Verified Plus for small business entities, and Enterprise for large organizations and corporations.

Final Word 

Binance is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange service that has a lengthy customer verification process. You can use their services without full verification, but their services will have limited features. 

For example, you can only withdraw up to USD 300 or 2 BTC with a basic verified Binance account. With a fully verified account, you will not have to deal with such limitations. 

You have to understand that such institutions that deal in cryptocurrency or even traditional currency need to verify all their customers under the KYC regulation.

These institutions will pay substantial fines to them, and they might lose their licenses if they fail to meet these regulations.

Therefore, it is critical to provide them with your full information and comply with the rules to get better services and make the entire system safe from any malicious activity. 

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