How Long Does a Binance Withdrawal Take

How Long Does a Binance Withdrawal Take?

Published on: February 4, 2022
Last Updated: February 4, 2022

How Long Does a Binance Withdrawal Take?

Published on: February 4, 2022
Last Updated: February 4, 2022

Over the last few years, the number of people using Binance has increased exponentially. With the cryptocurrency attracting a lot of exposure and attention, people’s trust in it has grown.

Many individuals are actively trading and buying digital currency with great enthusiasm.

In terms of daily trading, cryptocurrency is being considered as the highest daily traded component in recent times. 

Binance is a platform that makes purchasing, selling, and withdrawing easier for traders.

If you have ever tried to withdraw money from this, you may think about how long it would take the transaction to go through.

Also, a delayed withdrawal could have you panicking in fear of losing your funds. 

Learning Binance can take some time and understanding of the methods.

There is a specific process of withdrawal that you need to go through in order to withdraw a required amount.

In this guide, you can find out what that is and get an insight into the reasons which can cause delays in the processing of payment. 

How Long Can A Binance Transaction Take? 

The process of withdrawing funds from your Binance account is not that technical. If you follow all the steps properly, you will be able to go through it smoothly.

However, a single mistake may cause you to lose all your funds. Hence, performing the action with as much caution as possible is mandatory.

To be on the safer side, recheck the entries before finalizing them.

Withdrawal Time 

Once you have followed the protocol and performed all the actions as required, you may wonder why you still have not been able to make the withdrawal.

Here is when you need to realize that the withdrawal speed is contingent on the situation.

This means that at times it may be instant, while other times it may take some time to process.

Typically it can be around 30 minutes to one hour for the transaction to be completed. 

Binance Withdrawal Time

A minor delay shouldn’t result in a panic, nor should you immediately consider all your funds lost. The delay may be due to the infrastructure of the exchange platform.

Nonetheless, your internet’s speed, if slow, may also be a leading cause of not being able to send the data across on time. 


You will get an email to confirm your withdrawal, every time you make one.

This confirmation email makes sure that the withdrawal is being made by the person authorized to do so. This email will be an immediate one.

As soon as you take the withdrawal action, you will see the notification popping up on the screen.

Hence, it makes the whole process extremely safe and secure. 

If you do not confirm through the email, you may be delaying the withdrawal yourself.

As soon as you confirm it, the next process will start immediately.

Transaction ID

To further secure the transaction and make it quicker, the platform gives you a transaction ID (TxID).

As soon as it is generated, you will be able to view the transaction withdrawal on the screen. 

The delay in withdrawal can be caused by network regulations.

If it is a long process for ID authentication, they you may have to wait for an hour or so before seeing the funds being processed. 

You can track or monitor your transactions in the history section.

The system updates from ‘processing’ to ‘completed’ so that users can stay up to date with every stage of withdrawal. 

Why Is There A Delay In Withdrawal? 

Some major reasons why your transaction may be delayed are:

  • Weak network

If the network has issues or lags, you may experience a delay in your withdrawal or transaction. This can sometimes take an hour or two to be resolved. 

  • Higher than usual traffic on the platform

When there is a lot of traffic, you may face difficulty in accessing the network for your transaction. It’s why the withdrawal may go through once the load is reduced on the servers.  

  • Network glitch of Bitcoin

These are issues that you cannot do much about as the network is prone to glitches. So you may have to wait up to a day or two before the withdrawal comes through. 

What To Do If The Withdrawal Is Not Processed? 

Sometimes, Binance may be going through a system update so the transaction can take a few hours before processing. 

Binance What To Do If The Withdrawal Is Not Processed

However, in some cases, the platform may have internal issues.

If you have waited for more than six hours and the withdrawal has not been successful, it is time to contact the Binance support system.

You can log into the Binance website and request information from a representative.

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