How Does Snap Score Work?

How Does Snap Score Work?

Published on: August 23, 2023
Last Updated: August 23, 2023

How Does Snap Score Work?

Published on: August 23, 2023
Last Updated: August 23, 2023

Are you wondering how does snap score work?

Snapchat is a pretty incredible social media platform, and one of its brilliant features is Snap Score. This feature helps the application retain and grow its users.

But have you ever thought of how Snap Score works on Snapchat? 

The Snapchat team might not want everyone to know how this algorithm works, but we will try to shed some light on the matter to understand how Snap Score works. 

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What’s this Snap Score? 

Snap Score is an indicator of your entire activity on this platform. It is displayed in some form of points that don’t make much sense when you first look at them.

These points are determined using various factors. These factors include Snap volume, number of friends, and Snapchat Streaks

This number indicates to other users how popular and active you are on Snapchat.

So Snapchat has to come up with a new idea of Snap Score for retaining its users and making the application more fun to use. 

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So, instead of a follower count on this platform, they came up with this Snap Score. It is equivalent to your number of followers and followers on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 

The idea of Snap Score worked for Snapchat, and it boosted the overall growth. It also helped the platform retain its users and increase in-app engagement.

You can locate your Snap Score by visiting your profile. It is there right under your username. 

How Does Snap Score Work? 

Now the question is, how does Snap Score work? Your Snap Score increases as you increase your in-app activity.

Therefore, you will have to complete different tasks, such as increasing the number of snaps you send or increasing the number of friends you add. All these are ways to increase your Snap Score. 

If you try to understand the system, you will find it pretty confusing. You might think that you can add up the total number of sent and received snaps, and you will get your Snap Score. 

But that is not the case because you will always end up some points short of the number displayed on your profile page under your Snapchat username. 

There have been some theories from Snapchat power users on how Snap Score works. There is a theory that users get 12 points for every snap they send to the first 3 people. 

After that, they will get 20 points for each snap they send. This theory seems plausible because some users have scores that are around 90,000 while others have much higher scores of up to 700,000. 

Another theory that is more widely accepted is that you receive a point on each snap you send and a point on each snap you open. If you send a snap to multiple recipients, you will only get a single point for that. 

There are some discrepancies in the theories. But there is no denying that your Snap Score entirely depends on your overall Snapchat usage. 

So, if you want to crank your Snap Score up, it’s time you start sending and receiving snaps. But wait, there’s more! Here are some ways that can help you increase your Snap Score in no time. 

Ways to Increase the Snap Score

 Snap Score

Sending and Receiving Snaps

Each time you receive or send a snap, it will increase your Snap Score. Your Score will increase with a higher number of snaps that you send to your friends. 

These regular snaps that you send also count towards your Snapchat Streaks. It is another factor that directly contributes to increasing your Snap Score. 

Keep in mind that your snaps won’t affect the Score if they are mere text messages. Even with an increased number of snaps that contain only text messages, your Score will not move. 

Regularly Posting Snapchat Stories

Your Snap Score will also significantly increase as you post more and more on your Snapchat Stories. Photos and videos both count, but videos have a slight upper hand over photos.

However, they both are pretty effective in increasing your Snap Score. But we always recommend that you post videos more than your snaps and see that Score go up like anything. 

Keeping Your Snapchat Streak Up

These Snapchat Streaks are another kind of gamification on Snapchat. Your Score will increase if you try to keep your streak up for a long time. 

These are some attributes that directly contribute to the overall calculation of your Snap Score. It will enable you to understand how Snap Score works and make use of it while monetizing your Snapchat account. 

Now you can eliminate any guesswork in your approach to increasing your Snap Score and using your account more effectively.  

Returning to Snapchat After A While

If you didn’t use your Snapchat account for a while for some reason, the platform would reward you with some bonus points that will contribute towards your Snap Score. 

It means that you can catch up to the lost time pretty effectively and start working to increase your Snapchat activity and increase your Snap Score again. 

One of the important things in understanding how does Snap Score work is to know if this Score ever goes down? The good thing is that your Snap Score doesn’t go down. Snapchat will not penalize you if you stop using the app or stop being active on the platform. 

This Score can only go up, so there is no deduction, and you don’t have to worry that your Score will become Zero at some stage if you are not active on it. 


Does Snap Score Ever Go Down? 

No, your Snap Score will never go down. Snapchat doesn’t penalize its users for not using the app. So the Score can only go up.

Where Can I Find My Snap Score? 

Your Snap Score is provided to you in your profile. You will only have to click your profile link, and the number written right under your username is your Snap Score. 

Final Word

Snap Score might seem to be a pretty confusing element, and you might always ask how does Snap Score work. But it only refers to how active you are on this platform. 

If you want to increase your Snap Score, it’s time for you to start sending and receiving snaps and sharing Snapchat Stories regularly to get your streak up. 

The good thing is that Snapchat will not penalize you for not being active on the platform. So the number will never go down; it is only meant to go up.

Now that you know the answer to ‘How does Snap Score work’, you can increase the score and boost your presence on Snapchat.

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