How Digital Signage Can Help Retailers Improve In-Store Marketing?

Last Updated: October 14, 2022
Digital signage is integral in today’s retail space. Learn how digital signage can improve sales, educate customers and act as a strong form of communication.
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Digital signage for retail stores helps improve in-store marketing in ways that traditional methods cannot offer.

Signage is often static, promoting the same message to consumers and requiring a lot of effort to update signs in the future.

However, digital signage solutions for retail can supercharge the power of signs by helping:

Promote Sales

Perhaps the main reason to use retail digital signs is to promote sales. When properly utilized, signage can help you:

  •  Announce last-minute sales to boost revenue
  • Promote products that you need to get off of store shelves
  • Introduce new products that are for sale
  • Upsell items that may be a good fit for customers

When promoting products, digital signage can show the multiple ways to use a product and the pain points that they help solve.

Digital signs remove the barriers present with typical signs, allowing you to promote sales like never before.

Flexibility in signage is one of the best ways for retailers to showcase high ticket items.

Effective Communication With Customers

Customer service is a significant pain point for consumers, and it’s one of the areas that retailers should be focusing on if they want to increase their market share.

Whether selling goods online or offline, revving up customer service is key to success.


In a retail store, digital signage can be used to:

  • Answer common questions
  • Show product demonstrations
  • Offer wayfinding in the store
  • Improve the shopping experience
  • Alert consumers on other measures to contact customer service

Communication can also go beyond customer service. For example, signage, especially when it’s easily changed and updated, offers the opportunity to tell customers of evolving measures.

For example, many retail stores had to navigate the pandemic in new, unique ways.

One of the key methods of hands-off communication was digital signage. Retailers used this signage to tell customers of recent guideline changes and requirements.

Additionally, employees did not have to put themselves at risk to come in close contact with customers.

Interactive Channel To Support Sales Staff

Customers benefit greatly from having digital signage, but employee benefits cannot be overstated.

When employers or management needs to communicate with their employees, signage can help.

A few of the many ways that signage is used in this capacity include:

  •  Educate employees on product-specific information and changes
  • Offer FAQs and more information on products
  • Broadcast changes to scheduling or operating hours

Ultimately, when these signs are used in the right capacity, it’s possible to offer information in a way that is an extension of the customer service team.

Brands can also interact with employees and promote engagement on social channels all through the signage they offer.

Remembering the Brand

Brand building is crucial to your business’s long-term success. When you build a recognizable brand, you’re able to promote products based on your brand’s image.

In fact, many of the largest brands in the world have consumers lining up to purchase their products without much promotion.

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These brands have built a strong brand name that is associated with great products, service and quality.

Signage can be utilized as a form of brand building by:

  • Explaining your brand story
  • Communicating your brand identity
  • Etc.

Educate Customers

Finally, one last reason for digital signage being so crucial in the retail space is because it’s used to educate customers.

When properly educated, customers can be confident in their decision-making and making purchases.

For example, you can use signage to show:

  • Videos of new or unique products that solve a customer’s problems
  • Rapidly answer customer questions or concerns with interactive signage

Ultimately, when you educate consumers, you’re expediting the sales process and helping push customers to make a purchase when they may have been reluctant to initially.

The advantages of digital signage for retail stores far outweigh their initial investment.

When used correctly, it’s possible to use signage to improve sales and communicate with customers. Furthermore, these same signs can be used for branding, too.

If you want to improve your store’s sales, branding will also help build trust among consumers.

Overall, digital signage for retail businesses is a major bonus.

If you leverage the versatility of these signs and change them often, they’ll act as an educational piece of marketing material that can help you build your retail business’ revenue.

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