Highest Paying Jobs in Wisconsin: Are They Worth It?

Published on: October 2, 2022
Last Updated: October 2, 2022
Looking for jobs in Wisconsin? Find out which are the best paying here.
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The Wisconsin Job Market

According to official data, drivers, registered nurses, and material mover laborers dominate the Wisconsin job market.

But it’s much more diverse than this—including jobs from every sector, with career opportunities for almost everyone willing to put in the work. 

Living in Wisconsin is around 2 percent cheaper than in the rest of the US, and the job market reflects these economic needs.

The types and amount of jobs in demand directly correspond to the economy, providing a safe and comfortable way for people to live.

And about getting a job? The process is like anywhere else. Be a professional in your field, brush up on skills related to it, and make yourself visible. One way to start is to craft a winning CV.

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10 Highest Paying Jobs in Wisconsin

As already mentioned, the Wisconsin job market is pretty diverse. But some jobs seem to stand out—some for their simplicity and enjoyment, and some for their complexity.

The following 10 jobs are some of the highest paying in Wisconsin, each for a specific reason. Read on, and decide if they’re worth the money!

Doctors and Surgeons

Naturally in almost every country, surgeons, doctors, and other crucial medical professionals tend to take first place in this category.

Due to the overwhelmingly critical nature of their career, the pay they get is more than justified.

Having someone’s life in your hands is no easy feat, as well as working with little to no brakes, facing emergencies, and acting quickly. And we’re not mentioning the challenging education they needed to go through!

Salary Range: from 170,000 USD to 571,000 USD


This position deserves second place because the responsibility that comes with it is definitely not for everyone.

Similar to doctors and surgeons, they hold people’s lives in their hands, and making a just and right decision is more often than not highly overwhelming.

If you feel you could make a great judge—get ready for years of challenging but rewarding education and practice. 

Salary Range: from 143,000 USD to 480,000 USD


Lawyers take the third place. They face stress, injustice, harsh life stories, and difficult circumstances on the daily.

Their value in the eyes of their clients is what makes them so demanded and somewhat famous.

If you feel like you want to venture into the lawyer waters, get ready to face the unpleasant and make the most out of it. It’s a form of art, that’s for sure!

Salary Range: from 116,000 USD to 389,000 USD

Bank Managers

The reason bank managers got on this list is probably the stress they face every day. Why is that so? Imagine being in charge of millions of dollars, transactions, funds, and bank operations.

These positions require responsibility, concentration, and a will to improve. Not to mention the levels of expertise one must possess in this field.

Don’t let this scare you if you’re thinking of this or a related career. With enough practice, all is possible!

Salary Range: from 109,000 USD to 366,000 USD

Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers, or CEOs for short, are responsible for the future of their organization. The scope of their impact is vast: they need to be an expert in their field and understand and implement business ideas and feats.

Not to mention constantly improving, sharing their message with the rest of the world, and staying relevant. That’s another art form in itself.

Salary Range: from 102,000 USD to 343,000 USD

Chief Financial Officers

CFOs, as they’re called for short, are all about finances and the financial world. You’ll find them in an organization with their head buried deep in expenses, gains, trades, and budget calculations.

Their position deserves to be on this list as it deals with a highly responsible and sensitive topic of managing finances. Without CFOs, any organization would struggle to reach its peak.

Salary Range: from 95,200 USD to 320,000 USD


Anyone with problems that require an orthodontist’s intervention is more than ready to pay and invest in their services. But are there other reasons orthodontists are paid so well?

Here are just some:

  • They affect your dental health and facial structure into adulthood.
  • They can give you a perfect smile.
  • They studied and worked hard to get to the level of expertise they have now.

Salary Range: from 91,800 USD to 309,000 USD

tra nguyen TVSRWmnW8Us unsplash

College Professors

Like the majority on this list, there’s a two-fold reason professors are here. On one side, their profession is challenging—devoting their time and resources to educate is anything but an easy feat.

It takes patience and persistence to be able to do so. On the other hand, the hardships they had to go through to become an educator is long and demanding, but not short of inspiring.

Salary Range: from 81,600 USD to 274,000 USD


Testing, arduous but stimulating training, high levels of concentration, and enormous responsibility are just some of the challenges pilots face daily.

Being in charge of flying is no easy feat, as well as being responsible for thousands of lives.

It takes immense courage and guts to train and become a pilot, and the results are nothing short of mesmerizing.

Salary Range: from 68,000 USD to 229,000 USD

Marketing Directors

Marketing Directors in any organization are responsible for generating income through advertising.

Clever ad campaigns, email newsletters, billboard ads, and copy are just some of the ways they achieve their desired result.

Their career is mainly one of responsibility and risk, which makes it well-paid and valued worldwide.

Salary Range: from 61,200 USD to 206,000 USD

The Wrap-Up

You may immediately be drawn to work at an extremely well-paid job, but as we’ve covered, they’re often stressful, filled with hard work and immense concentration.

But don’t shy away from them in any way; just try to set realistic goals and start reaching them at your own pace. Your future professional self will be glad you put in all the work!

And don’t forget—with great power comes great responsibility. 

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