Helper Tools for Instagram Review – Why It’s a Risk

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Building your presence on Instagram can be quite a task; it takes time, patience, and dedication to look for users in your target audience and then engage with them. Because of the demand of growing your Instagram account, people have looked to third party tools to help. 

There are plenty of third party Instagram tools that can actually help your account— tools like Instagram schedulers can help you to get your content out and make sure it looks appealing visually, Instagram hashtag tools can help you choose the right hashtags, Instagram analytics tools can help you understand your account performance, and more. 

While there are plenty of tools that do, in fact, make your Instagram workflow more manageable, there are also some tools that can hurt your account, and these are typically Instagram tools that aim to automate interactions and engagements with other users. 

This was previously a very popular method for Instagram growth but came under fire from Instagram itself, which made it an ineffective option for real Instagram follower growth due to regulations and restrictions. 

Nonetheless, there are still some Instagram growth companies that claim they can offer real, functioning Instagram bots and automation tools, and we’re here to find out whether or not that’s true with our Helper Tools for Instagram review. 

After reading this review, you’ll be able to decide if Helper Tools for Instagram is really the top solution they claim it to be. Let’s get going! 

What is it? 

Helper Tools for Instagram is a Google Chrome extension that claims to help you automate Instagram engagements such as follow/unfollow, follow users of other IG accounts, as well as add engagements, such as likes, automatically. 

The funny thing about Helper Tools for Instagram is that they don’t ever come out and say that they automate Instagram engagements; it’s no surprise, considering the fact that all forms of front-end Instagram automation is against the terms of use of Instagram. 

Instagram doesn’t allow you to use these kinds of tools to generate more follower growth, and for this reason, Helper Tools for Instagram was very careful in the term they use in their descriptions. 

In any case, it’s likely that Helper Tools for Instagram isn’t anything special these days, and it’s likely that their services don’t work. There are so many downsides to using these Google Chrome browser extensions for Instagram growth that we don’t even know where to begin. 

Let’s start by looking at the versions that Helper Tools for Instagram has released and what they may mean in terms of quality. 

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

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Version 2? 

Helper Tools for Instagram v2

When you visit the Helper Tools for Instagram page in the Chrome web store, you’ll see that it says v2. The good thing about updates on Chrome extensions is that they always list what was updated, so let’s take a look.

One of the biggest things you’ll notice is that the top updated feature was the payment method; Helper Tools for Instagram is now using Stripe to charge for their services. While it’s true that Stripe is a great platform for secure payment processing, there’s a good reason why they decided to do that. 

It’s not uncommon for Google to intervene with services that breach the terms of use of Instagram; if Google identifies a service as doing shady business, they will disable them from using the payment gateways that Google provides. 

The fact that Helper Tools for Instagram is boasting about their payment switch signals one thing— they were not allowed to continue charging on Google for shady business practices. 

What’s more, they don’t mention getting more Instagram followers or Instagram automation at all; they simply beat around the bush talking about other features. When you look at the screenshot of the service provided, it’s clearly automating likes. 

All in all, Helper Tools for Instagram is a shady Google chrome extension that doesn’t facilitate real, valuable Instagram growth. It’s just a bad way to waste money on a Chrome extension that is likely to get shut down any day. 

Let’s dig into why the automation provided by Helper Tools for Instagram doesn’t work. 

Why Instagram Automation doesn’t Work 

Helper Tools for Instagram Automation

On the whole, Instagram automation and bot services are dead and gone. About 3-4 years ago, using bots and automation was all the rage on Instagram, and it started to negatively affect the user experience. 

For this reason, Instagram took strong and distinct steps to outlaw these services from running on their platform, and they were successful in shutting down even some of the most successful automation services. 

After this, companies like Helper Tools for Instagram were created, hoping to continue filling in the automation gap on Instagram, even if it was against the terms of use. Some people don’t know this and think that it could be a viable way to help them run their account, but it’s nothing but bad news. 

The Google Chrome extension from Helper Tools for Instagram has an incredibly high risk of getting you banned because they are violating the terms of use of Instagram. Even if you don’t get banned, you’ll only be attracting limited, low-quality Instagram followers that do nothing for your account. 

Does it sound like a good idea to actually pay money to put your account at risk and maybe bring in some irrelevant and low-quality followers? Of course not. 

When you use these fake bot services, you have no real way to target the people you engage with and end up interacting with whoever the bot comes across. This does absolutely nothing to help you reach your Instagram goals. 

To achieve success on Instagram, you need real, engaged followers that care about your content. Installing a service like Helper Tools for Instagram will not help you do that, and you’ll be putting yourself in the crosshairs of Instagram for using unapproved services. 

Not only that, you also have to keep your browser open for the service to run, putting you even more at risk. Helper Tools for Instagram is not recommended for Instagram growth at all; you also have to install it as a Chrome extension, putting all of your data at risk as well. 

Google Chrome extensions can easily have malware or malicious components, which could potentially give your computer a virus, extract your personal data and information, or even continually cause your browser to crash. 

Helper Tools for Instagram definitely brings more problems than it does benefits. 

Review Conclusion

It would be great if services like Helper Tools for Instagram could actually do something beneficial for your Instagram, but we can’t change Instagram rules or the reality of follower growth. 

Instagram cares about their platform, the user experience, and the safety of their users, and a Google Chrome extension like Helper Tools for Instagram simply causes issues for all of those things. 

By using it, you’re also putting your account health and safety at risk, as well as your browser and personal data. It’s simply not worth it— there are other more sophisticated services out there for Instagram. 

Don’t waste your time and put yourself in jeopardy through the use of Helper Tools for Instagram Google Chrome extension. 

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