Handheld Databases: What’s Out There

Published on: March 27, 2003
Last Updated: March 27, 2003

Handheld Databases: What’s Out There

Published on: March 27, 2003
Last Updated: March 27, 2003

See main story on handheld database selection.

While most handheld databases are limited to a specific application, here are some with broader applicability.


Flatfile PocketPC database from PocketSOFT.ca (Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada).

By default links with Access, but can also be set to download from other ODBC databases including Microsoft’s FoxPro and SQL Server as well as Oracle databases.

No wireless synch. ($19.89 to $34.95 depending on whether you want print and wireless functions.)


DDH Software Inc.’s (Lake Worth, Fla.) HanDBase is a relational database that is cross platform compatible between Palm and PocketPC devices.

Users can wirelessly synch between devices in the field via infrared or Bluetooth. Conduits to Access, FileMaker and corporate ODBC databases. Has forms designer to build custom data entry interfaces. ($39.95)


Land-J Technologies’ (Orlando, Fla.) J-File 5.5 database for Palm devices that connects with Microsoft Access and Excel backends. Flatfile, not relational DB. No wireless synch. ($24.95 list)


Handmark, Inc. (Kansas City, Mo.) Flatfile DB that works with versions for PocketPC and Palm. Connects with Access, Excel or Filemaker, Inc.’s (Santa Clara, Calif.) FileMaker Pro database. No wireless synch. ($29.99 list)

SmartList To Go (Formerly ThinkDB)

Dataviz Inc.’s (Milford, Conn.) SmartList is a relational DB for Palm devices that works with Access, Excel, FileMaker Pro and Intuit, Inc.’s (Mountain View, Calif.) QuickBase. No wireless synch. ($49.95 list)

SprintDB Pro

KaioneSoft’s SprintDB Pro is a Pocket PC flat file database that works with Access or ODBC databases. No wireless synch. ($19.95 for basic or $29.95 for printing capability)

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