GrowBot Automator for Instagram: Review

Last Updated: January 3, 2021

Because Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, there’s a lot of competition, which means there are also a lot of people trying to find ways to give themselves a competitive advantage. 

There are so many different third party tools for Instagram that can help your performance and workflow, including things like follower growth services, schedulers and auto posting, analytic tools, hashtag tools, photo editors and templates, and so many more. 

While some tools work well with Instagram with zero issues, there are some tools that simply don’t work according to Instagram’s terms of use and therefore experience some issues. It can be tough to tell which is which because many companies claim they’re reputable even if they’re not. 

It’s very important that you choose wisely so that you don’t jeopardize the health and safety of your Instagram account and get yourself in trouble with the platform. 

Today we’re going to bring you a GrowBot Automator for Instagram review to see if it’s a viable tool for your Instagram follower growth and account management. Let’s take a look! 

What is it? 

GrowBot Automator for Instagram

Whenever you see the word “bot” and “Instagram” in close proximity, be very wary. Instagram has made it clear for years now that they don’t condone the use of any bots. More on that in the next section. 

In any case, GrowBot Automator for Instagram is a Google chrome extension that claims to be able to automate different elements of Instagram engagements for follower growth, including: 

  • Automatically follow all of someone’s followers, following, commenters, or likers 
  • Follow and unfollow with different filters, including min/max number of following, verified account, private account, doesn’t follow you, etc. 
  • Unfollow feature to auto-unfollow select filters 

While this probably looks attractive to many Instagram users, this system is totally flawed. The first thing you should know about this is that Google chrome offers the website that offers this bot,, and yet when you go to it, nothing of the sort pops up. 

You truly can’t find any real or valid information about this bot on the internet. That is a total red flag. It takes you to a site that talks about emojis with a google world map in the background. Um, huh? 

The fact that you can’t find any information about this service online should be a big indicator that it’s not an approved service for Instagram and that it’s got to be completely hidden. 

Even in the last update of the chrome extension, it says that you can “subscribe thru website (instead of thru Google)” even if it’s not supported by Google’s payment API. Google is probably catching onto the fact that this tool is up to no good, and they are having some issues delivering their service and even allowing people to pay for it. 

You’ll be able to use this service for free for about 2 weeks, and then you’ll have to pay a subscription if you want to keep using it. 

It’s not worth it, however, as this tool puts your account in a lot of trouble. Let’s talk about why that is. 

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Why Instagram Automation Fails 

GrowBot Automator for Instagram Extension

One of the top methods to get more Instagram followers is to engage with users in your target audience— for example, like or view their content, comment on their posts, or send a message. 

This is obviously something that should be done by a real person, and not by a bot; users know when bots are contacting them. In any case, that’s the proven method, but this is not what GrowBot Automator for Instagram does. 

GrowBot Automator for Instagram focuses on follow and unfollow, which used to be a pretty popular growth method, but has dropped off since Instagram automation became against the terms of use. 

Not only that, nobody wants their newsfeed full of strangers’ content. It also looks bad for your reputation if you’re following more people than are following you. If you’ve got 4500 followers but you’re following 7200, it’s clear that you’re using a bot, and people discredit you. 

If that’s not bad enough, any type of bots and automation with the intention of user engagement and follower growth is not allowed on Instagram. This became a huge problem a few years back and they have cracked down substantially on this type of activity. 

If you are identified as using this, you’ll be flagged and Instagram can even ban you from the platform. 

With a sketchy tool like GrowBot Automator for Instagram, there’s no doubt you’re putting your account as well as your reputation at risk.

Review Conclusion

Don’t use automation and definitely don’t use an unapproved Google chrome extension for Instagram growth. While it may seem like a cheap and convenient option, it does nothing but devalue your account and put you at risk. 

Stick to above the board Instagram growth methods like manual engagement and hashtag strategy, don’t give into these cheap and dangerous tactics. 

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