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Gramto Review: Is It Safe or Is It a Scam?

Last Updated: September 22, 2021

With the rise of the internet and social media, there are many different marketing and promoting tools available. These tools could be used for reaching a vast number of potential audience, in order to raise awareness about your business. Gramto is not one of these. They are cheap, low quality, and don’t have your best interests at heart. Avoid them if you care about your Instagram’s reputation!
Gramto Review: Is It Safe or Is It a Scam?
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Gramto Review

Social media plays a huge role in our lives now. Anything you want to find out or get the scoop about is through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other virtual tools on social media.

Currently, Instagram is at the top of the list of the virtual world, and the number of followers that you’ve got measures how successful the business is.

In this article, I’ll be providing you with a full Gramto review and discussing how the service it provides doesn’t play a major role in marketing and growing your Instagram account.

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What Is Gramto?

Gramto Review

Gramto is a subscription-based automated marketing Instagram tool that gives you a free trial period of 3 days.

If you have a business account on Instagram that you’re aiming at promoting and expanding, Gramto can help you with it – supposedly.

What Are the Supposed Benefits of Gramto?

Gramto Review

Gramto provides a various number of services to its business users on Instagram. Upon creating your account, your package will offer the services below.

Scheduling Posts

They claim to be able to schedule the upload time of your desired posts with the caption of your preference. However, we think that there have been delays in this.

Auto Follow

Gramto will automatically follow other profiles based on their hashtags, profile names, niches and other criteria that are related to your field of business.

This is done in a way that makes it look like a bot is doing it.

Auto Unfollow

Any useless accounts that you’d followed earlier will also be automatically unfollowed based on the needs of your account in the same way.

Or so they say – but customers have complained that they weren’t filtered properly.

Auto Like Posts

In order to expand the number of your followers, you need to first grab the attention of the users on Instagram as a platform and spread awareness of what your business does.

The way to do that is by liking posts, commenting on them and following other multiple accounts.

Gramto automatically likes the relevant posts it comes across that’ll be of benefit to your business account.

This will put your reputation on the line, because automatic liking violates Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Auto Comment

When setting up your account, you’ll be able to customize the comments that you’d like to be automatically posted on various posts based on criteria like the hashtags written underneath.

Again, this is going to make your content look spammy, like a bot is doing the work.

Auto DM

You’ll also need to customize a direct welcoming message that’s sent to any new followers that you receive and Gramto will automatically send them out.

Don’t do it though – people will think you’re spamming them.

Auto Repost

In addition to the previously mentioned features, Gramto automatically reposts relevant posts of the accounts you’re following on your profile.

Good luck making this consistent, though.

Providing Statistics

You’ll supposedly be provided with the detailed statistics of your profile(s) by Gramto.

Things like the number of followers, and level of interactions, and so on, which will give you a heads-up on how well your account is doing in the world of social media.

However, customers have complained that this line of communication wasn’t as good as they’d hoped.

Managing Multiple Accounts

Gramto gives you the ability to manage not only a single account, but as many accounts that you’d like, with a maximum of 100 accounts all at once.

So, if your business has more than one account on Instagram, Gramto can help. We think that this means they are prioritising quantity or quality.

Why Do I Not Like Gramto?

I’ve been around many robot-like marketing tools on social media, but there are several reasons why I don’t like Gramto so much, and here are some of them.

Gramto Is a Secure Site – But That’s Basic

Forget worrying about your personal data being stolen or spread over the internet. Gramto is an average security tool that you can fully trust to run your business online.

The website is HTTP secure, which means that any delicate personal data that you share with it will be highly protected from any possible hacking trials. However, this is basic to the point that it doesn’t actually mean they are credible.

It Hasn’t Got a Clear Pricing Plan

Gramto Pricing

The pricing plan is mentioned halfheartedly on the website.

They provide 3 different subscription plans that start at $9 and go up to $49.

The difference between them is the number of manageable accounts and the amount of storage that you’ll be allowed to use.

We think that these prices reflect low-quality services and ultimately don’t offer enough features to reflect the amount that you’ll need to regularly pay for services.

Gramto Doesn’t Have Good Value for Money

Compared to other automated Instagram marketing tools, Gramto provides an average service for the price you have to pay for it.

If you’re active enough on social media, you’ll know that you can get a better deal elsewhere. They also advertise themselves as a “free automation tool that works,” which is ultimately false because you have to pay for a plan. This isn’t a good look and we don’t like the fact that they’re claiming to be something that they’re not.

Gramto Doesn’t Give You 24/7 Online Support

At the bottom right-hand corner of the page of the website, you’ll find a chat box where you’re allowed to contact them for any inquiries or complaints that you might have.

You’ll be receiving a reply from a representative, but we have no idea when this will be. It won’t be quick, that’s for sure.

Gramto Has an Average FAQ and Help

If you still have a few questions regarding the services that they provide and need more reassurance, the FAQ and Help page available on the website will answer them – but not all of them.

You will probably be left with more questions than answers. It’s a big red flag when an Instagram growth service doesn’t offer a lot of information in their FAQs, as it’s supposed to be a place where you can get answers to the things you really need to know.

Gramto doesn’t offer this, and it’s something that should concern you, especially when using Instagram automation.

Review Wrap-up

With the rise of the internet and social media, there are many different marketing and promoting tools available.

These tools could be used for reaching a vast number of potential audiences, in order to raise awareness about your business.

Gramto is not one of these.

They are cheap, low quality, and don’t have your best interests at heart.

Avoid them if you care about your Instagram’s reputation!

How to Choose a Reliable Instagram Growth Service

With so many companies out there like Gramto that ultimately don’t offer enough value for the cost of their services, it can be difficult to determine which Instagram growth services are worth your time, and which ones will let your Instagram sink. 

Not only that, many Instagram growth services resort to false promises instead of actually providing you with the services that they claim to provide. For that reason, it’s important to do your research and know what to look for when you are deciding between growth services. 

In this brief guide, we’ll help you understand the three most important criteria you should keep an eye out for when determining which Instagram growth service is right for you, and which one may lead to a loss of investment or even put your Instagram account at risk. 

FAQs and Information 

One of the most pertinent things to look for when weighing the reputability of an Instagram growth company is the information and FAQs found on the website. You need to look not only for a substantial amount of information, but also quality information that does, in fact, describe the service. 

If the company’s website is indirect, doesn’t describe the service in detail, overuses buzzwords to try and make the service sound attractive, and avoids telling you exactly what to expect when you use the service, it’s likely that they don’t have your best interest in mind. 

And, like Gramto, you should be wary of sites that lack a FAQ with valuable information that clears up doubts about the service and how it works.

Growth Methods 

The next thing you should be on the lookout for is the way in which you get access to more Instagram followers and engagement. Instagram is pretty strict about how third parties interact with the platform, so some growth services may promise big results with no likely means of actually providing them. 

It’s better to work with an Instagram growth service that offers organic, managed growth. If you work with a fully automated service like Gramto, your Instagram account will be at risk by default because no one is in control of the automation and is likely to get your account flagged or banned by Instagram. 

Also, be skeptical of services that simply sell follower packages. Many of these services don’t deliver anything worthwhile and you’ll notice that the followers or engagements you gained from them will drop off shortly after getting them.

Terms of Service 

Last but not least, you should look at the terms of service to confirm that what the company promises is, in fact, represented in the terms. More often than not you’ll see a ton of promises on the website that are actually negated by what the terms of the service actually outlines. 

You should also look to see what kind of refund policies or guarantees there are in the event that you’re not satisfied with what the service provides. 

If the company doesn’t offer a visible terms of use page, you should find a different Instagram growth service. Gramto does offer a terms of service page, but upon reviewing it, you can see that they take no accountability for their services.

Written by Jason Wise

Hi! I’m Jason. I tend to gravitate towards business and technology topics, with a deep interest in social media, privacy and crypto. I enjoy testing and reviewing products, so you’ll see a lot of that by me here on EarthWeb.