Gramto Review: Is It Fast and Affordable?

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Social media plays a huge role in our lives now. Anything you want to find out or get the scoop about is through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other virtual tools on social media.

Currently, Instagram is at the top of the list of the virtual world, and the number of followers that you’ve got measures of how successful the business is.

In this article, I’ll be providing you with a full Gramto review and discussing how the service it provides plays a major role in marketing and growing your Instagram account.

What Is Gramto?

Gramto is a subscription-based automated marketing Instagram tool that gives you a free trial period of 3 days.

If you have a business account on Instagram that you’re aiming at promoting and expanding, Gramto will do that for you.

What Are the Benefits of Gramto?

Gramto provides a various number of services to its business users on Instagram. Upon creating your account, your package will automatically give you the privilege of the below services.

Scheduling Posts

With your Gramto account, you’ll be able to schedule the upload time of your desired posts with the caption of your preference.

You’ll also be able to schedule the first comment in a story, album, or on the main wall of an account.

Auto Follow

Gramto will automatically follow other profiles based on their hashtags, profile names, niches and other criteria that are related to your field of business.

It does it in a natural way that doesn’t make it look like it’s been done by a robot.

Auto Unfollow

Any useless accounts that you’d followed earlier will also be automatically unfollowed based on the needs of your account in the same way.

Auto Like Posts

In order to expand the number of your followers, you need to first grab the attention of the users on Instagram as a platform and spread awareness of what your business does.

The way to do that is by liking posts, commenting on them and following other multiple accounts.

Gramto automatically likes the relevant posts it comes across that’ll be of benefit to your business account.

Auto Comment

When setting up your account on Gramto, you’ll be able to customize the comments that you’d like to be automatically posted on various posts based on criteria like the hashtags written underneath.

Auto DM

You’ll also need to customize a direct welcoming message that’s sent to any new followers that you receive and Gramto will automatically send them out.

Auto Repost

In addition to the previously mentioned features, Gramto automatically reposts relevant posts of the accounts you’re following on your profile. The relevancy of the posts is according to the profile names, captions, and hashtags along with other criteria.

Providing Detailed Statistics

You’ll be provided with the detailed statistics of your profile(s) by Gramto.

Things like the number of followers, and level of interactions, and so on, which will give you a heads-up on how well your account is doing in the world of social media.

Managing Multiple Accounts

Gramto gives you the ability to manage not only a single account, but as many accounts that you’d like, with a maximum of 100 accounts all at once.

So, if your business has more than one account on Instagram, Gramto will do the job for you flawlessly.

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Why Do I Like Gramto?

I’ve been around many robot-like marketing tools on social media, but there are several reasons why I like Gramto so much, and here are some of them.

Gramto Is a Secure Site

Forget worrying about your personal data being stolen or spread over the internet. Gramto is a high-security tool that you can fully trust to run your business online.

The website is HTTP secure, which means that any delicate personal data that you share with it will be highly protected from any possible hacking trials.

Gramto Has a Clear Pricing Plan

Its pricing plan is mentioned clearly on the website and explained in depth. Gramto provides 3 different subscription plans that start at $5 only and go up to $100.

The difference between them is the number of manageable accounts and the amount of storage that you’ll be allowed to use.

New users get to try it out first through a 3-day free trial period before subscribing.

Gramto Has a Good Value for Money

Compared to other automated Instagram marketing tools, Gramto provides a great service for the price you have to pay for it.

If you’re active enough on social media, you’ll know that this price is unbeatable.

Gramto Gives You 24/7 Online Support

At the bottom right-hand corner of the page of the Gramto website, you’ll find a chat box where you’re allowed to contact them for any inquiries or complaints that you might have.

You’ll be receiving a reply from a representative within minutes of submitting your question.

Gramto Has FAQ and Help

If you still have a few questions regarding the services that Gramto provides and need more reassurance, the FAQ and Help page available on the website will answer them all.

While this might be considered as a basic feature, it’s still worth mentioning, as some websites don’t offer that feature at all.

What Is the Downside to Gramto?

Like any other Instagram bot, you can’t guarantee real-account followers to your account. The number of followers may be increasing, but they aren’t “real” followers.

The same goes for likes. For all you know, you could be getting a huge amount of likes and interactions, but by automated tools like the one you’re using, which is Gramto.

Wrapping up

With the rise of the internet and social media, there are many different marketing and promoting tools available.

These tools could be used for reaching a vast number of potential audience, in order to raise awareness about your business.

If you’re still feeling a little hesitant about it, you could give it a try and test it yourself during the 3-day free trial period.

Thoroughly exploring the website and going through the services it provides will help you make up your mind before deciding on whether or not you’ll subscribe.

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  1. Gramto is a Scam site. It does not work. When you configure your account, it will be automatically detected as a bot and don´t even get to follow 1 person. If you ask for a proxy, they just don’t send it to you. Today I was charged when I don´t have automatic payment configure in my account and I have never get to use the service because it does not work. I ask for a refund and they just don´t reply. Don´t use this site and DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, its a SCAM.

  2. Terrible service! Nothing actually works, looooots of errors, and the support chat is never available. Do not purchase!


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