Good, Cool, and Aesthetic Discord Server Names

160 Cool, Funny, Aesthetic & Good Discord Server Names in 2024

Published on: July 15, 2022
Last Updated: July 15, 2022

160 Cool, Funny, Aesthetic & Good Discord Server Names in 2024

Published on: July 15, 2022
Last Updated: July 15, 2022

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Looking for good Discord server name ideas?

If you did not know already, Discord is a free text, video, and voice chatting application that is used by millions of users from all parts of the world.

This app is used to talk about various types of topics that range from music or art projects to mental health support and homework.

Yes, you will find a wide range of communities here that make use of the app almost daily. 

While the application is used by people from different life experiences and backgrounds, it is mostly used by gamers.

With the help of this app, gamers often talk to one another while playing a game (mostly co-op) or stream directly on their servers, which is one of the top features of Discord.

You have the choice to join any of the available servers or create your own; in the case of the latter, you will have the option to customize your server based on your preferences and ideas.

One of the first things you need to do when you are setting up a new Discord server is to come up with an appropriate name.

However, not all of us are creative geniuses. If you are looking for the best Discord server name ideas, you have come to the right page.

List of Good Discord Server Name Ideas for 2024

Discord 704

Now, the Discord server name will depend on how you plan on using the server in the first place. The name should relate to the vibe of the server.

Hence, we have provided you with four types of Discord server name ideas, which we have discussed more in this section:

Good Discord Server Name Ideas 

If you are looking for some decent and good Discord server name ideas, you have the choice to select any of the options we have provided below:

  1. Quantum Branding Agency
  2. Bridge Fibers
  3. Alone Yet Cool
  4. ServerMania Data Centre
  5. Super Duper Updates
  6. Creative Warehouse
  7. Dear To Everyone
  8. Freedom Fighters
  9. Aiming High
  10. Marketing Eye
  11. Great Leaders
  12. Rocking The Community
  13. Fun Guys
  14. Arranged Lovelies
  15. Sharing With Care
  16. Bluestorm iGaming
  17. Mysterious Group
  18. iTransact Ltd
  19. Magnetic Creative Services
  20. Better Fights
  21. Underrated Lines
  22. Chevrolet Lovers
  23. Junior’s World
  24. Kim’s Lovers
  25. Your Star Here
  26. Aussie Web Design
  27. My Funny World
  28. All Is Well
  29. Reliable Networks
  30. Digital-Dreams
  31. Energetic Humming
  32. Very Friendly
  33. Gangs Here
  34. Ignite
  35. Debunc
  36. Clever Girls Only
  37. Creative Ideas
  38. Supermoon
  39. Super Guys Group
  40. Daring Cuties

Funny Discord Server Name Ideas 

In case you want to tickle the funny bones of your Discord server members, you can choose any of the funny Discord server name ideas here:

  1. KaiseHo
  2. Ricky Bobby
  3. Lollygag Gollyege
  4. Ringony
  5. NinggaBoss
  6. Abe Sala
  7. Noaah
  8. Naga Sona
  9. Sona Mona
  10. Bad DSN
  11. Poppa Woody
  12. Cheek Boom
  13. Cherry Mary
  14. AaaAaaaAa
  15. Larry Queen
  16. The Pauciloquent
  17. Jim Jima
  18. Mary Poppins
  19. Vye Brator
  20. Alucard
  21. Mar Sala
  22. Mr Gardyloo
  23. Jo-Jo
  24. Foxy Ton
  25. Not Ha ha ha
  26. Habilton
  27. Basetag
  28. Dudu Miya
  29. Eggo Kigo
  30. Honey Banny
  31. Babe Soy
  32. Abey Andhe
  33. IamJkar
  34. Zoanthropy
  35. Bin Sera
  36. Dream Seem
  37. MrBoomer
  38. Ape timers
  39. Not Bob but the builders
  40. Happy Birthdays

Cool Discord Server Name Ideas  

If you want to maintain a cool and calm vibe on your Discord server, here are some of the coolest Discord server name ideas for you:

  1. InsertNiceName
  2. HornedReaper
  3. Sephiroth
  4. wearelivingart
  5. Bianca Chandon
  6. Winters Not Coming
  7. GlueScreen gang
  8. Minecraft legends
  9. Glitter
  10. DevilsAdvocate
  11. PyramidHead
  12. Collateral Damage
  13. The Clash Clan
  14. January
  15. SmashNDash
  16. Sweaty Granny
  17. Hellcat
  18. Sociopath
  19. Grim reaper tribe
  20. Saturn
  21. Gee
  22. TipsFedora
  23. Hulk
  24. Wolovizard
  25. tweezers
  26. soldmomforRP
  27. diet prada
  28. YourMomsName
  29. SuperVillain
  30. Vex
  31. Spiderman
  32. The Doctor
  33. Camo
  34. Jack Sparrow
  35. Gecko
  36. Always Distracted
  37. Boxer
  38. Cool Discord User
  39. Coolest Discord Users
  40. Watering Can Media

Aesthetic Discord Server Name Ideas 

In case you want to maintain the aesthetics of your Discord servers, you can select any of the aesthetic Discord server name ideas we have mentioned here:

  1. Kurisusweet
  2. Elegant Friendship
  3. FallingForceEye
  4. Cool Colt Hill
  5. Gamer Slayer
  6. Grey Mare
  7. Some Thing Funny
  8. The Sixth Sense
  9. RestSmasherCult
  10. My Great Mom
  11. GeoCash
  12. Penny Weight
  13. Heart Ticker
  14. Baby Dream
  15. Fear Swag
  16. Bird Garden
  17. Facer Racer
  18. Hyperface
  19. Magic Peach
  20. Resin
  21. SargeRacer
  22. Cutie Bun
  23. BreakDonkey
  24. YakBoy
  25. Chip Queen
  26. Angel Cherub
  27. IceCube
  28. WriterInvention
  29. The Damned
  30. Cute Magic
  31. Squirrel Nuts
  32. Top Slugger
  33. Looney Looser
  34. SandFireOpen
  35. QWERTY
  36. Hitch Hiker
  37. Giants Red
  38. OpenKitty
  39. Openheart
  40. Cutie Bun

What Are The Steps To Change Discord Server Name? 

Yes, Discord does allow its users to change the name of their servers. All you need to do is head over to the text bar and type in ‘/nick’.

Once done, you need to click on the ‘Tab’ key or the space bar. Next, simply type in the new name of the Discord server.

You can also add special emojis and modified letters to your Discord server name, which will increase its visual appeal and attractiveness. 

What Are Some Tips To Help You Come Up With The Best Discord Server Name?

Discord 814

Of course, you can make use of the names that we have provided in the above sections. However, you can also choose to create your server name.

Contrary to popular belief, creating a unique and memorable server name is very easy. All you need to do is follow these tips: 

Why You Have Created The Server?

The first order of business is to figure out the reason why you have created a new server in the first place.

Based on the reasons, you can start narrowing down the choices for the server name that will be related to the purpose of the server.

Short And Sweet Is The Best

Another important aspect of coming up with a unique Discord server name is to ensure that the name is small enough to be remembered easily.

There is no point in keeping a longer server name if others are unable to remember its name. Additionally, you should never make use of complicated words. The name should be something that can be remembered easily.

Uniqueness Is The Key

Your Discord server will get hidden in the sea of server names that look similar to yours. You do not want that.

Therefore, it is recommended that you come up with a name that is unique to the theme of the server. You can come up with anything as long as it keeps your server apart from the rest of the servers that follow the same theme.

Look At The Server Names Of Your Competitors

You can also take a look at the server name of your rival servers so that you can mix-and-match different names to come up with something unique. You can learn why their server names sound so unique and apply the same to your Discord server name.

Use Discord Server Name Generators

If you are unable to think of a unique name, you can also make use of Discord server name generators.

These are name-generating tools that are very easy to understand and use.

All you need to do here is provide the category or niche of your Discord server and you will be provided with hundreds of choices of random server names.

Register The Name

After you are done with creating a new Discord server name, it is time to get it registered on Discord.

This will prevent others from stealing the name or taking over your Discord server.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, there are many names available that you can choose for your Discord server.

And, you will always find more! These server names are unique and will display the nature of your server.

Alternatively, you also have the choice to come up with something original; as you can see, creating a unique server name and updating it on Discord is very simple.

Whatever the case may be, the right name will surely attract new server members.

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