GetInsta Review – Safe and Working?

GetInsta Review 2024 – Is this App a Scam?

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024

GetInsta Review 2024 – Is this App a Scam?

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024


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Bots, automation, and fake engagement are all against IG’s ToS. However, using these methods of Instagram engagement seems to be acceptable to at least some influencers, marketers, and brands. 

That doesn’t mean it’s okay. If you get caught, your account can get suspended or banned. Since it’s not illegal to engage using these methods, people seem to do it. However, you may experience the consequences set up by Instagram by engaging this way.

That’s not all. More rules cover a legal aspect of Instagram’s copyright terms. In case you haven’t heard, Instagram has owned the copyright on the terms ‘IG’, ‘insta’, and ‘gram’ for many years. 

A violation of that copyright is a legal issue for businesses that infringe upon any of these terms. As you can see, GetInsta uses ‘Insta” in its name. Several services that once used one of the copyrighted terms have changed their names to be in compliance.

Some companies that have used any of these terms have been shut down by Instagram on legal grounds. The risk of using a service that infringes on Instagram’s terms is very high.

Now that you know some of the terms of service Instagram has for using the platform, you can better understand the need to find services to help you grow and engage with less risk.

GetInsta is not likely the most reliable or safe to use. Let’s talk about that in this review.

GetInsta Review 2024

You might have been a little bit naive about your Instagram profile in the beginning, mainly because you thought that you had the talent and skills to create content to draw the right people in.

However, you quickly realized that it comprises so much more than this, and to get ahead of Instagram’s algorithm, you needed to work out the best engagement strategy.

Naturally, if you still hold down a day job, then your Instagram growth will be pushed to the side a little bit, and you will struggle to juggle everything. This is where companies in the social media marketing industry come in.

They have the tools and skillsets that you need to be able to free your schedule up.

However, we can’t trust them all. Let’s review GetInsta.

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GetInsta is a company that claims to help its clients get free Instagram likes and followers.

They say that you can easily get 100% free high-quality Instagram followers and likes, and you don’t have to share your password.

We think they are a scam.

What is GetInsta?

GetInsta Review

GetInsta is a bit of an enigma to us because they are the kind of company that promises their clients free engagement.

They say that you don’t have to fill out a survey, and you don’t have to share your password to receive your 100% free and high-quality Instagram likes and followers. They also say that these free likes and followers are unlimited, and as we do a little bit more research into their website, we discover that you have to download their app, to receive your free engagement.

This means that there is a risk that they will be able to gain access to your computer, and potentially glean personal information from your desktop that you aren’t comfortable sharing. Of course, it also means that they find people to try their app, so it is free marketing for them.

What are GetInsta’s Features?

GetInsta Features

We have talked about GetInsta’s free Instagram engagement, but they also offer their clients paid packages as well. They say that from $0.99 a day, you can get 50 Instagram followers per day, and this lasts for 30 days. They say that these are organic and automatic, and you don’t have to follow any Instagram profiles in order to receive them.

They also say that delivery will occur within 24 hours, and the plan is 100% automatic. If you read between the lines with these promises, you will be able to decipher that at best, they’re using an Instagram bot to grow your account, and at worst, they are selling their clients fake engagement.

They also say that you don’t have to verify anything or share your password to receive their engagement, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

What is GetInsta’s Pricing?

GetInsta Pricing

As we mentioned, GetInsta says that they can help you get started with your Instagram growth from just $0.99 a day, and as you probably expected, you can adjust this.

You can adjust this based on how many followers you want every day, and how long you want the subscription to last. For example, a 60-day delivery, which is going to give you 150 followers a day, is going to cost you $1.36.

With their options on the website, you decide how much engagement you want, and ultimately how much you’re going to pay for that engagement. You might feel like this sounds really good, but it actually isn’t.

In fact, we are concerned with their pricing and believe that it’s on the cheap side of things, and not reflective of high-quality features.

How Did GetInsta do in Tests?

We decided to put GetInsta to the test because we think that it is important to actually test their features, and see how they do before we conclude our review.

This way, we can confidently say yay or nay when it comes to whether you should work with them or not.

We decided that we would purchase 150 Instagram followers a day for 60 days, which as you know cost us $1.36.

We received our cheap followers within a couple of days, which we appreciated, but we noticed that on the third and fourth day, we didn’t get 150 followers a day as we were promised, and the ones that we had received a couple of days earlier started to drop off again.

This means that this engagement has a low retention rate and isn’t going to add to your Instagram reputation in any way.

What About the Team?

GetInsta is a company that if they care about their clients, they will have a lot of information about their team on their website.

Companies in this industry that have a good existing reputation are more than willing to be upfront and honest about what their team looks like behind the scenes and be prepared to share all of this information before their clients even register for anything.

As you probably have been able to guess at this point, we couldn’t find sufficient evidence of who is behind the scenes, which does give us cause to be suspicious. When a company isn’t forthcoming about this kind of information, it is fair to say that they are hiding something, and you’re probably going to get taken advantage of at some point.

The Goal of Engagement

Isn’t the goal of using an Instagram service to help you improve your account’s growth? If so, why would you choose to partake in fake engagement?

Fake engagement isn’t going to provide any value to your Instagram account. If anything, it is likely to get your account suspended or banned.

Bots are likely to do the same damage to your Instagram account and online reputation.

When services like GetInsta claim to deliver safe and organic engagement, you aren’t going to get it. 

Instead, you are getting the very thing that Instagram has been shutting down for years. 

There is no reason to put your account at risk at all when there are other services that are safe,  reputable, and reliable. 

Unfortunately, GetInsta doesn’t care about its clients or their growth. What they do care about is taking money from novices who don’t know their services are fake and that they use bots. 

What you really need are real followers who are real people who engage with you because thy are interested in your content.

When you have real followers, you will get more real followers because they will share your content so that more relevant and targeted people will see it. 

That’s organic growth in a nutshell. 

Based on what we found out about GetInsta, that’s not what you get.

What a Reliable Company Does

A company that provides safe and reputable growth services will deliver real followers to your account. 

Those real followers will be targeted, so they will engage with your content because they are interested in it. You will enjoy meaningful and effective engagement and growth.

When you have real people as followers, they engage by liking, viewing, commenting, and sharing your niche content.

Therefore, high-quality services will provide real and active followers for your IG growth.

The followers you get from GetInsta will sit there in your followers base, spamming your account and raising red flags with the IG algorithms. 

So, you aren’t going to achieve long-lasting, or real growth with GetInsta.

Is GetInsta Safe?

We are going to have to say that GetInsta isn’t safe. On the contrary, it’s very risky for multiple reasons.

  • The fake engagement you get from this company.
  • The use of bots to get engagement.
  • The copyright infringement of “insta”

We also believe this is just the tip of a deeper iceberg within this system. 

We aren’t going to recommend GetInsta to our readers. What we will recommend is to do your own digging into these companies before you even spend a dime of your hard-earned money.

The research you put into finding your ideal way to engage and growth on Instagram will not only be well worth your time, but it will also help you protect your Instagram account and your overall online reputation.

Review Conclusion

GetInsta has put a decent amount of time and effort into their website because they believe that this is probably going to draw people in.

We also think the fact that they offer their clients free engagement is going to draw people in, but if you care about your Instagram profile’s reputation, then we highly recommend that you avoid these guys.

At the end of the day, they are selling their clients fake engagement, and they are also using an Instagram bot, which goes against Instagram’s terms and conditions.

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