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How to Get More Twitch Followers – 3 Top Ways

Last Updated: September 23, 2021

How to Get More Twitch Followers?– 3 Main Ways
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Looking for life hacks to boost your Twitch followers base? Securing your own slice of the big Twitch pie is the primary goal of all Twitch streamers. Some of the streamers aim for the heart of their fanbase, others for their humor or sense of awe, while a number of them try to game the Big Algorithm into their favor.

Some of these end up being more valid and effective than others, but each is being used to a varying degree of success.

While the subscriber count brings in the cash inflow, viewer count perhaps improves self-esteem and boosts prestige, and donors usually represent the most fervently loyal core of your community, it is the followers that form the base of your Twitch empire. After all, viewers come and go, while every other part of your fanbase gets converted directly from the followers.

In seeking to accomplish high follower count, streamers rely on three main ways: employing the use of automated software or bots, buying their followers, and manually focusing and improving on interaction with their audience. All three have specific structure and rely on different strategies. We’re going to deal with each in detail here.

Twitch Bots: Yes or No?


In spite of all the warnings, threats, and dangers that are lurking for every streamer that decides on employing a Twitch bot, their use is at an all-time high. Why is that? Are they so successful, or the marketing efforts behind them propel them into simulated popularity?

Twitch Bot, sometimes referred to as Follower Bot, represents an automated software that attempts to simulate human activity in social communication on Twitch. Sophisticated pieces of software like this employ a wide assortment of interaction possibilities, ranging from unique messages to comments and even emotes.

In other words, Twitch bot replaces a human, while interacting on a grand scale with potential followers and content, both yours and those of other Twitch streamers.

A variant of Twitch Bot called Viewer Bot automates viewing in order to make the user seem more popular or get more Twitch bits out of Twitch ads. Essentially, yet another automation attempt at simulating human activity.

The strategy behind mass activity aims for increasing the engagement rate of your content. How many users respond to something that can be perceived (but doesn’t have to be) as spam? Let’s say one in twenty, even one in fifty.

That’s an abysmally low rate of return (2%), but Twitch bots can instantaneously interact with thousands of users! The end result is ideally a dozen of new followers with zero effort invested from the Twitch user who employs them.

Do they really work? Sometimes, perhaps… But:


Users can see through the facade and recognize a bot miles away most of the time. This can seriously damage your reputation, but no harm done in looking unscrupulous, right?

Well, no. Twitch policy makes bots strictly illegal, and they issue penalties on those who use them, going as far as perma banning their accounts. This way, not only do they lose the gains obtained via bots, but they also become stripped of those followers who they’ve worked hard to obtain “manually”.

If you still press on with using Twitch bots, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Buying Twitch Followers: Growth Services or Inflated Numbers?

Twitch Followers

Outright buying Twitch followers: it must seem ridiculous, especially considering the previous couple of paragraphs. However, read on for an intriguing surprise.

First of all, you aren’t buying all your followers. You’re buying a selected package of followers in order to look like a seasoned streamer instead of a newbie, and another thing. When you succeed in getting a bunch of followers fast, you attract the attention of the Twitch algorithm. Is this good or bad?

It’s quite good actually. Since “buying” real people isn’t conflicting with Twitch terms of use, you’re completely safe. As the algorithm goes over your profile and picks up the info about increased growth, it deduces that your content merited that surge of popularity and goes lengths to promote you even more.

This creates the much-desired snowballing growth effect where you can quite literally wake up to popularity.

So yeah, it does sound amazing, right?

The trick is to carefully choose who you’re buying followers from. A multitude of sites employ so-called “account farms” where they’ll get a bunch of fake profiles that are obviously, well, fake.

However, the top services in this industry ensure that they enlist the service of real people from their well-established networks.


Take for example UseViral. Spending years to form a network of partners, users, and affiliates across all the major social media, they have access to people who will go lengths not only to follow you but to engage with your content and promote you even further.

UseViral has established such a reputation and are so sure of their services that they guarantee safety and provide total refunds in cases of unmet expectations.

Go with trusted services and buying followers can indeed be a valid strategy for exponential growth!

Going Natural: Tips, Hacks, Hardships

The last and the most common way of obtaining followers is relying on your own efforts. It can be hard, we know this. Untold hordes of streamers have tried to break through and failed. It requires full-time job worth of time investments that people who are looking for quick success simply aren’t willing to commit to.

So, what can you do to get them followers?

  • First of all, lose the mindset. If you aim for a Twitch career, you’re not supposed to chase the numbers but focus on the content. Quality content will be the magnet you’re looking for. 
  • Streamline your schedule, commit to your work. Stable streams attract more followers.
  • Find your own niche. Do something no one has done before. Be better than everyone else in that one thing that you can call your own.
  • Consider presenting yourself as a unique persona. Wear a costume, invent an alter-ego, just do something that will turn you from a nondescript streamer to your own brand.
  • Show appreciation for your community. Call them out, include them in your content, engage with them… People love when they are being given attention, and be sure that they’ll return the favor.

The list goes on, but there’s no set of rules carved in stone for instant Twitch success. Twitch is a fluid platform and what’s been doing the job a month ago can already be a cliche. One thing remains in all cases, though: you have to love what you do. Radiate love for gaming and streaming, and you’ll be there in no time.

Written by Jason Wise

Hi! I’m Jason. I tend to gravitate towards business and technology topics, with a deep interest in social media, privacy and crypto. I enjoy testing and reviewing products, so you’ll see a lot of that by me here on EarthWeb.