Geonode Residential Proxies Review – Do They Work?

Geonode Review 2024: Residential Proxies That Work?

Published on: April 7, 2023
Last Updated: April 7, 2023

Geonode Review 2024: Residential Proxies That Work?

Published on: April 7, 2023
Last Updated: April 7, 2023


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Geonode Review

The internet is a free resource meant for everyone to consume however they wish. And part of being able to do that has to do with proxies.  

Proxies work by hiding your IP address, tricking the target website into thinking you’re someone you’re not.

And one such proxy, Geonode, piqued my interest. Geonode provides wide coverage and unlimited bandwidth, all under a manageable budget.  

But those aren’t the only features Geonode offers. In this Geonode review, I’ll be taking a deeper dive into what Geonode has to offer, and the various case uses where this proxy service excels.  

Geonode Residential Proxies – An Overview 

image 107

Geonode’s Residential Proxies is one of the most affordable proxy networks out there. It hosts over 2 million unique IP addresses in over 140 different countries.

This gives you liberty over who you appear as online and what information you’re given access to.  

Geonode has 4 networks that provide access to 9 types of IPs. A central API point lets you access all the proxies in one place and switch between them easily.  

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And that’s not all. Geonode’s pricing starts low, and I mean very low.

And it features unlimited bandwidth in addition to the ability to whitelist IPs, features not seen on competing proxies. Unlimited bandwidth gives you freedom of connectivity speed.  

Pair that with the support for HTTPS and SOCKS5, and you have a versatile IP fit for most use cases. To be more specific, Geonode is the perfect option for web scraping, best used by e-commerce sites and travel agencies.

With their multiple proxies spread across 140 countries, you’ll look like a regular customer to competing websites.  

Proxy Features 

image 106

Geonode’s Residential Proxy is one of the best for use in homes and offices.

This proxy service uses the HTTP(S) or SOCKS5 protocol, a unique way of adding security and trust. The SOCKS5 protocol is of particular interest here.  

You see, HTTP and HTTPS proxies only work with HTTP or HTTPS websites.

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While this does ensure faster connection speed, it leaves you in this bubble where you can only access those web pages. With a SOCKS5 protocol, however, the proxy can handle all traffic, HTTP or not.  

Another exciting feature of the Geonode proxy is authentication. When you sign in to a new IP address, you’ll be required to enter a username and password.

This keeps your data safe from hackers and from people trying to access your proxy.  

This enables another feature not common in proxies whitelisting. Whitelisting means you’re saving certain IP addresses as trusted.

Meaning the next time you log into the IP address, you won’t need to enter your credentials again.  

And that’s not where it ends.

Geonode allows you to host multiple IPs on your computer simultaneously, so that Geonode can act as a “sneaker proxy“. This is often used when trying to buy multiple limited-edition shoes.

Most websites will limit the number of items that a single IP address can buy. By switching to a different IP, you get to buy more items without worrying about IP blocking.  

Pool of Proxies and Locations 

image 105

Geonode is very transparent about its pool of proxies and IP addresses, as well as their exact locations. As of now, Geonode hosts over 2 million proxies in over 140+ locations.

For a first-timer, that number may seem high. But long-time proxy veterans know it’s not a lot.  

But remember that this proxy is for residential purposes. And while it doesn’t have as many proxies as other services, its pool of locations is diverse.

Their official website has this comprehensive animation of all the locations they support. And sure enough, every continent is covered.  


Geonode offers its services for a range of different uses, including, but not limited to:

Web Data Extraction 

image 104

If you’ve ever been at the backend of a website for a company, you’d know how competitive the site needs to be.

On the internet, only the strongest and most competitive websites can survive. That’s why so many companies are turning towards data scraping to stay in action.  

Data scraping is when you try to capture critical data from other websites that will help you outperform. Since many companies will prevent you from doing so, a proxy like Geonode is necessary.  

Geonode offers you many choices when it comes to data extraction. Their unique network infrastructure and dynamic load residential proxies keep you anonymous. 

To the other website, your IP looks pretty much like any other customer. This enables you to capture the relevant information you need and boost your search engine ranking.  

Price Comparison 

image 103

When everyone’s looking for the cheaper option, websites need to constantly stay ahead in the game in this day and age.

One way of doing this is to assess and compare your prices with the prices of competitors and offer better options.  

The problem is, many websites will purposely lead you down the wrong rabbit hole. And you end up with inaccurate information.

Remember, you don’t just want to know the upfront pricing but hidden charges and how time changes. 

And that’s where Geonode comes in. With a residential proxy, you’re not limited by any protection the competitor has.

And, although you look like any ordinary customer, you can extract lots of data in one go from the pages.  

Additionally, with Geonode, you can access the exchange market quotes and financial data from various domains.  


image 102

For e-commerce websites, everything is a competition. So, even simple information like customer preferences can be vital for competing websites.

And as such, being able to tap into that information is like getting a sneak peek at your opponent’s deck of cards.  

Other e-commerce sites prevent too many requests from the same IP address. But with Geonode, you can rotate your IP address across 140 different countries.

This means that you appear like any other customer on the website. On second thought, you look like multiple customers doing their research.  

Of course, at the backend, it’s all you, gathering the critical information you need. With this data, you can manufacture products that are targeted towards specific customers. Ultimately, you’ll be driving traffic from your competitor’s site to your own.

Brand Protection 

image 101

Copyrights are a significant issue in this digital age. Piracy and theft are not uncommon, with so many low-end businesses straight-up ripping their content off other companies.  

But with Geonode Residential Proxies, you’re able to track down instances of piracy. By targeting your IP in a specific location, you can hunt down pirated content while surfing the internet like a normal user. 

Brand protection is a serious problem for companies. When other people steal your ideas, they’re essentially getting the easy way out on something you took years to develop.

With Geonode’s proxy services, you can easily and safely find any pirated content and flag it.  

Ad Verification 

image 100

Ad verification allows publishers to ensure that their ads are being shown in the right context, right place, and to the right people.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your ad being used in the wrong context or placed next to an inappropriate image, would you? 

With the help of ad verification, you can make sure your ads are not being compromised. And that the ads are being shown on the website as contracted.  

The problem with doing this manually is that most fraudsters would know the times you access the website.

And as such, they might try to manipulate the information to make you think that your ads are in safe hands.  

But with Geonode, you can take the guise of a regular customer. In this way, you can see how your ad is being presented and next to what content.  

Travel Fare Aggregation 

image 99

Perhaps no company benefits more from web scraping than online travel agencies and hotels. Travel agencies are always on the lookout for websites that offer lower prices.

As people seek cheaper and cheaper options, a travel agency must stay vigilant and up-to-date with market prices.  

But scraping data from these websites is not easy. They know who their competitors are and will often feed false pricing information. This is a huge obstacle in the way for any agency looking to beat the market and stay on top.  

So, where do Geonode Residential Proxies come into play here? Simple. With Geonode’s proxy IP addresses, you look like any ordinary user on the competitor’s website.

This gives you full access to vital information that would otherwise not be available to other companies.  

Top-Rated Proxy Providers

These proxies providers have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the proxies.

These are by far the best proxy providers on the market today.

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Benefits of Geonode Residential Proxies 

Geonode Residential Proxies have a lot to offer, no doubt. But what can these features do for you? Here are 8 reasons to use Geonode Residential Proxies 

Affordable Pricing 

image 98
image 97
image 96
image 95

Arguably the biggest obstacle in the way for most businesses and individuals is pricing. No one likes to pay a large sum for any service, even for a proxy. And that’s why Geonode provides its services at budget-friendly rates. 

The pricing for the most basic Geonode subscription is a mere $47. In comparison, other proxy services can charge up to a minimum of $300 for their services.

Of course, given, Geonode has a narrower IP pool. But there are other benefits that regular proxies don’t offer.  

One of the most significant benefits is unlimited bandwidth. This feature is discussed in more detail later on.

But in simpler terms, it means that a data cap does not limit you. Bandwidth limitations are common for some higher-end proxies. 

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A Variety Of Locations To Choose From 

image 94

If you’re constantly facing issues connecting to a website due to location blocking, then Geonode will undoubtedly surprise you.

It offers over 2 million proxies in 140 different countries. That means you get a wider range of options to choose from.  

Now, comparatively, the pool of IPs is a lot smaller than its competitor services. And all of the proxies won’t be online at the same time.

Considering this, you may be led into thinking that the service isn’t suitable for you. But consider the price point as well. At $47, you get access to over 2 million proxies.  

And that’s not all. 

Geonode’s proxy covers 140 different countries. And each country has a set number of IPs available.

Of course, significant countries like the USA and Russia have a wider pool of IPs. But other countries have a decent number of IPs available too.  

Whitelisting Option Available 

Here’s one feature you don’t see on other IPs, even the ones that cost more. Most proxies require authentication via username and password. However, with Geonode proxy, you get to bypass all that by whitelisting the IP address.  

A whitelisted IP means that you don’t have to keep logging into the IP address over and over again.

Instead, enter the credentials once, and your computer will remember the IP address. This cuts downtime wasted on logging into your proxy.  

To add to that, Geonode allows you to whitelist up to 20 IP addresses simultaneously. This means that you can use the addresses at different locations without having to log in every time.  

Unlimited Bandwidth 

One of the main highlights of Geonode Residential Proxies is the unlimited bandwidth. Typically, ISPs tend to put a bandwidth limit on your connection. This prevents you from overloading the servers and getting overcharged.  

But since Goeonode has no limit on its bandwidth, you’re not bound by those restrictions. Higher bandwidth means faster downloading and uploading speeds.

And all of this comes at the same fixed price. So in a way, you spend half the budget with twice the benefits.  

Supports Rotating and Static IPs 

Geonode, much like other competing proxies, supports rotating IP addresses. If you don’t know, a rotating IP address changes with the time and availability of the address. This has some benefits since many websites tend to bar multiple requests from the same IP address.  

However, that’s not what intrigues us here. No, it’s the support for static IPs. Static IPs stay the same throughout your use. These are rarer to find on proxies, but sure enough, Geonode supports them.  

This proxy service offers static ports, which retain their IP address for quite some time. This is beneficial if you want to retain your session for a given amount of time. However, keep in mind that there’s a time limit on how long the IP address can stay static.  

With Geonode, you get to choose from a range of periods, from 5 to 60 minutes. However, the proxy doesn’t stay static for longer because, at any given time, only about 500,000 proxies are available.

And these are being used by other users as well. It is in this scenario that a wider proxy pool would’ve been beneficial.  

But static IP support is still a great feature, seeing as many proxies do not have it.  

Customer-Friendly Refund Policy 

image 93

When it comes to pricing, not only does Goeonode provide more wallet-friendly options, but it has a reliable free trial policy too.

Geonode offers its services for free for up to 7 days. However, the services are not truly free. You’re still required to pay $1, a fee that cannot be refunded. But this is to make sure you don’t abuse the system to get multiple free trials.  

If you do want a refund, however, you can always look at their refund policy. They offer a refund to users who have not used the service before and whose first experience was less than satisfactory.

This ultimately bars long-time users from getting refunded. But the consideration to first-timers is a bonus.  

High Anonymity 

Tired of proxies that leak your information? Then you can trust Geonode. Geonode is very strict on what information it lets out about its users. With Geonode, you can be sure that you’ll truly stay anonymous on the internet.  

Of course, Geonode Residential Proxies are not VPNs. That means that your connection is never encrypted.

But Geonode’s servers do their best to keep your IP address as anonymous as possible. This, paired with the rotating IP address feature, means no one knows who’s visiting their websites.  

Simple User Interface 

image 93

If there’s anything I hate about proxies, it’s the lack of consideration towards the user interface. Most proxies I’ve used assume the customer has the same technical expertise as them.

But that’s not true. Most customers who use proxies hardly know all the technical terms or navigate the complicated UI.  

And that’s why Geonode tops the rest. It has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use your proxy.

The website features animations and easy-to-grasp features that anyone can understand. It does use some technical terms that it doesn’t explain. But the overall experience is more or less intuitive.  

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Review Verdict  

Geonode is a highly comprehensive yet budget-friendly proxy for companies and laymen. The proxy offers over 2 million different IP addresses across 140 countries, providing you true anonymity on the web.  

With Geonode, you can gain access to crucial information that other websites may hide from you.

The proxy can also be used to access restricted content that is geo-locked and not available in your region. Geonode is great for companies that want to get an effective proxy without the additional costs.  

Review Summary

Geonode Review

In this Geonode Review, I'll be taking a deeper dive into what Geonode has to offer, and the various case uses where this proxy service excels.  

Price: 47

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Privacy

Editor's Rating:


  • 2 million IP addresses
  • Proxies in over 140 countries


  • On the expensive side
  • No free trials available

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