Gadgets That Can Help Secure Your Home While You are Away

Last Updated: April 26, 2022
While there is little you can do to stop a determined person from entering your home while you are away, there are gadgets you can use to scare them off or catch them in the act.
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Most homes are broken into if an intruder thinks no one is at home and no one is watching them. When you are out in the summer or visiting family over the holidays you might come home to find it broken into and your valuables stolen. While there is little you can do to stop a determined person from entering your home, there are gadgets you can use to scare them off or catch them in the act so you can give the police some evidence to work with.

Entryway Cameras

Everyone who enters your home through the front door has to go through your entryway. There are tiny cameras that are made to just sit on tables close to entryways to capture the faces of everyone who enters the home. These cameras are great for telling you if the kids have come home from school or whether an intruder is in your home.

These tiny cameras can also be placed around your home to let you know if a window is open or whether someone is walking around inside your home. And they can be equipped with motion detectors so that you receive a message or an alarm sounds whenever someone enters your home without you being aware of it. 

Blindspot Cameras

While some burglars will walk through the front door, many of them look for blind spots and then break the closest window or door. Blindspot cameras are made to be small enough that an intruder would not notice them.


You place these cameras outside your home where there is likely to be a blindspot. These cameras shoot high-definition video and many of them also come with infrared vision, so you can spot intruders during the night.

Smart Home Monitoring Cameras

Another class of monitoring gadget you should install is smart cameras. These cameras connect to a Wi-Fi network to allow you to monitor your home through any of your devices regardless of where you are. Some benefits of the top smart home security cameras include alerting you if someone is in your home, allowing you to speak to any intruder, and saving you money.

If you do not have a Wi-Fi network available, do not worry. These are systems that can work even without them. This is because they create their own wireless networks and they can connect to a central system that would store videos. Usually, central systems are locked somewhere that burglars or people in general cannot get to. With modern systems, cloud storage is used, but for this, internet connections are needed. 

Doorbell Lights

Some burglars will knock on your door or even ring the bell to see if anyone is home before breaking in. Doorbell lights ensure you can scare off these bad guts without being home. These cameras turn on a porch light when anyone knocks on your door or rings your bell. This can make it seem like you are at home thereby scaring off the bad guys.

Some of them are even connected to cameras so you can catch the faces of anyone who knocks or rings your bell. Their simple presence can sometimes be enough to avoid having to deal with literally anyone who would be a problem for you. Experienced burglars would instantly identify them and they would not even consider stealing from you. 

Motion Sensor Home Surveillance Systems

You might not be comfortable having cameras pointed in all directions in your home. The best option for you is to have cameras come on in rooms where you do not expect anyone to be. Motion sensor home surveillance systems do this and much more. In addition to getting the cameras rolling, they also turn on the lights and send you an alert, which can come in handy when you are away from home.

camera 1

Motion sensors can also be connected to your outdoor lights. This can be a very good way to deter burglars from targeting your home. Basically, when motion is detected, lights will turn on. Burglars will not want to target the property as they can be seen by others and when lights turn on, there is always a possibility that someone is home. 


If you are not using technology to secure your home, you are putting yourself and your home in danger. Many of these security options are inexpensive and easy to install, plus they give you peace of mind when you are away. Discuss your options with a specialist if you do not know what to choose. 

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Written by Allison Langstone

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