FrootVPN Review

FrootVPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: October 29, 2022
Last Updated: October 29, 2022

FrootVPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: October 29, 2022
Last Updated: October 29, 2022


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FrootVPN Review 2024: Summary

Your device will be protected from malware, but your online activity will still be vulnerable to snoops and advertising.

You should utilize a VPN, such as FrootVPN, to protect yourself from those dangers.

While this service is cheap and supports BitTorrent transmission, it is so complicated that only Windows specialists should attempt to use it. 

More so, it doesn’t provide much in the form of servers or functionality. Think about using NordVPN if you want a more feature-packed and intuitive service.

In this FrootVPN review, we will examine the service’s efficacy in light of a range of user-carefully chosen criteria.

  • Very secure data storage practices
  • Compatibility with Netflix
  • Among its features is a safety shutoff.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Supports Linux and most routers
  • There is only a dedicated Windows app available
  • Only Netflix US was compatible
  • The site has no useful information
  • There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles
  • Provides support for obsolete and insecure virtual private network protocols
  • Backs WireGuard but doesn’t push it in any way
  • Setup is hard and unclear due to the lack of native apps

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FrootVPN Review 2024: Summary


Frootvpn At A Glance

Swedish VPN service FrootVPN appears to give adequate protection at an affordable price.

For example, there are a respectable 43 P2P-friendly locales across the network, with some of the more uncommon ones being Brazil, China, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Russia was included in our previous check, but not this time. There is support for P2P in every location.

FrootVPN only provides a Windows client; no Mac, iOS, or Android apps are available.

However, the service supports Linux, Chromebooks, routers, and more and allows for up to five simultaneous connections.

According to the FrootVPN website, users can “freely visit services such as Netflix, Pandora Radio, Spotify, Hulu, and many more.”

Although we know better than to take such promises at face value (bypassing geo-blocking is tricky, and even the strongest VPNs may experience periodic outages), it’s disappointing to see service providers make such a bold claim.

User Interface And Experience

There are serious issues with the interface. Functionality and client behavior-related elements are severely lacking.

The VPN client can be configured to launch automatically with the operating system and reconnect to the VPN in case of a connection loss.

No more connectivity-related features are offered.

Only the kill switch’s configurable settings provide the user any say in the matter of security.

Several options are available for the client’s language, including English, German, Russian, Swedish, French, and Spanish.

This makes it much simpler for the user to get started with the VPN client and learn how it works.

The live chat would enhance the user experience overall if it were more reliable. Speed over the current rate requires upgrading the servers.

In addition, the user should be able to sort and filter servers before making a choice.

Ease Of Use Of FrootVPN

This VPN has a straightforward layout. Utilizing the services, turning on and off security features, and managing IP addresses are all straightforward once the software has been downloaded and installed.

The company claims that this comprehensive service is a great alternative for home users who want to increase their security or access information restricted in their region.

It supports various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Using this VPN not only ensures a secure connection and also does not provide a significant boost in browsing speed across both public and domestic networks, all at a competitive pricing point.

Finally, remember that you have an extensive Frequently Asked Questions area and the connection channels to make any issue you may have.


In terms of download and upload speeds, tests showed that FrootVPN did not provide a satisfactory experience.

FrootVPN boasts that its servers are linked to a multiple 10Gbit/s backbone network, making “fast speeds” one of the service’s primary advantages.

Our tests indicated that its transfer rates were not comparable to those of its main rivals. 

While connected, we could not use the built-in speed tester that FrootVPN advertises.

After connecting via several countries, we achieved an average of about 5 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up on a 10 Mbps symmetrical connection.

We measured the slowest speed at 3 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up when connecting to a server in Russia. 

The speeds provided by FrootVPN are sufficient for regular online browsing, HD streaming, and file downloading.

FrootVPN supports the third-party WireGuard tunnel client if you’d want to attempt increasing your connection speeds.

Server Network

FrootVPN Server Network

Some of FrootVPN’s drawbacks will now be discussed. Unfortunately, the available number of servers is somewhat meager.

Across 35 countries, FrootVPN operates 47 server locations. As described as a premium VPN service, they cover most of the world’s most significant destinations, such as:

The difficulty is that this is an extremely small number of servers for a VPN.

You probably don’t require a server in Uzbekistan to stream Netflix, but there are plenty of other uses for a distributed server farm.

When choosing a VPN service, they must have a wide variety of servers available since this indicates that they’ve spent time and resources developing a robust network.

And unfortunately, We have to say that when it comes to this particular aspect, FrootVPN receives some negative points.


FrootVPN does not hide the fact that users can use their servers for BitTorrenting. It even provides advice on how to stay safe while using it.

For this reason, and because FrootVPN also:

  • Not keeping records,
  • Has a kill switch,
  • Uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256, the de facto standard for protecting classified information in the United States.
  • Make it an excellent option for downloading torrents and running KODI.

But before you start utilizing FrootVPN, read the disadvantages section to find out about the provider’s speed.

Netflix Support

On the first try, we were unable to access Netflix.   However, our connection was fast, so We could not only see it in the highest quality.

Using the VPNs we’ve reviewed below, you can bypass Netflix region locks and enjoy uninterrupted streaming at the highest possible quality.

Streaming and Gaming

FrootVPN Streaming

FrootVPN has had a hit-or-miss history regarding how well it handles streaming. The good news is that it can bypass Netflix region locks.

Other major streaming services, like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, remained blocked. So, if you’re not a fan of Netflix, you probably won’t enjoy using FrootVPN.

The performance of video games also vastly improved.

You may play your preferred online or multiplayer video games without interruptions, thanks to the stable and quick connection provided by FrootVPN.

FrootVPN Compatible Devices

While this FrootVPN review was being written, the only operating systems that FrootVPN supported were Windows, Linux desktop, and OS X.

For mobile use of the FrootVPN service, meanwhile, an iOS or Android-compatible device is all that’s required.

FrootVPN is not compatible with Windows Phones, so please be aware of this.

In contrast to many other top-tier VPN companies, FrootVPN does not offer its native client, as was discussed previously in the study.

We are afraid you’re reading that correctly. There isn’t a local client.

Accessing FrootVPN’s services requires first visiting the company’s website (which, on a slightly different note, is quite well-designed) and then entering the required information into a local VPN client.

In addition, FrootVPN’s configuration options allow you to integrate the VPN service into the system preferences.

Kill Switch

When a system loses Internet connectivity and subsequently reconnects, it uses the ISP-issued public IP address.

A user’s activities can be easily monitored, and the client will be momentarily exposed.

A Kill Switch will immediately disconnect the user from the Internet when a VPN connection is lost.

While using BitTorrent or another torrent downloading/file-sharing program or relying on a VPN to keep your location and browser history private, a Kill Switch is an absolute must.

Multiple Device Usage

The company claims that with the FrootVPN package, you can connect up to five devices at once, perfect for the modern trend of multitasking.

Setting up your office router with FrootVPN will allow all of your devices to access the network securely and privately.

With just one FrootVPN account, you may connect several devices, including your laptop and mobile.

Supports Multiple Protocols

There are a variety of VPN protocols available, in case you were unaware. Users should choose one that best suits their needs.

Some of them have good safety measures but are slow. On the other hand, some move quickly but are risky. So, pick one that strikes a good mix between quickness and security.

PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN are the most widely used protocols for virtual private networks.

Indeed, they are the three protocols that FrootVPN supports. Having a brief introduction to each of these Virtual Private Network technologies.


Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, or PPTP for short, was created by a Microsoft-controlled collaboration. Windows 95 has been a staple of the operating system.

If you’re using Windows, you won’t have to do much extra to take advantage of this protocol. PPTP works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

NSA is eager to track down traffic utilizing this protocol despite its speed. Security is at risk.


Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, or L2TP, is the name for this technology. Unfortunately, there is no encryption provided by using only L2TP.

To the same end, it is often combined with IPSec. To do this, L2TP establishes a secure channel between two endpoints that use the same tunneling protocol. 

Edward Snowden’s leaks suggested that the NSA had compromised L2TP.

Therefore, it cannot be considered the most secure current protocol. While it’s slower than PPTP, it outpaces OpenVPN in speed.


OpenVPN is a newer VPN protocol. Simply said, it is a VPN protocol you can utilize and alter as you see fit because it is open source.

OpenVPN is based on the SSL and TLS security protocols. The information is encrypted using a variety of cryptographic techniques. 

The OpenVPN protocol is currently the most secure option. The use of a third-party client is required for this, though.

Privacy And Security

FrootVPN Privacy And Security

The company claims that FrootVPN includes all the top security features available today. They’re compatible with OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP.

In particular, OpenVPN connections support IPv6.

The user’s data is protected with Perfect Forward Secrecy-based 2048-bit cryptography, a PGP Key is accessible, and TLS 1.1 and higher are supported. 

Your speed, IP address, system logs, DNS queries, and transaction logs are protected because the provider does not keep these records.

Your username and email address are required. The one thing that makes me uncomfortable is that if your login is your email address, then that’s the one you’ll use to access the VPN on all your devices.

If you’re using a VPN, it’s best practice to provide each user a unique username and password for the VPN, separate from any usernames and passwords they could use to access the members-only section of the site.

FrootVPN does a great job writing plain-English terms of service, privacy policies, and legal statements. Documents are brief and get down to business. 

Swedish law prohibits prepaid flat-rate service providers from data retention requirements.

FrootVPN can only provide a user’s username, email address, and subscription expiration date to law enforcement upon request.

In addition, they have a page where you may “canary” for warrants. FrootVPN’s no-logs policy and bulletproof security have won many customers over completely.

Does Frootvpn Support Split Tunneling?

As of this writing, split tunneling is not supported by FrootVPN. The use of split tunneling is rapidly becoming standard in the business VPN industry.

Split tunneling lets you control whether your data is left via the VPN or through your ISP.

So, you may use the VPN only for your P2P traffic while still using your regular ISP for everything else. 

You may, alternatively, route only your streaming traffic over the VPN and all other traffic through your ordinary ISP. Or any situation that falls somewhere in the middle.

Split tunneling is an extremely adaptable method used in various contexts. In the future, we’d like to see split tunneling capabilities added to FrootVPN.

Pricing and Plans

FrootVPN Pricing

To suggest that FrootVPN’s price is simple would be an underestimate. There’s just one plan, and the cost depends on how long you sign up for.

The price of FrootVPN is $4.99 per month or $3.99 for three months ($11.97 total). A yearly subscription costs $35.88 ($2.99 x 12 months).

This article examines the features and pricing of FrootVPN.

In our FrootVPN review, we mentioned that the service is competitively priced among VPNs; indeed, it’s likely that you won’t find a free VPN that offers more features.

FrootVPN’s lack of automatic renewal is another welcome feature, as it may be annoying when not turned off.

If you sign up with FrootVPN and aren’t happy with the service, you can get your money back within 30 days.

All common credit cards and PayPal are accepted here at FrootVPN. BitPay also accepts Bitcoin as payment, providing users an extra layer of privacy while making purchases.

Customer Support

A wide range of resources is available on the site to assist you in setting up your software and handling typical problems.

In addition, there is a short yet helpful Frequently Asked Questions segment. The website features a live chat and a contact form for communicating with the service team. 

The live chat service wasn’t helpful, and we didn’t receive prompt kind responses.

Some former customers complained that FrootVPN did not respond to their inquiries or that refunds took too long to be issued.

It appears, however, that they have considered this and are trying to provide dependable and timely service.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;

Review Verdict

This FrootVPNVPN review provided useful information about the service, from its basic features and an installation guide to its potential drawbacks.

In general, We would not suggest using FrootVPN.

Unfortunately, FrootVPN doesn’t come with a lot of other features. It takes a long time to download anything and even longer to upload.

We only recommend NordVPN as a top-notch VPN service. 

NordVPN is an excellent VPN provider because of its user-friendly interface and very easy feature set.

The advantages enjoyed by Nord VPN users include lightning-fast connections, unbreakable security, and a zero-logging policy. As a solution, we advise using NordVPN. 

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As a result of its many satisfied clients, NordVPN has quickly become the market leader among VPN providers.

Users have praised the platform for its convenient features, fast transfer speeds, online security precautions, online streaming, alternatives to torrent sites, and user-friendly web browsing.

FrootVPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam? - EarthWeb

In this FrootVPN review, we will examine the service's efficacy in light of a range of user-carefully chosen criteria.

Price: $9.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Application Category: VPN

Editor's Rating:


  • Very secure data storage practices
  • Compatibility with Netflix
  • Among its features is a safety shutoff.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Supports Linux and most routers


  • There is only a dedicated Windows app available
  • Only Netflix US was compatible
  • The site has no useful information
  • There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles
  • Provides support for obsolete and insecure virtual private network protocols
  • Backs WireGuard but doesn’t push it in any way
  • Setup is hard and unclear due to the lack of native apps

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