Best NFL Streaming Sites to Watch Free NFL Live Streams

20 FREE NFL Streaming Sites to Watch Live Streams Online in 2024

Published on: November 25, 2023
Last Updated: November 25, 2023

20 FREE NFL Streaming Sites to Watch Live Streams Online in 2024

Published on: November 25, 2023
Last Updated: November 25, 2023

Sports enthusiasts no longer rely solely on cable TV to catch live NFL action.

With the proliferation of online streaming platforms, fans can now access free NFL live streams from the comfort of their devices. 

In this guide, we will cover the 20 best free NFL streaming sites to watch live streams online and their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

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20 Free NFL Streaming Sites in 2024

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1. NFLbite 


When discussing dependable NFL streaming options, one platform that has garnered significant popularity among football enthusiasts is NFLbite. 

This well-regarded website has earned a strong following due to its exceptional features and offerings, which make it a top choice for fans seeking reliable access to NFL games.

NFLbite is lauded for its user-friendly interface, designed with simplicity and convenience.

Navigating the site is a seamless experience, allowing users to find and access their favorite NFL games without unnecessary complications. 


  • Reliable streaming quality, a user-friendly interface, and multiple streaming links are available.


  • Occasional pop-up ads.

2. Fox Sports Go


Regarding accessing official NFL coverage, Fox Sports Go is the primary destination for enthusiastic football fans. 

This platform has earned its reputation by providing a comprehensive and high-quality streaming service that allows viewers to experience the NFL’s excitement in crystal-clear resolution.

Fox Sports Go ensures viewers can indulge in their favorite NFL games without compromising visual quality. 

The platform’s commitment to delivering high-definition streams guarantees that fans won’t miss any thrilling moments or intricate details of the game. 


  • Official Fox Sports coverage, high-quality streams, compatible with various devices.


  • Requires cable/satellite subscription for full access.

3. Stream2Watch 


Stream2Watch is a popular online platform that caters to sports enthusiasts by providing a diverse array of sports channels, giving users access to live NFL streams, among other sports events such as the UFC

The platform’s strength lies in its comprehensive coverage, offering a wide selection of streaming sources for each NFL game. 

This allows users to choose the best streaming option with their preferences and internet connectivity.

By providing multiple streaming sources, Stream2Watch ensures that users have alternatives, reducing the likelihood of experiencing buffering or other streaming issues during important games. 


  • Wide range of sports channels and multiple streaming sources.


  • Ad-heavy interface, some links may not work.

4. Fromhot


Fromhot is a user-friendly online platform that offers a convenient and hassle-free NFL streaming experience through its easy-to-navigate interface. 

Designed to cater to sports enthusiasts, the website provides live scores and encompasses a wide range of sports, with NFL coverage being one of its prominent features.

The platform’s simplicity and straightforwardness make it an attractive choice for users seeking quick access to live NFL streams. 

Upon visiting the website, viewers can easily find the relevant section for NFL content and swiftly locate the game they wish to watch. 


  • The simple interface offers live scores and various sports streams available.


  • Limited NFL-specific coverage and ad interruptions.

5. CBS Sports


CBS Sports is an official broadcaster, guaranteeing sports enthusiasts a dependable, high-quality streaming experience for NFL games. 

Their status as an authorized broadcaster instills confidence in viewers, assuring them they can rely on the platform to deliver live NFL action without significant interruptions or technical issues.

Beyond its NFL coverage, CBS Sports also offers a diverse selection of additional sports content, making it an inclusive platform that caters to a wide range of sports enthusiasts. 


  • Official CBS Sports coverage, reliable streaming, and additional sports content.


  • Limited regional coverage may require sign-in.

6. Live TV


Live TV boasts an impressive and comprehensive collection of sports channels that caters to a vast array of sporting events, with a notable inclusion of live NFL games and boxing

As a go-to platform for sports enthusiasts, Live TV ensures viewers can access a diverse range of sports content, making it an attractive destination for fans of various athletic disciplines.

One of the standout features of Live TV is its provision of multiple streaming links for each NFL match.

This strategic approach allows users to choose from various streaming sources, granting them the flexibility to switch to an alternative link if they encounter any issues with the initial one. 


  • Extensive sports channel lineup and multiple streaming links for NFL games.


  • Pop-up ads and redirects, inconsistent streaming quality.

7. NFL Reddit Streams 

NFL Reddit Streams 

NFL Reddit Streams is a community-driven platform that has gained popularity among football fans for its user-generated content. 

Here, avid enthusiasts willingly share links to live NFL games, creating a vibrant and interactive space for fans to connect and enjoy their favorite sport. 

This community-driven approach fosters a sense of camaraderie among users, allowing them to partake in the excitement of live NFL action collectively.

One of the most attractive aspects of NFL Reddit Streams is that it provides free access to NFL games. 


  • Community-driven streams, free access, and various streaming options.


  • Unreliable links at times, potential copyright issues.



ESPN, a well-established sports network, has earned a reputation for its extensive and in-depth coverage of various sports, including the NFL. 

As an official broadcaster, ESPN ensures a high-quality streaming experience for football enthusiasts, delivering live NFL games with excellent video and audio clarity.

One of the standout features of ESPN is its user-friendly interface, which makes navigating the platform a breeze for viewers of all levels of tech-savviness. 


  • The well-established sports network, high-quality streams, and mobile app are available.


  • Requires cable/satellite subscription for full access.

9. Hotstar

Hotstar 355

Hotstar is a dependable streaming platform for international fans seeking NFL coverage. 

As a well-established service, Hotstar caters to a global audience, allowing football enthusiasts from various countries to enjoy the excitement of live NFL games and related content.

One of the critical highlights of Hotstar is its commitment to providing high-definition streams.

By offering top-notch video and audio quality, the platform ensures that viewers can immerse themselves in the thrilling NFL action as if they were watching the games on traditional television. 


  • Offers international NFL coverage and high-definition streams.


  • Geographical restrictions may apply.

10. SportLemonTV


SportLemonTV is a feature-rich platform that caters to sports enthusiasts with an extensive selection of sports streams, and NFL games are among its notable offerings. 

This wide array of sports content caters to a diverse audience, allowing fans worldwide to access their favorite sports events conveniently in one place.

One of the standout features of SportLemonTV is its commitment to inclusivity, offering multiple language options for its content. 

This aspect of the platform makes it more accessible to a global audience, transcending language barriers and enabling sports fans from various countries to enjoy their favorite games in their native languages. 


  • Wide range of sports streams and multiple language options.


  • Advertisements can be intrusive.

11. VIP League


VIP League is a prominent online platform that offers a wealth of free streaming options for sports enthusiasts, encompassing a wide range of athletic events, including exciting NFL games. 

What sets VIP League apart from other streaming sites is its user-friendly approach – viewers can dive straight into the action without registering or cumbersome sign-up processes. 

This simplicity ensures quick and hassle-free access to live NFL streams, making it a convenient choice for fans eager to catch their favorite teams in action.

The platform’s commitment to providing free NFL coverage makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious viewers who prefer not to pay for expensive subscription services or cable packages. 


  • Free streaming for various sports, no registration required.


  • Limited NFL coverage and occasional buffering issues.

12. VIP Box


VIP Box is a user-friendly platform that prides itself on its simple interface, making it easy for sports enthusiasts to navigate and access their favorite NFL games hassle-free. 

What sets VIP Box apart is its commitment to providing multiple streaming links for each NFL match, offering viewers flexibility in choosing their preferred stream. 

This strategic approach ensures that users have backup options in case one link experiences issues, such as buffering or technical glitches, so they can seamlessly switch to another link and continue enjoying the live NFL action without interruptions.

The platform aims to offer fans reliable access to live NFL games.

By providing multiple streaming links, VIP Box seeks to enhance the overall viewing experience, assuring fans that they won’t miss a moment of their favorite teams’ performances due to technical difficulties on the streaming side.


  • Simple interface, multiple streaming links available.


  • Pop-up ads and potential dead links.

13. SportsSurge


SportsSurge is a specialized platform committed to sports streaming, offering a comprehensive section dedicated solely to the exhilarating world of NFL games. 

With a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality streams, the platform seeks to cater to the demands of avid NFL enthusiasts, ensuring they can indulge in their passion for the sport without compromising streaming quality.

The platform’s dedication to NFL coverage means users can rely on SportsSurge to access a broad selection of live NFL games, including marquee matchups and exciting showdowns featuring their favorite teams. 


  • High-quality streams, dedicated NFL section.


  • We have limited user interface customization.

14. Laola1


Laola1 is a prominent sports streaming platform that has earned recognition for its comprehensive international sports coverage, making it a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts around the globe, including NFL fans. 

The platform’s dedication to delivering a diverse range of sports events ensures that viewers can access live NFL games and an array of other athletic competitions, catering to a broad spectrum of sports interests.

One of the standout features of Laola1 is its provision of live scores during NFL games.

This real-time score update informs viewers about the game’s progress, scores, and key plays, even if they cannot watch the match live. 


  • International sports coverage and live scores are available.


  • Geographical restrictions may apply.

15. Live Score

Live Score

Live Score is a precious platform for NFL fans seeking real-time updates and scores during games. 

Although it does not provide video streaming capabilities, its focus on delivering accurate and timely information makes it a reliable go-to source for staying on top of the latest happenings in NFL matches.

The platform’s strength lies in providing instantaneous updates as NFL games unfold.

Users can access a wealth of real-time information, including touchdowns, field goals, interceptions, and other key plays, ensuring they remain informed about the game’s progress even if they cannot watch it live on television or a streaming platform. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for fans on the go, at work, or in regions with limited access to live video streaming.


  • Live scores and updates for NFL games.


  • No video streaming, text-based coverage only.

16. CrackStreams


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CrackStreams is a prominent online streaming platform renowned for its extensive coverage of various sports events, focusing on NFL games. 

As a favorite destination for sports enthusiasts, the website ensures a seamless streaming experience, providing viewers with reliable access to their favorite sporting events in high-quality resolution.

The platform’s popularity is mainly attributed to its diverse range of sports offerings, allowing fans to catch live action from leagues and competitions beyond just the NFL. 

This comprehensive approach has garnered a significant following, as users can conveniently access multiple sports streams from a single platform.


  • Offers a wide range of sports and reliable streaming quality.


  • Unofficial source, potential copyright issues.

17. Roja Directa 

Roja Directa

Roja Directa is a well-known online platform that caters to the diverse interests of sports enthusiasts by offering multiple streaming options, including coverage of NFL games. 

The website’s popularity stems from its user-friendly interface, designed to provide an effortless and efficient way to access live sports content.

One of the critical highlights of Roja Directa is its extensive range of sports offerings, encompassing not only NFL games but also a wide array of sporting events from around the world. 

Whether football, basketball, soccer, or other popular sports, the platform strives to provide a comprehensive selection to cater to different tastes and preferences.


  • Multiple streaming options, easy-to-navigate interface.


  • Legality concerns ad interruptions.

18. BBC iPlayer 


BBC iPlayer, the official streaming platform of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), offers a trusted and high-quality source for fans seeking to watch NFL games with top-notch coverage. 

The BBC’s long-standing reputation for delivering comprehensive sports content makes BBC iPlayer attractive to sports enthusiasts who value reliable and professional broadcasting.

Through BBC iPlayer, viewers can expect a seamless and immersive streaming experience.

The platform leverages the BBC’s technical expertise to provide crystal-clear video quality, ensuring that users can enjoy every thrilling moment of NFL action as if they were watching it on traditional television.


  • Official BBC coverage, reliable streaming quality.


  • Geographical restrictions may apply.


ITV, the official online platform of ITV, presents NFL fans with a user-friendly and accessible way to catch the action of their favorite American football games. 

As a well-established broadcaster, ITV delivers official coverage of NFL games, ensuring a reliable and reputable source for sports enthusiasts.

The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for viewers to navigate and find their desired NFL content. typically provides a schedule of upcoming NFL games and options for live streaming or on-demand viewing.

This convenience allows fans to plan their viewing without missing crucial moments during the games.


  • Official ITV coverage, user-friendly interface.


  • Limited NFL coverage requires registration.

20. 123 TV 

123 TV

123 TV is an online streaming platform that stands out for its impressive collection of sports channels, offering fans access to a wide variety of content, including exciting NFL games. 

What sets this platform apart is its unique proposition of providing NFL game streams without the requirement of a subscription, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious sports enthusiasts.

The platform’s comprehensive selection of sports channels caters to a broad spectrum of interests, extending well beyond the NFL to encompass a multitude of leagues and competitions from around the world. 

This diverse range of content ensures that users can enjoy American football and other popular sports, all conveniently accessible from a single website.


  • Multiple sports channels, no subscription required.


  • Pop-up ads, occasional buffering.

Warning: A VPN Is Required! 


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When you visit websites that serve as NFL streaming sites, you must be aware of potential risks to your sensitive data. 

While these sites may implement specific security measures, they cannot guarantee complete protection. 

There’s a possibility that these websites could suddenly be taken down and redirected to other domains, posing a significant threat to your online safety.

Although these NFL streaming sites might appear safe initially, their long-term dependability is uncertain, and using them could expose your personal information to potential compromises. 

To address these concerns and ensure your online safety, it is highly recommended to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). 

A VPN provides an extra layer of protection for your data, giving you peace of mind and reducing associated risks.

Among the top choices for accessing such sites, NordVPN is highly praised for its effectiveness and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are These NFL Streaming Sites Legal to Use? 

Yes, many of these streaming sites offer legal and authorized NFL streams.

However, some operate in a legal gray area, so users should exercise caution and check the terms of use for each platform.

Can I Watch NFL Games for Free on These Streaming Sites? 

Yes, most listed sites offer free access to NFL live streams.

However, some may have premium options or require registration for additional features.

Do These Sites Work on Mobile Devices? 

Many of these streaming sites are compatible with mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

How Can I Avoid Intrusive Ads While Streaming NFL Games? 

Ad blockers or opting for premium versions of specific platforms can help minimize ad interruptions.

What Should I Do if A Streaming Link Is Not Working? 

If a streaming link is not working, you can try an alternative link from the same site or explore other sites from our list.


The availability of free NFL streaming sites has revolutionized the way fans access live NFL action. 

From dedicated platforms like NFLbite and official broadcasters like Fox Sports Go to community-driven options like NFL Reddit Streams, each platform offers unique benefits and limitations. 

As you explore these 20 best free NFL streaming sites to watch free NFL live streams, consider the pros and cons of each to find the one that suits your preferences and ensures an enjoyable NFL viewing experience. 

Enjoy cheering for your favorite NFL teams and players as they compete in the thrilling world of American football!

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