Best Fortnite Discord Servers

6 Best Fortnite Discord Servers in 2024

Published on: June 21, 2023
Last Updated: June 21, 2023

6 Best Fortnite Discord Servers in 2024

Published on: June 21, 2023
Last Updated: June 21, 2023

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Chances are, you are an avid gamer in search of the best Fortnite Discord servers in 2024.

It’s your lucky day, you’ve landed on the right page.

In a survival quest where you need to be the last player standing out of the 100 people that entered the battlefield, knowing the best Discord community dedicated to Fortnite is the way to go.

It will not only get you a secured spot at the top but will also help you learn from and develop a network with some Fortnite pros. 

On the downside, there are currently 12,000 Discord servers created for this game. This means you have to find the needle in the haystack before landing on the best ones.

This is why we are here–we did all the groundwork for you so stay tuned until the end of the article.

Best Fortnite Discord Servers 2024

When it comes to looking for the top Fortnite Discord servers, one must consider the number of followers a community has.

After all, users will not race to join a server if they do not see themselves gaining out from this experience.

Our list of Fortnite servers includes some with the biggest follower count on the platform.

While there is no hardline standard telling they are the best, these servers are home to the creme de la creme players which means they are worth a try.

1. Official Fortnite

Official Fortnite

There is no better way to start your server quest than hitting it right off with the Official Fortnite server.

It is one of the most active and well-organized Fortnite channels, with over 798,000 members.

About 100,000 people are simultaneously online at any time of the day. This means there will always be users who will answer your questions wherever you are.

The best thing about this server is the availability of dedicated channels that serve different purposes, including one to report bugs encountered when they play.

For those planning to join Official Fortnite, the server has no minimum requirements except that you should be at least 13 years old.

2. Elite Customs

Elite Customs

Another server worth checking out is Elite Customs. It is home to 472,000 users and is considered the most popular spot for scrim matches.

These types of unranked battles are participated by many Fortnite pro players ahead of a serious match.

This means it acts more like a practice game where you will see the pros be chill (not all the time!) and play like any other regular players.

The best thing about Elite Customs?

There are cash prizes!

Yes, users who win these battles get incentivized. 

Most of the participants come from the EU and there are no restrictions indicated. When joining, a new member should send a friend request to “Yunite 16”.

After acceptance, copy the 6-digit code below the Yunite name on your friend list and send it to the Yunite bot.

3. ProSettings


Probably the most underrated Fortnite Discord server there is ProSettings.

Comprised only of 83,000 members from North America, Europe, and Australia, players have a huge chance to earn big in this multi-purpose scrim and snipes server.

Snipes is used in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode where you don’t get to choose who your rivals are.

This mystery makes the game more exciting and fun.

What’s best about ProSettings is it does not only allow users to get confined to Fortnite discussions.

Other popular mobile games such as Valorant.

Moreover, it is compatible with a wide variety of players using Xbox, PlayStation 4, and personal computers.

4. East Open

 East Open

This server requires aspiring members to download the War Legends Client before getting a go signal to join.

Similarly, it requires players to send a request to Yunite 17 as this leverages the bot for verification.

East Open currently has 310,000 members from the EU region and fastly growing.

This server is recommended for players who are in search of teammates as this has a dedicated channel labeled “looking for players” where you can meet other players on the same agenda.

5. Kungarna East Scrims

Kungarna East Scrims

If you want to join a server that hosts daily Fortnite scrims and ladders, then Kungarna East Scrims is the one for you.

This community boasts 220,000 members and allows members to join either solo or duo matches.

It requires the help of Yunite 16 for verification and at least a hundred matches before getting accepted.

So make sure that you have made it into 100 battles or more before trying to join this server. 

Similarly, Kungarna East Scrims is quite strict when it comes to imposing community rules.

The best way to not get kicked out is to read its Welcome to #rules guidelines.

6. PS Forntione Scrim Discord (North America)

PS Forntione Scrim Discord (North America)

If you are a player for the North American region, the best way to move forward on your Fortnite pursuit is to join the PS Forntione Scrim Discord North America server. 

This community is exclusively made for players using personal computers.

So if you are one, make sure that your PC is compatible with the Discord server app before signing up. 

This community also has its European and Australian counterparts called PS Forntione Scrim Discord Europe and PS Fortnite Scrim Discord Oceania.

These servers function basically the same as the North American version, only that this caters to European and Aussie and Kiwi players, respectively.

As usual, members can join regular scrim and snipe battles as much as they like.


Having a tight-knit community talking about the same things and playing Fortnite together is important in every gamer’s life.

These also give players a chance to make money and friends at the same time, so it is like hitting two birds using one stone. 

For those who are not willing to undergo the work of meeting a private Discord server’s requirements, you may always opt for public Fortnite servers available for everyone.

On the other hand, do not expect the same exclusivity you will get from qualifying on a private server from one that welcomes everyone without filters,

Thanks for reading our article about the hottest Fortnite Discord servers in 2024.

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