FollowingLike Review (2021)

Last Updated: July 11, 2021

FollowingLike – A Breath of Fresh Air

No, this is not a test. I repeat: this is not a test. FollowingLike is, in fact, a phenomenal marketing platform.
We are living in an age that relies heavily on social media.. a lot. Like, for everything.
So, what does this mean you may ask?
Well, it means that businesses thrive on these applications. And if you’re using Instagram, Facebook, etc. for your business, then FollowingLike is it. (Or lit? Eh, either way.)

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What is FollowingLike?

So glad you asked!
FollowingLike is a multi-use desktop platform that combines all your marketing avenues. You can schedule posts and manage day to day activity.
You can pin/unpin (for Pinterest users) and line up likes and comments.
See? Quick and easy.
Not to mention – set up is an absolute breeze.
FollowingLike aids in growing your account with real followers. You know, with users that will actually engage in your content.
Not those weird automated followers I’ve seen on some pages.
They also don’t use API. (All this means is it doesn’t communicate with other apps. Yeah, I had to look it up too.) Or proxies, so your account won’t deactivate.
FollowingLike is a smart program. Every function places itself into basic modules. This helps to combine, mix, and generate tasks.
The account manager also helps to save your account by category or by campaign. You can add, import, export, and delete accounts with this easy to use service!

Even better – FollowingLike has some updates.

Much like Facebook every other Tuesday, FollowingLike has added some new features.
First, there’s the cool addition of being able to manage and schedule your tasks even easier.
They’ve added a recycle bin (thank god). Any task you delete will go to the bin. You can either delete it or keep it.
Gotta recover it first though.
Anything added to the bin will remain there for 7 days before FollowingLike decides to remove it.
One of the coolest things FollowingLike has added is the ‘detailed line chart.’ The line chart can show the flow of information by day, week, or month.
The platform also connects to more tasks. You can work on a lot of things at once without having to close and reopen another window.
Convenient, right?
Now, for the messages. The auto send/reply function helps to select the best message to reply by basing it off keywords. Kind of like SEO.
And last but not least – blacklist.
To me, this is my favorite feature. I mean, there’s nothing much to explain here but you can blacklist. So much power in this.
As long as you don’t watch yourself become the villain.

Time for everyone’s least favorite topic: pricing.

I know, I know, I know. Everything comes down to pricing.
But hey, at least you know you’ll get more bang for your buck.
FollowingLike has a few price options on their website. All depending on the package you choose.
One account: $147 – One-time fee.
Five accounts: $199 – One-time fee
Unlimited accounts: $297 – One-time fee.
Unlimited accounts: $164 – Per year.
Unlimited accounts: $120 – Per month.
Unlimited accounts: $7 (for 3 days) then $178 per year.
Now, I know it can be tough to choose just one of these options. But I’m here to help you out.
First things first: A few reviews have suggested buying the $7 for 3 days unlimited version first. This is because you get to try the platform for 3 days (duh) and then you begin your payment.
This gives you the ability to decide if you want to commit. Kind of like Tinder dates.
If you only advertise on one social media platform, the “one account” option is the best way to go. It also helps you get a hand on using the software without getting ahead of yourself.
The 5 account option is great for small businesses. Which is exactly what you need when marketing on multi-platforms.
Finally, the unlimited package. You know, for those that use Google+ and LinkedIn and all that other stuff. This one is pretty cool, and you can add as many accounts as you want.
I mean, it is unlimited.
FollowingLike supports all supported sites. And the software with the 5 account option is updated automatically.
Now, what is the verdict?

Well, the people have spoken

Much like everything else, it’s always a good thing to check on the reviews. So, what do you think FollowingLike’s users have said?
Well, it’s all positive – thank god. I’ve been raving about this site for 700 words. It’s good to know the people are behind me on this one.
But before we begin, I would like to make it a point to note that there is FollowingLike and FollowlikER.
Neither of them has anything to do with each other.
I bring this up because right before I began the review section, I double checked my work. (English majors, am I right?) And found some people complaining about FOLLOWLIKER.
I almost cried.
Anyway, point is, don’t confuse the two. Please.
FollowingLike has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Aff Gadgets. (Second link on the first Google page. Always trust the first page of Google.)
The following are two comments that stood out:
Followinglike is the biggest beast of ‘blackhat’ tools.
Generates over 100 leads a day.
If that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.
Another customer even said that it’s the perfect tool to use to help grow your company or your clients. The multi-purpose platform skyrockets your social media ideas from 0 to 100.
Someone even said that the updates are free!! There’s definitely no way to beat that.
So, what’s our conclusion?

FollowingLike is the number 1 app for marketing.

It’s also the number one app to help open a business. It’s a multi-faceted, multi-use platform to help generate a following.
FollowingLike is a useful tool that can combine basic function modules to any job.
Basically, FollowingLike is the answer to all your social media marketing problems.

Summing It Up

To make this easy, if you are looking to grow your Instagram, then FollowingLike is my absolute favorite. For reasons I mentioned before, they are not the most affordable of all, but I have nothing but praise for them.
If you have used one of these types of services, feel free to share your experience or post your questions in the comments below. I’d love to hear your feedback.
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