FB Post Likes Review 2021— Does it Really Work?

FB Post Likes Review 2024 — Does It Really Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

FB Post Likes Review 2024 — Does It Really Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

FB Post Likes Review 2024

FB Post Likes is on the review block today.

Facebook remains the most popular social media networking site around the world; with almost 3 billion monthly active users, this reach can provide a substantial amount of opportunity for your brand or business. 

Many people use Facebook on a daily basis and it’s become a reference point for new products, brands, businesses, and finding relevant information about a location or a shop that you want to purchase from.

Facebook ads have also propelled this platform to a business-friendly environment. 

With so much competition, it can be very challenging to gain the necessary footing to succeed in building a brand presence on Facebook.

And it’s a necessity— if someone checks out your business profile and sees only a few likes, reviews, or engagements, they may consider you to be less legitimate than if you had a strong following. 

People who want to make a mark on the Facebook community with a strong business presence have thus begun to seek third-party help in growing their Facebook profiles. 

FB Post Likes Review 

FB Post Likes logo

One of the companies that has emerged to offer Facebook likes, followers, and views is FB Post Likes.

With many companies out there simply looking to turn a profit, it’s important that we do a thorough evaluation of the company before deciding to work with them. 

To help you make the right decision, we’ve examined the services and features of FB Post Likes to bring you this FB Post Likes review and answer the burning question— can you count on them for real Facebook growth? 

Let’s get started. 

Why Do You Need More Likes on Facebook? 

When you hear the term “Facebook likes,” it gets a bit confusing because there are actually two main types of likes on Facebook.

You can get Facebook likes on your posts, and if you have a business page, you can get people to “like” the page and that is essentially them following you. 

This distinction can be a bit tricky when you are looking for companies to help you get more Facebook likes, so you have to be clear about which type you want; if you have a business page, you probably want both. 

Having more likes on your Facebook posts can do a lot in terms of credibility.

When your posts have a lot of likes, it shows that people are interested in your content and this can, in turn, generate more likes for your posts. 

It also boosts your social proof, meaning that others will want to be a part of your community and check out your content and offerings because others find it to be popular and valuable.

Social media behavior is often based on what other users are doing, so if you get more Facebook likes, you’ll have more social proof. 

When you get more Facebook page likes, you’ll automatically have more people viewing your page and seeing your content; they can then like your post, and perpetuate the cycle that we saw above.

More likes equals more likes, and that’s a fact! 

If you have a personal Facebook page, then you will need to have more Facebook followers and the page likes won’t apply to you; if you’re reading this article, however, it’s likely that you’re using Facebook for businesses or endeavors, so you’ll likely have a professional Facebook page. 

We will assume that you are using Facebook with a business page for the purposes of this FB Post Likes review. 

What is FB Post Likes? 

FB Post Likes is a company that claims to provide Facebook users with a source to buy Facebook likes cheap.

They say that “it’s quick, real, easy and Fast. We guarantee likes from 100% Real profiles delivered with the deadline.”

Yes, that’s exactly what it says on their website, and the typo and odd capitalization isn’t a great first impression. 

We will give them the benefit of the doubt, though, and continue to examine their service offerings.

They provide three packages for Facebook— Facebook post likes, Facebook page likes, and Facebook followers

FB Post Likes also has packages for other social networks which include YouTube and Twitter. 

With each plan, FB Post Likes promises: 

  • Instant start 
  • 100% real 
  • Active profiles
  • Cheap price
  • Worldwide
  • 24/7 support 

You can also select a custom number or package for each type of follower or engagement that FB Post Likes sells. 

Getting Started with FB Post Likes

It’s simple to get started with FB Post Likes:

  1. Visit the FB Post Likes website 
  2. Choose your social media platform 
  3. Select the package you want to purchase
  4. Complete the checkout and wait for your order to be delivered 


There are services for Twitter and YouTube as well, but we’re going to review some of the pricing for Facebook to get a general idea of how “cheap” the FB Post Likes services actually are. 

Facebook Post Likes 

FB Post Likes Facebook Post Likes

The service of their namesake, FB Post Likes offers the following pricing tiers to buy Facebook post likes: 

  • 100 FB Likes: $2
  • 500 FB Likes: $8
  • 1,000 FB Likes: $15
  • 5,000 FB Likes: $70

Facebook Page Likes 

FB Post Likes Facebook Page Likes 
  • 100 FB Page Likes: $5
  • 500 FB Page Likes: $10
  • 1,000 FB Page Likes: $20
  • 5,000 FB Page Likes: $80

Top-Rated Facebook Engagement Services

1Media MisterVisit
3Buy Real MediaVisit

Do We Recommend FB Post Likes for Facebook Growth? 

After reviewing their website, service offerings, and About page, we DO NOT recommend FB Post Likes for Facebook growth.

If you want to get more Facebook likes, don’t work with their company— they don’t offer anything real or of value, even though they say they do.

Their About page is simply full of generic blanket statements that don’t mean anything in terms of describing their company or the services that they provide.

They have no substantial evidence that they even provide real and active profiles; if they are so cheap, how can they be real? 

There needs to be more information. Not only that, there is no 24/7 support as mentioned in their service description.

They say they are working 24/7, but they simply provide a Skype handle and an admin email for support— there’s nothing immediate to contact their company. 

Their terms of service are also disheartening, showing that they do not take responsibility in any way for their services.

They say that explicitly and they will not be liable if something doesn’t go as described on their website. Huge red flag! 

They also don’t offer any refund if your order has already started. You are not protected at all when you use FB Post Likes and they don’t want to back up their services. 

Here are three other reasons we don’t recommend their services. 

No Online Reputation 

You’d think that if FB Post Likes really worked, you’d see a bunch of stuff about them online. Well, that’s not the case, and it’s actually difficult to find anything about them online.

Not a good sign. 

Insufficient Information about Service 

FB Post Likes doesn’t actually explain anything about how their service works, how they provide real Facebook likes and followers, or why they’re different from any other company out there selling fake social media engagements. 

They also don’t have a service guarantee which shows they don’t stand behind the services they offer. 

Alarming Trustpilot Reviews 

Last but not least, FB Post Likes only promotes positive and glowing reviews on their website, yet when you visit their Trustpilot, you can see that they have a big percentage of negative reviews that claim their services got their Facebook blocked, they didn’t deliver anything at all, and customer service was completely unresponsive. 

Sounds like you should take these people’s advice and avoid FB Post Likes. 

FB Post Likes Trustpilot Reviews

Top-Rated Facebook Engagement Services

1Media MisterVisit
3Buy Real MediaVisit

Review Verdict: Pros and Cons 

While we all need help with social media growth, it’s not advisable to use shady companies and hope for the best.

FB Post Likes clearly doesn’t offer anything real or valuable for your Facebook account, nor YouTube or Twitter accounts. 

Don’t waste your time and focus on other Facebook growth companies or self-promotion strategies that will deliver much better results than the fake and risky services from FB Post Likes. 

  • Easy-to-read website
  • Cheap
  • Fake services
  • No real value
  • No online reputation
  • Negative Trustpilot reviews
  • Insufficient service description
  • Alarming terms of use and no refund policy
  • Unresponsive support

The list of FB Post Likes cons far outweighs the pros.


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