How to Effectively Use Marketing for Facebook Video

How to do Facebook Video Marketing Correctly

Published on: October 11, 2023
Last Updated: October 11, 2023

How to do Facebook Video Marketing Correctly

Published on: October 11, 2023
Last Updated: October 11, 2023

When your video marketing is done well it is one of the best advertising methods online today regardless of what social media platform you use.

Facebook videos, when marketed properly, is highly effective and offers the opportunity to engage with a multitude of Facebook’s billions of active users.

The elements of effective video marketing includes quality, relevant, original, and unique video content.

Social media marketing professionals find genuine and innovative ideas to keep their content within these elements to attract more people to their content. 

Why Facebook Videos?

Facebook Video

Facebook is currently the best social media platform to get the most views for video content. Likewise, Facebook is a social channel loaded with diversity of people which means you can better identify, target, and attract your ideal audience(s).

Now is a great time to use Facebook videos for marketing since this network makes it easy to be successful.

This channel supports a ample range of video formats to make things easier for sharing your video content across social channels from virtually any device. Plus, you can create your videos using simple (iPhone or Android) to complex equipment (full video setup). 

Facebook Versus YouTube

Facebook Versus YouTube

Did you know that links to Facebook videos are even more effective than those from YouTube? The opportunity to advance your Facebook videos directly is a better way to get the edge on your competitors. 

It makes it easier and more efficient for viewers since they will not be directed to an external page (i.e. Facebook to YouTube). The presentation, quality, and ease of viewing give your video more potential to get views, likes, comments, and shares. 

Facebook Video Storytelling, Length and Analytics

You may not be aware that Facebook allows a bountiful 45 minutes maximum for video length. It is highly doubtful your Facebook marketing videos need to be that long unless you are creating a story or movie. 

This being said, understand that your focus should be on your content, not the length of the videos you create. Also remember that the best Ads length is about a minute and a half a little more or less. 

Another way to ensure your video story is viewed and engaged with is to get straight to the point and keep your storytelling short and sweet.

That is how the most successful Facebook videos make it happen. You may even want to try breaking it down into segments to build suspense when appropriate. 

Consistently check your Facebook video analytics to discover what works best for you and what is not working for you. Once you have that data, you can create more functional and relevant content.

Enhancing the Results for Facebook Video Marketing 

Video Marketing

Whether you are on a budget or are not a pro at video creation, you can still find a way to create and edit your videos within your skill level and budget.

The goal here is to be in line with Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm or your video will get buried among the other ads on the platform.

Sponsored videos ads are the ones that stand out the most and are those that must be the most attractive and professional looking.

You can research and find video editing software that will help you create professional looking Facebook videos suitable for marketing that will not get lost in the newsfeed. Some offer free, free trials, or options for low-cost video editing. 

Once you have chosen an online or application download for your video production, you have a better chance of getting the results you want from your Facebook video marketing.

Using Facebook video does not mean you have to use loud ads that sometimes annoy viewers. Facebook has solutions for delivering gorgeous videos without sound. 

You can also make the most of Facebook video marketing by using CoSchedule which adds some functionality to your video schedule.

This allows you to upload your content and schedule it to post on a set and automated schedule. This way, you keep your video quality and consistency and scheduling on track.  

What You Need for Facebook Video Creation

Video Creation

There is no specific SOP (standard operating procedure) for how to create Facebook videos or how they will work best for you and your niche. Just know that making your videos as interesting as you can regardless of your purpose or goal and you can be successful. 

For example, create a how-to video based on your niche. You can do this via Facebook Live Video and engage real-time with you audience or create and upload a how-to video.

Other forms of popular and trending videos include demonstration, behind the scenes, and customer testimonials. 

The equipment you use is important, but that does not mean expensive or elaborate. You should not invest hundreds or thousands of video equipment unless or until you have the funds to do so. However, you do not need that to create a good quality Facebook video. 

A good camera is necessary. What that means is a good smartphone camera, professional video camera, or digital SLR camera with video capability. You can find a good quality video camera for less than you think.

You also need a good external microphone for the best sound quality. Again, you will not have to spend a lot to get this equipment. Your camera microphone may be sufficient enough, though you may want to consider something to enhance the sound quality. 

You may also want to invest in a tripod suitable for your video equipment to help keep your video recording stable. A tripod helps keep your device still so you can video without movement. You do want to find something that will allow you to position and angle your equipment as needed.

Beyond Video Equipment and Software

Video Equipment

There are a few things you need to know after you have your video and software for Facebook video creation. The final step before you post and receive engagement, be sure that your content is relevant and useful. 

You can have the best video software and equipment in the world to create the highest quality videos, but if the delivery is poor you have invested in said equipment for nothing. What should you focus on for video shooting?

  • Include your video subject in the frame.
  • Focus on the initial few seconds of the video.
  • Write a solid, relevant, and attention-grabbing post for your video.
  • Feature videos on your cover image or on your page.
  • Pay for professional video production (there are inexpensive services out there).
  • Tag users, customers, business associates, or related pages or companies to optimize your engagement with their followers as well as your own.


These tips, tricks, and ideas will help you boost your engagement on Facebook videos you create. It is crucial to ensure your videos are uniquely you. Creating original, unique, and interesting videos related to your business niche will attract the right viewers to your content and page. 

Using these ideas will also help you reach out to more potential users from your competitors and similar businesses. You create the appropriate quality content and let Facebook’s algorithm do the rest. 

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