Facebook Marketing Tips for Insurance Agencies

Published on: March 17, 2022
Last Updated: March 17, 2022
Leveraging Facebook’s popularity is a smart way to generate leads. Here are proven Facebook marketing tips to help insurance agencies make sales.
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The world has gone digital. Not having a smartphone is regarded as an anomaly these days. And because Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world, it’s no surprise that almost every insurance company’s potential customer is there.

Leveraging Facebook’s popularity is a smart way to generate leads. But Facebook marketing is quite strategic. If an insurance agency must make sales, knowing how to navigate the platform is paramount. So we’ve outlined proven marketing strategies that can help you make sales:

Study Your Target Audience

This first step is key to successfully implementing a marketing strategy. You’ve got to know your target audience, as this will help you plan your Facebook ads. 

Find out what they want and what’s appealing to them. Knowing this helps you target your audience with the right services and necessary information.

You can use the analytical data provided on your Facebook mobile app or website to know the customers you’re reaching. Focus more on customers who have shown interest in your services, no matter how little. These people are the easiest leads to convert. 

Analytical data also helps to understand what your potential leads may like or how they behave. This knowledge will, in turn, help you draft out a marketing plan for the future.

One way to achieve higher engagements when using Facebook to market your services is by narrowing down your target audience. Don’t target customers that have different interests. Target the ones that share common grounds.

Prioritize Local Leads Using Ad Features

Most people seeking insurance prefer to go for providers with proximity for easy accessibility. As a result, when you’re planning to market your services, consider targeting local leads using Ads target features on your mobile app or website. These tools help you tailor your ads to specific demographic groups and target locations.

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Create Specific Ads

Ads are a way of communicating the value of your services to prospective clients. For example, you need to have real and interesting conversations about your services if you plan to close a deal in person. Usually, this involves telling prospective clients about your policies and why they need to choose you above others. Do likewise with your ads.

The right Facebook ads for an insurance agent should have information that communicates thoughtfulness and care to prospective clients. Paint all the specific scenarios your clients may find themselves in and how your services can help them navigate. The more relatable your advertisements, the more leads you’re likely to generate when it comes to social media marketing.

Use Call Trackers

A call tracking software uses Artificial Intelligence to provide vital analytics for your future insurance marketing plan. Call trackers give you valuable insights like ads performance and conversion rates. With these solutions, you can tell whether or not your ads are performing well and make needed adjustments. 

You can also observe your target audience’s concerns and current behavior. Have their interests changed? Do they want more? Are you doing too much? A call tracking software gives you these insights.

Adopt the Facebook Lookalike Audience Feature Into Your Marketing Strategy

This feature allows you to find new leads with similar interests. Successfully converting the leads into sales is proof that your marketing strategy is working. The lookalike feature will help you find more audiences with similar attributes. You can apply the same strategies for your newly acquired customers to these new leads.

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Always Include a Call-To-Action

No marketing strategy can be successful without a call-to-action (CTA). Therefore, your landing page must include this feature. With a CTA command, customers can access you easily. Make sure to include every means your target clients can contact you: email address, phone numbers, other social media accounts, et cetera.

Content Creation

Facebook is a visual social platform. Therefore, your attention must be on creating an amazing visual experience for your target audience.

You could use many visual concepts to explain your services in simple and short terms; animated videos, picture stories, highlight reels, or infographics. Ensure that your published content isn’t boring or lengthy, which could turn customers off. Try to be as engaging as possible.

Have a Strong Social Media Presence

We live in a trendy world; therefore, make sure your Facebook page is up-to-date. An outdated profile picture, landing page,  or CTA can turn off prospective customers. Your Facebook page shouldn’t be scanty.  Post creative content as regularly as you can.

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