How Many Employees Does Facebook Have in 2024?

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

How Many Employees Does Facebook Have in 2024?

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

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How many employees does Facebook have in 2024?

As of March 2023, the number of Facebook employees decreased to 65,964.

When we talk about social media, one of the leading platforms people think of is Facebook.

This notable app was the first social media platform to reach 1 billion registered accounts and is currently the most popular social network, accounting for 2.96 billion active users per month.

One of the reasons for Facebook’s success is its user-friendly interface, allowing all users from different age groups to share life updates, photos, and videos.

Have you ever wondered who are the people behind this platform and how many employees does Facebook have in 2024?

Let’s find out.

How Many Employees Does Facebook Have in 2024?

Facebook, now known as Meta, is one of the largest tech companies worldwide, allowing users to stay connected with their families and friends, build communities, and expand businesses.

This market leader helps in building the “next thing” in social technology and is now moving to immersive experiences.

It is not surprising that this platform has a large number of employees since it caters to nearly 3 billion monthly active users.

As of November 2022, the Facebook employees count decreased to 75,964, down from a massive layoff from its peak of 87,314 in September 2022.

Meta’s founder and CEO announced that 2023 is a “year of efficiency,” where there would be a second round of massive layoffs.

The number of Facebook employees has therefore decreased to 65,964 as of March 2023.

Number of Facebook Employees


When “TheFacebook” launched in February 2004, it had only seven employees, and in just two years, its employees jumped to 150.

After several more years, it launched its IPO, and its employees have grown to more than 3,200.

In September 2022, the number of Facebook employees reached its peak at 87,314.

Let’s take a look at the number of Facebook employees from 2004 to 2023:

  • In 2004, Facebook had 7 employees
  • In 2007, Facebook had 450 employees
  • In 2011, Facebook had 3,200 employees
  • In 2015, Facebook had 12,691 employees
  • In 2020, Facebook had 58,604 employees
  • In 2021, Facebook had 71,970 employees
  • In September 2022, Facebook had 87,314 employees
  • In November 2022, Facebook had 75,964 employees
  • In March 2023, Facebook had 65,964 employees

Facebook Employees in the US by Race

In 2014, White employees accounted for 57% of Facebook employees in the US, while Asians accounted for 34%.

The remaining percentage is composed of Hispanic, Black, and mixed races.

After eight years, more Asian employees became part of Meta’s workforce in the country.

Asians accounted for 46.5%, while White employees accounted for 37.6%.

Percentages of Facebook Employees in the US by Ethnicity

Here are the percentages of Facebook employees in the US by ethnicity in 2022:

  • 46.5% of Facebook employees in the US were Asians
  • 37.6% of Facebook employees in the US were White
  • 6.7% of Facebook employees in the US were Hispanic
  • 4.9% of Facebook employees in the US were Black
  • 4% of Facebook employees in the US were Mixed Races

Brief History of Facebook

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

A sophomore student at Harvard University named Mark Zuckerberg hacked the university’s computer network in 2003 to get photos of other students.

He put the two photos next to each other on his own site, “Facemash,” and asked his fellow students to choose who is more attractive.

About 450 students voted approximately 22,000 times.

Facemash was shut down in just two days.

Zuckerberg was almost charged because he violated the university’s policy by getting private information in the protected areas of their computer network.

In January 2004, he started writing code for his new site.

After a month, he launched “TheFacebook.com,” dedicated to his fellow students at Harvard, which later reached Stanford, Yale, and Columbia.

He attracted Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes to improve and promote the website.

In the middle of the year, around 250 thousand students in 34 schools signed up.

In September 2006, “Facebook” became available to everyone, provided they are 13 years and older.

After five years, it became the biggest online photo directory.

In 2020, the company’s revenue was almost $86 billion, and a net income of $29.15 billion.

In the last months of 2021, the company announced that its name will be changed to “Meta Platforms” to embrace immersive experiences.

Hiring Process at Facebook

Here is Facebook’s hiring process:

  • Applicants must submit their resumes to the recruiter or directly at Facebook. Facebook’s recruiting team will review and evaluate if the applicants meet the qualifications for the position.
  • Qualified applicants will advance in the process. They will have a conversation with Facebook’s recruiting team to know more about the position.
  • They will have a video or phone interview with the Hiring Manager or Team Member to evaluate their abilities and interests in the day-to-day work.
  • They will have another interview with Managers and potential teammates to learn more about their skills, talents, and professional experiences.
  • Interviewers will submit their assessments and feedback on whether the applicants got the position.
  • The recruiter will give feedback about the interviews and discuss the next steps if applicable.
  • Review the job offer, finalize the start date, and complete the requirements.

Facebook Employee Benefits

Compensation and additional monetary benefits like performance bonuses, equity incentive plans, and restricted stock units are some of the best employee benefits at Facebook.

It also gives family-oriented benefits and a health and wellness package.

Additional perks for Facebook employees are all-day free meals and snacks, on-site laundry, gym membership, charging outlets for electric cars, valet parking, and employee discount cards.

Facebook Employee Demographics

Facebook has young tech workers.

It has one of the youngest median-age employees among tech companies and brands.

The company’s median employee age is 28 years old.

According to 2020 statistics, 63% of Facebook employees were male, while 37% were female.

The company appointed two female Board Directors, bringing the percentage of female Directors on Facebook’s Board to 40%, while the remaining percentage were male Board Directors.


Now you know who developed this popular social media platform, the hiring process, and how many employees Facebook has in 2024.

Facebook employees usually stay an average of 2.3 years since it offers great compensation and benefits.

The total compensation package per year starts from $150,000 to $155,000.

Because of this, the company is reported to have a lower attrition rate.


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