Top 15 Facebook Analytics Tools to Try in 2022

Top 15 Facebook Analytics Tools to Try in 2024

Published on: August 19, 2022
Last Updated: August 19, 2022

Top 15 Facebook Analytics Tools to Try in 2024

Published on: August 19, 2022
Last Updated: August 19, 2022

With Facebook still holding the spot as the top social media network worldwide, it’s important for businesses and brands alike to refocus on their performance and metrics through Facebook analytics tools.

Instagram and Facebook are highly integrated due to their parent company, which means having a presence on both platforms is valuable. 

Not only that, using Facebook analytics tools can help you to better understand your audience, which can then translate to your Instagram audience.

Implementing overall better strategies on Facebook will give you a leg up over the competition and help you to stand out on both networks. 

Facebook has almost 3 billion monthly active users, which surpasses Instagram by nearly 3x in terms of user count.

You can also sell products and services directly from your Facebook, just as you can through Instagram shopping

Developing the correct marketing strategies on Facebook is vital to success, so that’s where Facebook analytics tools come in.

They can help you measure the right data points to see how your results are measuring up to your goals and what you can do to get even better. 

In this article, we’ll talk a bit more specifically about how Facebook analytics tools help you as well as which ones are the best on the market so that you can make an educated decision about which one to go with. 

Let’s get started!

How Do Facebook Analytics Tools Help You? 

There are so many different third-party tools out there for social media that it can make your head spin.

Even still, it turns out to be a good thing since you have options to choose from and can pick the ones that hone in on the exact needs you have as a business and creator. 

Facebook analytics tools are imperative for anyone who is looking to optimize their Facebook results and maximize exposure, audience increase, and revenue.

You can learn about your audience and display insights about your content. 

These insights include most popular posts, traffic, subscriptions, views, engagements, conversion rates, and more.

You can then determine which content is delivering the best results, and which content could use a bit of a facelift in the future. 

At the end of the day, if you have no idea how your posts are performing and what your audience thinks of them, you’ll never be able to grow your Facebook account and reach your goals. 

You can gain incredibly valuable insight from Facebook analytics tools, using a streamlined collection of data for easy access.

You’ll be able to: 

  • Understand what customers think about your content and analyze your social reputation faster
  • Have a deeper understanding of your brand’s target audience, when to post, where they’re located, and more
  • Obtain aggregate data from different elements of your Facebook page for an overview of your performance
  • Grow your audience by creating content that resonates better with your followers based on real data 
  • Increase your reach on Facebook through more engagement, reach, and impressions after tracking and optimizing your strategy

These are only a few of the reasons why you may consider using Facebook analytics tools.

Once you take a look at the following top third-party tools to help you analyze your Facebook performance, you’ll see just what you’ve been missing!

You can then make the best decision for your FB page.

Best Facebook Analytics Tools

In this section, we’ll discuss 15 of the most outstanding Facebook analytics tools on the market. We’ll outline their services, the pros of using them, and what to expect when you work with them.

We hope that after reading, you’ll feel confident in choosing one that can work for your Facebook goals. 



You can use the Facebook analytics tools that SocialPilot provides to create the most effective campaigns and content for your brand or business.

With many features, the powerful SocialPilot platform can help you in a variety of ways. 

You’ll get access to a powerful dashboard that integrates all of your social channels, bulk scheduling, analytics, monitoring, social inbox, boosted Facebook posts, and more. 

There are also tools to help you create better content with curation, discovery, and custom feeds for suggestions and content inspiration.

Using the social media calendar that SocialPilot offers, you can visualize your strategy in a big way. You’ll be able to schedule up to 500 posts with bulk scheduling. 

The analytics that SocialPilot provides will dig into your likes and comments, as well as shares and follower increases/decreases.

You can track your content and figure out what type brings in the most traffic and generates the most engagements. 

Using SocialPilot, you can also research which influencers may be suitable for collaboration with your brand or business.

It’s affordable and effective for agencies and small businesses alike. 

The starting price for SocialPilot is $30 per month, with a discount on all plans for annual payments. 



Iconosquare is a social media performance tool that offers a range of features to help clients monitor social media performance and optimize social media strategy with actionable insights.

This is one of the most respected Facebook analytics tools. 

Using Iconosquare, you can automate your Facebook account(s) and see all of your social media performance metrics in one central hub.

If you are looking for advanced metrics for Facebook, Iconosquare is one of the most trusted. 

You can access easy-to-read reports that help you to track your growth on Facebook.

Some facets you can analyze include: 

  • Impressions
  • Profile reach
  • Posts
  • Demographics
  • Time your audience is active 
  • And more 

For comparison, you can also compare your own metrics with those of your competition.

Reports can be exported in a range of digital formats including PNG, PDF, CSV, SVG, and XLS, in addition to being sent directly to your inbox. 

The Iconosquare plan for three social profiles and two team members will cost you $59/month and is one of the most popular options; for all pricing check out their pricing page.

You can access discounted pricing if you decide to pay annually instead of monthly. 

Iconosquare pros: 

  • Cost-effective 
  • Intuitive
  • Actionable data
  • Easy navigation
  • Clear descriptions and easy to learn easy for beginners 
  • Hub for social media analytics



Quintly offers you advanced social media analytics for a range of platforms, including Facebook.

In terms of Facebook analytics tools, you’ll have access to a large amount of customization and flexibility with Quintly reporting. 

You can access social media data from all of your social media accounts and track the performance across hundreds of profiles in one location.

Through tracking your competitors, inspiring brands, future clients, social media influencers, and more, you’ll have a complete understanding of your online reputation and growth opportunities. 

Quintly offers over 500 different social media metrics that you can track and view in your customized dashboard.

You can build up automated reports that are shared whenever you want them to be, and they’re easy to export and use for collaboration. 

The custom plan begins at $300 per month, which makes it a more comprehensive solution for those that have the budget for a complete account analysis.


  • Quintly’s interface is extremely user-friendly
  • Social network integration
  • Custom social media reports 
  • Support for customer queries 
  • Various chart types 
  • Color and appearance customization
  • Share interactive dashboards
  • Code your own metrics 
  • Deep insights into not only your own performance but that of competing accounts and more

Rival IQ

Rival IQ

Looking to make your Facebook more competitive? Rival IQ is a top option if you’re looking to “crush the competition,” as they put it.

Rival IQ offers a complete set of Facebook analytics tools that can bump your performance to new heights. 

Rival IQ shows you all the metrics you could hope for — audience metrics, influencer stats, mentions, engagement, and more.

You can track your Facebook performance in direct comparison with your competitors. 

You can see “head-to-head” snapshot guides that will show you exactly how you measure up among related accounts in terms of follower count, posts per day, engagement per post, and more. 

Not only that, you’ll have access to thorough reports that can help you see where you stand in the market and what you can do to continue your growth.

You’ll also get tips and recommendations on what to do to increase engagement based on real metrics. 

Reports can be exported in a range of formats, viewed in custom dashboards, tagged, and even show social reports at a glance. 

With an extremely well-developed and complete set of Facebook analytics tools, you’ll be able to have a very clear picture of what you are currently doing and what you need to aspire to. 

Rival IQ starts at $239 a month, and they offer a 15% discount for annual payments.

Check out features and plans on their pricing page


  • Head-to-head competitor analysis 
  • Influencer tracking
  • Hashtag analytics
  • Boosted post detection 
  • Tracked channels
  • Social media audits
  • Social posts analysis
  • Social reporting 

Social Status

Social Status provides multi-channel social media reporting that includes information about Facebook analytics tools, Facebook ad accounts, Facebook Business Manager, and Facebook Business Suite.

You can also report Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. 

You’ll get more than Facebook Insights provides in-depth reports that track performance of all of your social pages and profiles.

Metrics like video views, interactions, page and follower growth, Facebook messages, link clicks, demographic info, and more can be tracked with the dashboard. 

You’ll also be able to access analysis for your Facebook ads campaigns, as Social Status supports 14 of the most common ad objectives like reach, brand awareness, traffic, page likes, etc. 

In addition, you can analyze your competitors and any relevant influencers so that you can see how your profile stacks up among those in your niche and potentially create meaningful relationships for influencer marketing. 

Social Stats starts with a free plan that offers limited features, mostly so you can test out the services.

The cheapest paid plan is the Starter plan at $29, but if you want custom reports you’ll have to go for their Business plan and up, starting at $399. 


  • Comprehensive social analytics for multiple platforms 
  • Comparison with competitor performance 
  • Monitor Facebook ad accounts 
  • Custom reports (Business plan and up) 
  • Free plan to try out limited features 



Anyone out there that wants to improve their Facebook reputation and get a larger following that drives revenue needs Facebook analytics tools like Brand24.

Not only can you track your own performance, you can use social media listening tools to understand exactly how your brand is being received and discussed on the web. 

You can find instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews, and more, all of which help you to see what’s working for your brand and what’s not. 

With the “mentions” feed, you can see what people say and take action right in the moment.

You can also identify changes in the volume of discussion to make sure you protect your company’s reputation or celebrate the moments that you gain popularity. 

While Brand24 doesn’t offer such extensive services in the way of Facebook metrics and analytics, if your main purpose is to manage your online reputation and implement listening strategies, it’s a great choice for you. 


  • Easy to use  
  • Social listening 
  • Automated PDF reports 
  • Filtering
  • Mentions feed 
  • Graphs and visuals



Powered by Emplifi, Socialbakers is a unified social media marketing platform that helps you to drive growth through a deep understanding of your audience.

It helps you to not only analyze engagement but also improve your cross-channel interactions. 

A smart and impactful system, the Facebook analytics tools offered by Socialbakers give you a range of advantages, allowing you to automate your Facebook analytics in different areas, including research and planning, content strategy, listening and intelligence, influencer marketing, social media management, measurement and reporting, as well as customer care. 

Through their reporting tools, you’ll get all-channel measurement across different social networks as well as an in-depth performance view that will visually identify your important content trends. 

You can also manage your social spend and see just how Facebook is affecting your bottom line.

You can see next-generation benchmarks that reflect your real ad account spending on the same day. 

For the Essential Package, you’ll gain 10 profiles for $200/month billed annually or $240/month billed monthly.

You can increase that to 20 profiles for a higher fee, or go with a different plan for larger entities. 


  • Metric report overviews 
  • Custom plans 
  • Content analysis
  • Mobile management
  • Scheduling and publishing
  • Advanced analytics 
  • One-click reporting 



Keyhole is a comprehensive Facebook analytics tools suite that has two main functions: social listening and analytics, as well as influencer marketing.

You can monitor what people say about you in real time, creating one-click reports for all of your own accounts, then comparing with competitors. 

You can also measure your campaigns and trending topics so that your content strategy can be better tailored towards your goals. 

In terms of influencer marketing, Keyhole helps you identify the right influencers for your brands and businesses, giving you immediate access to viewing campaign posts so you know who is performing well.

Track influencer campaign reports and generate them in just a click. 

Hashtags are also a very important part of success on Facebook, and you can use advanced and granular Facebook tracking to identify the best hashtags and the most relevant conversations out there. 

Keyhole will give you customized recommendations for your specific growth goals; while they don’t give detailed reports about your metrics and benchmarks, there are many ways that Keyhole can help you boost your performance. 

There isn’t any direct pricing for Keyhole; you’ll have to reach out to them directly. 


  • Multi-faceted tools for Facebook, Instagram, and more 
  • Understand the top trending conversations and hashtags on Facebook
  • Know how people feel and talk about your brand 
  • Become an authority through recommendations and one-click reports 
  • Real-time marketing strategies 
  • Amplify and filter searches
  • Custom plans and flexible data banks 



Brands, businesses, agencies, and creators alike can benefit from the Facebook analytics tools that Grytics offers.

You can use their metrics tools to understand your performance on Facebook, optimizing your strategy based on real data. 

If you sell products and interact with customers through Facebook groups, Grytics is the perfect way to analyze how those efforts are panning out.

You can build your community engagement strategies, cultivate productive workplace and community collaboration, as well as see activity and engagement scores. 

Not only that, you’ll be able to see which members are active or inactive, allowing you to allocate more attention to those users that may have lost touch with you. 

With a seamless dashboard and easy-to-understand reporting, you’ll understand how your Facebook group is contributing to your overall business or workplace goals.

Facebook is their main platform for use, which means their tools have been heavily geared towards that platform. 

You can have up to 10 groups or teams with the Standard plan at $99 per month.

If you pay annually, you’ll get a discount.

Grytics is also multi-language, making it easy to stay in touch with a global audience. 


  • Detailed dashboard with all needed metrics 
  • Visuals that are easy to read and interpret
  • Automate reporting
  • Show engagement data about members of your group 
  • Ensure that you retain your group members and encourage engagement where it is lacking



If your goal is to beat out the competition and take your Facebook performance to new heights, Vaizle is a great place to start.

Their Facebook analytics tools are designed for brands, agencies, and influencers, providing powerful actionable insights to help you make the right decisions for Facebook. 

You can get all of your social media data transformed into actionable tips that can be used on a daily basis.

You’ll gain insight through graphics, charts, numbers, and tips every day from Vaizle. 

You can perform social media competitive analysis as well, selecting your competitors and seeing upfront measurables that show what type of your content has been most impactful for your audience and in what direction you should aim your strategy. 

With a custom report builder, personal social media analyst, and a simple user interface, Vaizle is easy to use and understand even for those who have little patience for analytics and numbers. 

You can test out Vaizle with a variety of different free tools for a handful of social platforms, and you can also opt for their paid Smart plan that costs $10/month billed annually.

You’ll get features in four categories: analyze, report, organize, and support. 


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • 6-month data history 
  • 5 profiles 
  • Social metrics
  • Post analysis 
  • Smart insights
  • Custom date range
  • White labeled reports
  • Customizable PDF reports
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Video tutorials 

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

All social media platforms offer their own type of analytics, and Facebook is no exception.

Through Meta for Business, you’ll gain Facebook analytics tools in their Audience Insights platform. 

Insights breaks down your Facebook into four main categories: Overview, Results, Content, and Audience. 

In the Overview, you’ll be able to see your Facebook page reach, content and audience, giving you a general snapshot of the other three sections.

The results section will allow you to export different Facebook reports in three file types: .PNG, .CSV, and .PDF. 

At the top, you can customize your date range and view any period you’d like. 

Not only will you have access to the most valuable data for your page, you can also access business tools, shortcuts, “advertise”, as well as additional reports on the main menu.

Using Facebook Insights is a quick and easy way to access the most valuable metrics for understanding performance. 

If you need a free tool that will help you to dip your feet into Facebook analytics, the one offered by the platform itself is a perfect starting point.

You can get a feel for what type of data you should be keeping an eye on, and then you can choose the best Facebook analytics tools for you from third party providers. 

Facebook Insights give you information about your target audience to better inform your content creation and marketing efforts, providing data about geography, demographics, purchase behavior, and more. 


  • Free 
  • Available directly within Facebook Business Manager
  • Expansive list of actions and resources from the main menu 
  • Detailed information about audience demographics, reach, and content 
  • Date filters 
  • Ability to view interests, connections, lifestyle, and more 
  • Good starting point for those unfamiliar with metrics and reporting 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive Facebook analytics tool that also offers a variety of Facebook management tools on the same platform.

This makes them a very valuable addition to your Facebook toolkit and can help you to analyze and track social media trends, see how your campaigns are doing, and adjust accordingly. 

Create automated reports that are presentation-ready, allowing you to compile data without taking up a large amount of time trying to organize it.

In gathering and exploring the data, you can apply the best decision making to optimize your strategy. 

With big-picture reports, you can also see all of your social channels in one location over any custom date range you choose.

Aside from your own results, you can also track competitor reports and see exactly what’s happening with others in your niche. 

With the valuable analytics offered by Sprout Social, you can streamline your Facebook and social media workflow with their other features such as engagement + unified social inbox, publishing and scheduling, listening, and brand advocates. 

Depending on what you need from Sprout Social, you can choose the plans that work for you.

Their Standard plan costs $99 month-to-month with a $10 discount per month paid yearly.

The premium solutions include Listening, Premium Analytics, and Employee Advocacy, which can all be added to any plan that you select. 


  • Social reporting with easy-to-understand tools 
  • Complete oversight of all connected social profiles
  • Custom date filtering
  • Competitive comparison
  • Create effective paid and organic campaigns through data 
  • Correlate social activity to business results through visual report creation



Your social media activity on Facebook can be transformed into measurable benefits to rise above the competition and deliver better results for your brand or business.

With Sotrender, you can get a full picture of your social media performance in just a glance.

You’ll have a better understanding of which content performs best so that you can continue to create valuable media that attracts your target audience.

Generate and download reports with automated descriptions that are ready to send.

In addition to monitoring your own performance, you can track your competitors’ performance as well, helping you to understand your industry benchmarks and stay up-to-date with what’s currently going on out there.

Facebook analytics tools like Sotrender allow you to save time and use AI-powered analytics that lead you towards data-driven decisions for Facebook growth.

When billed monthly, the Lite plan costs $70/month and offers you up to 5 profiles with 5 users per account, 90 days of historical data, 120 days of data retention, and social inbox.

Plans increase from there. 


  • Generate reports in less than 60 seconds 
  • Compare ads for future campaigns
  • Monitor metrics that matter most for your business goals 
  • Get a full picture of your social media performance in an instant 
  • Save reports with automated descriptions

Listen Powered by Brandwatch 

Listen Powered by Brandwatch

Previously Union Metrics, Listen powered by Brandwatch is a flexible and expansive tool that will help you to understand exactly what is going on with your audience and reach the right trends at the perfect moment. 

You can discover trends in real time, monitor customer mentions, as well as be on “crisis watch,” able to address any issues or difficulties at the moment that they arise. 

With an easy-to-use dashboard and simple way to find exactly what you need, Listen will help you to grow your reputation and solidify your Facebook as an authority. 

There is no available pricing on the main page of Listen, but you can access more plan information by registering with your email address. 


  • Multiple content sources for listening
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • Emotion analysis
  • Advanced Ai with peak detection
  • Quick search 
  • Historical data
  • Advanced filtering and tagging 



Agorapulse is a multi-faceted social media management tool that also offers powerful features compared to other Facebook analytics tools.

Not only can you use their reporting suite, you can also access useful features like publishing, monitoring, team collaboration, and more. 

With Agorapulse’s Facebook analytics tools, you’ll be able to: 

  • Identify how your content is performing based on the metrics of your choice
  • Benchmark your page 
  • Make decisions about the best-performing content for future strategizing
  • Track trends and team performance
  • Get recommendations from user behavior data
  • Discover organic, paid, and total reach 

You can also run competitions, quizzes, and sweepstakes to promote audience engagement.

The great thing is that you’ll be able to see different types of reach you’re getting as well as use their monitoring tools to see who is talking about your brand and what they’re saying. 

Agorapulse brings you a unified social inbox where users can attach notes or comments to messages sent to clients or customers.

This is effective if you have multiple people managing your inbox or need to remember something important for a later conversation. 

Agorapulse pricing begins at $99/month, including two users and a maximum of 10 social profiles. 


  • Additional tools such as scheduling, monitoring, and collaboration
  • Customize content across multiple channels at once 
  • Private conversations that can be tagged or commented on, saved under a particular username 
  • Organic reach, paid reach, and total reach tracking
  • Tracks increases and decreases in engagement, reach, and published posts 
  • Power reports that can be customized to the metrics and date ranges that you choose
  • Schedule automatic reports 
  • Multiple formats for saving reports

Why Do You Need Facebook Analytics Tools? 

It can be difficult to keep track of all of the important metrics you need when trying to build up your Facebook presence and performance.

If you want to have a thorough understanding, it’s a good idea to use Facebook analytics tools to give complete insight and reporting. 

You can use the acquired knowledge from an in-depth analytics platform to help you curate the perfect content that will deliver real results in the way of likes, comments, and ultimately revenue. 

Facebook Insights is what is provided to you by Facebook, which can be a valuable resource.

That said, it’s great to dig a little deeper using Facebook analytics tools, especially if you want reports you can access at any time and to manage multiple social networks.

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