Everliker Review 2021 | Chrome Extension for Instagram Growth

Everliker Review 2023: Does This Chrome Extension Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Everliker Review 2023: Does This Chrome Extension Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Everliker Review 2023

Everliker is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to automatically like content posted by Instagram users based on your preferred hashtags.

It comes with a free and paid Pro version – but neither are worth your time.

Naturally, the Pro version has more features and functions but you can still auto-like posts based on your chosen hashtags with the free version.

All you need to do when you have the extension enabled on Chrome is to simply leave the browser open and the handy tool will like up to a maximum of 700 posts every day on your behalf.

While this sounds great, it’s not – it’s over the daily limit for Instagram, which means that they are going to get you in trouble.

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Everliker Review

Read on for our detailed Everliker Review.

Why Go with Instagram Automation?

Everliker Review

In this review, we’ll talk about Everliker and whether it’s a reliable Instagram growth tool or bot. But before we do, it’s important to first point out a few important things about Instagram automation.

Using tools that automate human activity on Instagram has some inherent risks. Instagram has been cracking down on bots and other forms of automation on its platform lately, which means no tool is 100% safe.

Keep in mind that Instagram will shadowban your account if you break their rules or violate their terms and conditions.

You can get a shadowban if Instagram believes that you’re using bots, banned hashtags, or you have exceeded your daily limit of liking, following, or commenting on posts.

If your account gets a shadowban, your engagement will be severely limited and you won’t be allowed to follow or like posts by other users for an unspecified period.

A shadowban is something you should avoid by all means by keeping away from cheap low-quality automation bots designed without safety in mind.

There are safer tools such as Everliker but note that we can’t guarantee that they’ll remain safe forever.

The good news is that we’ve tested and used Everliker and a few other browser extensions and found them to be safer than other apps that use Instagram API or other methods to interact with the app.

Chrome extensions are safe because they use Instagram’s desktop website to interact with your account rather than the Instagram API.

They also come with settings that give the automation a natural human-like appearance.

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Why You Don’t Want to Choose Everliker

Everliker Work

There are many reasons why people don’t choose Everliker as their favorite Instagram automation tool.

For instance, Everliker isn’t a free Chrome extension – it comes with a low quality free trial, and a premium subscription with more features to spur your Instagram account’s growth. It’s vastly overpriced, though.

Another reason to not like Everliker is the fact that you enter a batch of keywords into the Chrome extension and it’ll like up to 700 posts related to the keywords randomly every day. This is going to red flag your account.

Everliker isn’t safer than a majority of Instagram auto-liker tools and apps because it’s not capable of taking breaks, doesn’t mimic human behavior, and doesn’t take additional safety measures to avoid getting your account shadowbanned.

Its paid version is also not affordable – it’s cheap. It just costs you $5 per month to unlock more features.

With a paid subscription, you can like up to 1,400 posts each day. This is definitely over the limit, and the targets will be random.

How Does Everliker Work?

Everliker Features

Everliker uses social interaction and engagement to grow your account on Instagram. The Chrome extension automatically likes posts with your chosen hashtags on your behalf and Instagram sends a notification to the phone of the user whose post you’ve liked.

Some of the Instagram users will check out your profile out of curiosity and if they like what they see, they’ll follow you or like your content.

Everliker helps you identify Instagram with similar interests using hashtags, like their posts, and generate attention in your profile. If you can like 700 posts a day using the free version, you’ll have the potential of 700 other Instagram users following you or your brand every single day – but there’s a price to pay.

This kind of engagement can get you shadowbanned.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a free trial.
  • More secure than cloud-based software because it uses your IP address.
  • As a Chrome extension, Everliker can only work when your computer is on and the Google Chrome browser open.
  • It goes over Instagram’s daily limits.
  • Its targeting is random and not specific.
  • It’s cheap, not affordable.
  • It will most likely get you shadowbanned.
  • Doesn’t require login information.

Review Final Verdict

If you want to grow your online presence and generate traffic to your website, you can’t go wrong with organic growth.

It creates real engagement and grows your audience fast. With automation, you make your Instagram growth work easier and more efficient.

Everliker is a terrible example of free Instagram automation tools you shouldn’t rely on to grow your Instagram account.

If you really want to take care of your Instagram account, you will avoid companies like this as much as possible. They just want to make a quick profit, and take advantage of your naivety.

Best Everliker Alternatives 

Now that we can see Everliker is truly not a viable option for Instagram growth, we’re going to elaborate on a few of the best Instagram growth tools available to help you get more followers and engagement. 

One important thing to look for when choosing a company to help you get more Instagram followers is that they work through natural and organic methods to build your followers and engagement. That’s what the following companies can offer you. 

You’ll find that they help to expand your long-term Instagram growth and you won’t have to worry about putting your account at risk like you do with Everliker. 



If you’re looking for the most effective service in natural, organic Instagram growth, Growthoid is certainly for you.

Companies like Everliker want you to believe in out-of-date automation methods, but Growthoid employs tried-and-true tactics for Instagram growth to get you real, targeted Instagram followers. 

Real followers from within your target audience are much more valuable than the fake followers and bots that will pollute your account and harm your reputation.

Everliker falls back on that, but Growthoid invests their energy in interacting with your target audience on your behalf, creating a campaign that gets you real Instagram followers. 

Their expert growth managers work with sophisticated AI technology that is developed specifically for their Instagram growth service, meaning that no other company can help you reach your audience like Growthoid can. 

With flexible monthly plan options, a free trial, and a guarantee, you can’t go wrong with Growthoid. 



Growthsilo is an Everliker alternative that has much better targeting instructions than you’d ever see using Everliker.

While Everliker is a completely dated automation tool, you can use Growthsilo to reach real Instagram users in your target audience. 

Growthsilo will implement your specific targeting instructions to engage with the right users on your behalf, getting you real Instagram followers that care about your content, helping you to also boost your engagement rates. 

In addition to high-quality services, Growthsilo offers affordable pricing options that make much more sense than those of Everliker. 


Nitreo Review & 25% Discount Coupon

Our third Everliker alternative focuses on interaction and organic growth methods as well, and Nitreo has been one of the best companies for a very long time. Offering simple services and real results, you can’t go wrong with Nitreo. 

You’ll be able to reach more people in your target audience through Nitreo and their Instagram targeting and interactions.

You let them do the work and you’ll be able to focus your energy on your Instagram content or anything else you need for your brand or business. 

Check out Nitreo if you want real Instagram followers through organic growth strategies. They also have interesting free tools like an Instagram engagement calculator and downloader. 

Bonus Pick: Task Ant 

Task Ant

Even though Task Ant isn’t an Instagram growth service like the others in our alternatives section, it’s much more important than anything you can get from Everliker.

Task Ant is the prime hashtag generator tool for Instagram and can get your hashtag strategy on point to double or potentially triple your content’s reach and IG follower count. 

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags on Instagram. You can find hashtags based on different filters and search options; you’ll see the usage stats and metrics based on the official Instagram API. 

Once you compile your desired hashtags, you can save them into sets for easy use when you post your content. All in all, Task Ant is an excellent option for Instagram growth. 

All four of the services mentioned above are much better for the health of your Instagram account and will undoubtedly provide you with better results than Everliker. 

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