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Google Maps is the first choice for netizens when there is a need for finding a particular direction, location, or street view. The navigation app is preferred for its wealth of data and coverage. User-friendliness and speed are other factors that make it a favorable app among users.

Visitors to a website or blog find it easy to navigate a region or identify a location.  You can see images of a map view or street view. The app also provides directions to a particular location. By having this feature on your website, you can improve the functionality of the site effectively. If you are looking to add this app to your website, the process is simple and quick.

How to Embed Google Maps in a Webpage

Find below the steps you need to complete to embed Google Map:

  • Visit the official Google Maps site at Maps.Google.com.
  • Go to the street/map view image or directions that you wish to embed.
  • In the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) found on the top left corner of the webpage, find the Share or Embed map feature and select it.
  • In the pop-up window that you see, choose the Embed a Map option. As a default setting, the page displays the Send a Link feature. This helps in sharing the map via email or Facebook, Twitter, etc. The Embed feature will give the HTML code of the map which is crucial for embedding.
  • Now select the map size from small, custom, medium, or large sizes present on the drop-down menu found near the HTML code.
  • Copy and paste the HTML code on the HTML part of your site.

Remember that you are consenting to the terms of service of the app by embedding it. However, the app does not provide live traffic data or other similar data.

How to Embed Google Maps Code on Your Website

  • Open your webpage where you wish to embed the map. In the editing window, point the cursor to the location you want the app to appear.
  • Paste the HTML code you generated at the Google Maps site.
  • Change the code by replacing the “<” with “[ um-“at the beginning of the code and “></iframe>” at the end part of the code with “]”.

Note: You will not be able to view the map using the editing window. For map view, save the changes you have made and preview it on your browser.

Embed Google Maps FAQs

Here are answers to the frequently asked questions on embedding Google Maps on a website or blog:

Can Google Maps be embedded on any website?

It is easy and quick to embed the map on your site.

You have to enter the name of your company in the search box. A map of the region is displayed on the site.

You need to make the required settings changes and generate the embedding code.

Is it necessary to add a Google Map to your site?

Google Maps is a navigation app that is popular due to the varied services it offers like location details, satellite views, directions, panning, and zooming.

The interface is user-friendly and updated regularly.

When you add the feature to your website, it will make your site look updated, professional, and tech-savvy.

What are the uses of Google Maps?

With the Google map embedding feature, you can get many benefits like:

  • Help your customers find your location without leaving the site and visiting another site for locating your address.
  • Keep traffic on your site by providing all info they need on a single page.  If a visitor wants to find the location of your business, they can find the address on the map without moving to another site.
  • The street view feature allows users to see the type of surroundings they can expect in the location they want to go.
  • The map provides regional spots near your business that visitors to your site may be interested in such as restaurants, parks, parking spaces, and more.
  • Finding the contact details of your business is easy with the app. A visitor can view information such as your address, website, phone number, and more.
  • You need to just enter a map title and include the address. The HTML code is automatically updated.

What changes can I do to the app?

It is easy to customize the map as per your needs.

You can change aspects like the height, and width of the map and its zoom level.

The app allows you to set map type to hybrid, terrain, satellite, or road map.

Do I need to pay for using the app?

No, the app is free to use.