Dominator House Review - Does it Work for LinkedIn Marketing?

Dominator House Review 2023 – Will It Get You Banned?

Published on: September 23, 2021
Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Unfortunately, services like these don’t work, and they actually jeopardize the safety of your account. The service that Dominator House offers for LinkedIn is known as Linkeddominator. They claim to have many services, but they aren’t explicit on how it works.
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Dominator House Review 2023

LinkedIn is booming for business and professional networking, and it isn’t losing steam anytime soon. LinkedIn has over 250 million active users, which is nearing the number of Twitter; this is pretty incredible for a business-based social networking platform. 

With the reputation of LinkedIn at an all-time high, there are many users that are looking to take advantage of the traffic and gain their B2B leads and market their products, services, and recruiting efforts on the LinkedIn platform. 

In order to have a successful opportunity to do so, you’ll need to interact with many people on the platform, which takes a lot of time. If you’re already busy with many other business efforts, it won’t be so easy to set aside time to send message after message to potential leads. 

While it is totally possible with the right prioritizing, many people are not keen on taking the time to do this work, and for that reason companies have emerged that are offering automation services to make the LinkedIn communication process less labor-intensive for users. 

It does sound attractive, but is it the best option for LinkedIn marketing and performance? Can automation really help your LinkedIn account? 

Since there are so many companies out there trying to promote this type of service, we are going to review one of them: Dominator House.

In this Dominator house review, we’ll discuss what the tool does, whether or not it’s effective, and what LinkedIn automation can do to your account. 

Let’s take a look! 

What does Dominator House do? 

Dominator house claims to be a marketing tool for marketers— groundbreaking! We couldn’t resist that one. Anyway, in Dominator House’s main description, there are a lot of attractive buzzwords, making their service seem like a pretty good option. 

After all, who doesn’t want to get more brand visibility and increase their client base and generate higher profits? That’s the nature of these services— they try to get people to bite based on fancy words and plans that seem like they could work.

Unfortunately, services like these don’t work, and they actually jeopardize the safety of your account. The service that Dominator House offers for LinkedIn is known as Linkeddominator. They claim to have many services, but they aren’t explicit on how it works. 

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Dominator House LinkedDominator

Another thing that is really bad about their services is that all of their features are automated. The main features that you can see advertised on their website includes auto-posting to LinkedIn groups, scheduling, auto-send messages, wall posting feature, mass messages, and information scraping functions. 

These features are nothing new, and there are many LinkedIn automation services offering the exact same ones. The big problem with this is that these methods are not approved by LinkedIn, and they hurt your account. These are not above the board methods for better LinkedIn performance.

LinkedIn Automation Lowers Your Reputation 

Dominator House logo

Do you like receiving messages that are clearly automated and spamming you for services that you’ve never heard of? Do you like receiving messages from marketing agencies and other companies that you’ve never given your contact info to? 

Most people do not, and if you do this on LinkedIn, you are not going to be looked on favorably. People don’t consider you to be serious and trustworthy when you use automation services to send bulk messages; they also won’t approve if you get their contact info out of nowhere. 

Your reputation isn’t helped at all by LinkedIn automation. 

Linkedin Automation Has Consequences

LinkedIn will alert users who are using automation and require them to accept a statement that they will not use services that go against their terms of use. If you receive this message and decide to keep using LinkedIn automation, you’ll be in for some trouble. 

Your account can be disabled or deactivated by LinkedIn, which means it will destroy what you’ve worked so hard to build. LinkedIn cares more about their platform’s integrity than your account, and their eyes, if you are not willing to comply with the terms of use, you are not part of the community. 

Pricing and Plans 

Dominator House Linkedin Pricing

One odd thing is that when you go to purchase the product, it takes you to a portal allied Socinator. This is a bit strange because the website itself is called Dominator House, so perhaps it’s a partner or something. 

The pricing options for Dominator House Linkedin service is $20 a month, which is cheaper than other LinkedIn services offering the same services. Why? If it’s such a great system and works so well, why would it be more expensive? Unlimited LinkedIn accounts, campaigns, and activity? Very fishy.

It seems pretty probable that they are trying to line their pockets with their subpar service and don’t care much about what they offer, only about the price point. 

Refund Policy

Dominator House has a dedicated page for refunds that you can find at the bottom of the main page. This is a sign that they have a lot of questions about refunds, so they have to put a very clear page up so that they don’t have to explain it over and over again. 

Not only that, they want to cover themselves so that they can see it was disclosed to the client when they signed up, nor having to provide them a refund when they inevitably email for one. There are no refunds after you receive the product, with exceptions of major defects, non-delivery, download issues, and some not-as-described issues. 

It’s very strange because it says something about delivery, but what exactly are they delivering?

They make it seem like they are going to send you the software via mail. This is just another example of how Dominator House doesn’t clarify their services and doesn’t give customers the full details. 

They state that they don’t certify that their services work with all third-party programs and they don’t offer support for third-party programs either. That’s a pretty easy way to say that Dominator House doesn’t want to help their clients no matter what, and they seem to be looking to shift their responsibility to the client. 

Review Conclusion

All in all, Dominator House offers all of the same features as other automation companies, none of which are approved by Instagram.

Do yourself a favor and skip them— they’re not going to provide any of what they mention for 20 bucks and there are more reputable and trustworthy ways to grow your LinkedIn account. 

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