Discord Server Templates Explained With A List of the Best Templates

13 Best Discord Server Templates in 2024

Published on: March 17, 2023
Last Updated: March 17, 2023

13 Best Discord Server Templates in 2024

Published on: March 17, 2023
Last Updated: March 17, 2023

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If you want to start a Discord channel focused on a specific topic or hobby, the first step is to set up a server.

Servers are similar to forums in that you can have many streams for different subjects. 

Because of the application’s expanding growth in gaming, education, and other sectors, Discord has made it simple to create a private discussion board for your group.

With the Discord server template, you can create a fully-featured server with a distinct channel in only a few clicks.

What is a Discord Server Template?

A Discord server template is simply a blueprint for the formation of new servers. 

Creating an easily accessible Discord server is critical for growing your Discord network and engaging people.

Establishing a Discord server is simple, but configuring it for your purposes and the wants of your audience may be time-consuming.

Hence, Discord launched a feature that allows users to clone prepared templates to avoid all of the guesswork. 

There are several themes available if you want to build a server for your gaming friends or a center for collaboration on your next song.

However, in the vast internet ocean, selecting the right one may be tough.

With that in mind, there is a list of the top Discord templates, from which you can undoubtedly choose the perfect design for the demands of your audience.

How to Build a Template for a Discord Server?

Roles with “Manage Server” access are required to create a Discord server template.

In the “Server Settings” menu of the Discord server for which you wish to make a template, select “Server Template.”

Fill up the fields with a title and description for your Discord template, then click “Generate Template” to begin generating your server template.

List of the Best Discord Templates!


There are many top Discord server templates accessible, few of them are discussed here.

They were picked for their elegance, beauty, emoji usage, and uniqueness.

Simplicity is essential. Elegance, on the other hand, will entice new attendees. If you don’t want your server to get overburdened, you can choose from any of them:

A Template for a Streaming Site or a Community Server

This template includes a greeting and verification channel, as well as speaking channels for bots and humans. 

If you’re a broadcaster or have your own streaming network, you may use this template to create your own Discord forum for your streaming or broadcasting channel.

If you want to build your business and engage with your audience, followers, and stream viewers, first you must have this Discord server.

Bot Support

In the case of bot creators, having a server where you can address user questions and respond to feature enhancement requests is a great way to keep the community involved.

Users will be more likely to recommend your bot to everyone if they receive answers to their queries and concerns through a dedicated support server you put up for your bot.

Providing exceptional service to your customers may go a long way.

When it comes to launching your own server for bot assistance, this template is ready to use!

Starter Server Template with No Frill Attachments

If you’re looking for a basic server template with minimal embellishments, look no further!

It is clear that having so many channels, complicated permissions, or a slew of extra features may make server maintenance challenging.

To look at it another way, if all you need is a server to host gaming for you and your buddies, this theme is perfect.

Several game lovers are using this template to immediately set up a server with the appropriate number of channels and permissions.

Aesthetic Symbols

Aesthetic Kaomoji

This Discord server template includes a fantastic selection of visually appealing channel names for you to pick from, and it is highly recommended that you check them out!

This template features a great selection of channel names with beautiful symbols and kaomoji, so have a glance if that’s what you’re searching for!

If you’re seeking channel names for your server, the channel names offered on this server can provide lots of inspiration.

These are ideal if you want to include specialized channels for various components of the server and need some ideas to assist you in choosing what to include.

This is the perfect Discord template for people searching for a server that is aesthetically impressive.

It offers a variety of fonts for channel titles, as well as normal server functionality such as roles and adorable emoji and kaomoji! 

Certainly, an anaesthetic server cannot function without them.

Of course, if you would like to build your customized channel names using attractive fonts, you can do so with this design template. 

They also offer an extremely adorable selection of role names in gorgeous hues of pink and magenta, so make sure to look at those as well if you’re considering using this template, as there are a lot of great roles available!

Gaming Servers

Following in the footsteps of the recently mentioned aesthetic server, this is a trendy template that is ideal for gaming servers seeking a more elegant vibe!

It has a tremendous collection of diverse roles, and the roles are even kaomoji-enhanced.

This, I must say, may lend a nice touch to the role names!

The channel is usually classified into different groups, such as the greeting group and the assistance center group. This logical grouping may offer a lot of organization to the server as a whole.

One feature of this design that people particularly like is the hobby-related channels, which cover a wide range of interests, from music to Korean pop culture to fashion. 

Aesthetic Purple

If you like the color purple, this is the perfect template for you!

This server perfectly mimics the purple look, with an astounding assortment of purple-themed channels and role names! 

Chill Server

It is highly recommended that you check out this template if you want to make a relaxed or lo-fi-themed server.

It also provides voice channels for a wide range of interests, such as particular games including Fortnite, Roblox, and Among Us.

These are fantastic if you want to arrange gaming or conversation events, and having separate channels for each game may be beneficial in general.

There are a variety of roles available; many of them are in diverse violet tints and colors that serve to replicate the purple look so beautifully.

If you want to make a relaxed server, this is certainly one to check out!

Tea Cafe 

This template aids in recreating the café style, complete with a charming tea avatar and much more.

This may also be a good alternative if you want to build a relaxed Discord server. The channel names also contain a variety of adorable sparkles and kaomoji!

There are several alternatives for role titles, including color-scheme roles, as well as roles with glitter and other charming textual signs.

Space Theme

If you like the sky, galaxies, and other celestial things, then you should try out a space theme for your server!!


This theme is a terrific way to get your server’s subscribers to submit their favorite retro movies, music, and games.

You might run a survey asking server members to vote on their favorite decade, and then build a server layout on the results!

Members may then share and discuss their favorite songs or video games from this generation with other members.

It may also be a terrific opportunity for server members to get to know each other, which is always a nice benefit! More conversation and participation will help your server become more popular, which will lead to more enjoyment in the long run!

Current Season

Why not welcome the current season by dedicating a fun server template to it?

For example, if it’s springtime, you may enjoy the beautiful flowers that have just begun to bloom.

You may also develop roles that are specific to the season; for example, bright, neon colors in the summer or subdued pastels in the spring.

During the autumn season, red and orange roles might also be employed. Everything is up to your creativity!

Mythical Castle

For a fantastic touch, why not develop a mythical castle theme? This server layout may appeal to folks who enjoy storytelling, fairy tales, and old mythology.

While the “mythical castle” motif is merely one option, you are only limited by your creativity!

The options for mythological and magical themes are infinite, ranging from ancient civilization themes to enchanting gardens and so much more!

Simply choose a generic geographical noun, such as “forest,” “marine,” or “lagoon,” and then add a mythological phrase to it to build your own theme. 

Templates from Discord Style

Templates from Discord Style

If you wish to try out another Discord server template, you may do so by visiting the Discord templates page.

They provide a simple user interface that allows you to browse a wide range of server layouts.

You may filter templates to display only the most famous ones.

You may also use the search box to find templates or navigate by category. 

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