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DigiSMM is an Instagram growth company that claims to “provide social media marketing services for all businesses.” They don’t work with any other social media networks, just Instagram.  They claim to be a serious and passionate company that cares a lot about their clients’ results. We wish this were true, but unfortunately based on the sheer volume of negative reviews we’ve come across on the web, it’s pretty apparent that Digi SMM doesn’t care much about their clients, if at all.
Digi SMM Review - Is it Safe to Use?
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There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram every month, making it the perfect place for content marketing and reaching out to get noticed by people in your target audience.

It’s a slow process, but if you build up your Instagram followers, you can gain more traction and deliver more real-world results.

It’s not easy to get more Instagram followers, and for that reason, there are a lot of companies out there these days that try to sell Instagram growth.

Some work and some are absolutely horrible. 

If you want to maintain the integrity of your Instagram account it’s important that you do a lot of research to make sure that the company isn’t going to put you at risk or harm your account.

The majority of the companies are actually not safe for your account. 

DigiSMM Review

After checking out a variety of companies, we came across Digi SMM and realized it could cause some serious trouble for your Instagram accounts. It could be considered one of the least desirable companies to work with for more Instagram followers. 

Here we’re bringing you a DigiSMM review to save you some time, money, and a big headache.

Let’s go!  

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What is DigiSMM? 

DigiSMM is an Instagram growth company that claims to “provide social media marketing services for all businesses.” They don’t work with any other social media networks, just Instagram. 

They claim to be a serious and passionate company that cares a lot about their clients’ results.

We wish this were true, but unfortunately based on the sheer volume of negative reviews we’ve come across on the web, it’s pretty apparent that DigiSMM doesn’t care much about their clients, if at all. 

When you visit their website, there’s not much to see other than a few brief descriptions of their services and a bit more information about their process.

This is how DigiSMM works: 

  • Choose a package in your budget and place an order
  • Provide basic details to fulfil order 
  • Wait for your followers to be delivered

So, their main service is basically selling you Instagram followers, likes, auto-likes, comments, and views.

They are insistent that this is the best way to get more Instagram followers.

Claiming to have serviced 500k satisfied customers, we wonder where all of these positive reviews are. 

DigiSMM Reviews

Digi SMM has a lot of different information on their website about how great their service is, none of which is modest or even based on facts or evidence. 

Their website is completely full of five star reviews from their past customers that were able to build the most successful Instagram account from absolutely nothing, and more comments of the like. 

It’s unlikely that these customers are real— everything is very generic and looks to be fortified by the company itself. Imagine, every single word of the client testimonial is written with a capital letter? What’s that about? So unnatural. 

All of their reviews are like that, so we’re convinced these are fake. They look nothing like the reviews found on Trustpilot. 

There are no shortage of reviews claiming that DigiSMM has defrauded them and that their services are a complete scam. One user says that they ordered 1.5k followers with 500 paid and 1k as a free add-on. 

He waited, waited, and waited, and nothing arrived. They never replied to his messages and he lost out on his investment. That’s not the only comment like that. Another asserts that they did get their followers but they began to drop off so quickly the next day that it was clearly a scam with fake followers. 

They have tons of positive reviews on their site and absolutely none of these can be real. They’re beyond generic.

The most alarming thing is that now, DigiSMM is trying to hook users to their services by offering free Instagram followers. 

Ironically, that service is “under maintenance,” forcing users to buy their paid services. All in all, DigiSMM is just trying to pull a fast one on people. They don’t offer anything that they claim to. 

The nail in the coffin for us is that their site says “get free Instagram followers bot now.” Seems like they’re admitting to the fake nature of their site. They also don’t offer a refund unless they failed to deliver the followers within 48 hours and you receive no email during that time. 

Regardless, it’s not likely that you’ll hear from them again, even if they didn’t fulfill their part of the deal. 

DigiSMM Features: Can They Help You? 

Digi SMM Services

Unfortunately we believe that DigiSSM features will hurt your Instagram account much more than it will help it. This is especially due to the reviews we’ve seen and the experience with services that list very generic information on their website. 

When you check out the features on DigiSMM’s website, they have a lot of options that explain the benefits of each service, how it works, and also huge numbers of five star customer reviews that are completely fake. 

One of their quotes also said “Digismm automation creates 12x engagement on my pics.” Yeah, right! 

Their website is full of typos and errors and ultimately everything is pretty much generic. Here are the services they offer and what they claim to provide.


They allow up to 10k Instagram followers for purchase, and the minimum quantity you can buy is 50. It’s a wide range but at the end of the day if you’re getting just a bunch of fake followers you’re not going to be benefiting much. 

The cost is $99.99 for 10k followers, which seems cheap, but remember they’re all fake and they’ll fall off of your account after just a few days.

These fake followers can also cause problems for your Instagram account and get you banned or even mess up your metrics. 

Likes and Auto-Likes

You can also get likes and auto-likes on DigiSMM but they are pretty outrageous in the packages that they offer.

They offer 200k Instagram likes for $999.99. That’s a huge amount of money to buy Instagram likes and simply have them disappear with no possibility for a refund.

Please take our advice and avoid this company! Don’t spend a thousand dollars on a feature that is bound to disappoint you. 


We still can’t understand why all of their Instagram reviews are with Words In All Caps Like This, but oh well.

Just another testament to the fact that they’re all fake. The same occurs on the comments feature page, and even worse, they don’t tell you anything about what type of comments you’re going to be getting. 

It’s a really bad idea to buy Instagram comments because they create a very spammy look for your profile and cause you to lose your reputation. People think very lowly of profiles that implement fake bot comments. 


You can also get Instagram views from DigiSMM, but it’s more of the same. Avoid. Fake and overpriced.

Free Trial 

The “free trial,” as we mentioned above, asks for your username and email address but you can’t even submit the form because it says “under maintenance.”

This is a common occurrence and it’s been noted by many others. It’s always under maintenance, so there’s no free trial. 

Customer Support 

The most ironic part of all of this is that DigiSMM gives themselves a lot of self-praise for their around-the-clock customer service, when in fact they never even reply to any of their customer emails. 

DigiSMM: Is it Safe? 

We would say with a resounding no, that DigiSMM is not safe. They try to pretend that they are on the up and up, but with odd formatting on their sites, random reviews that are overly generic, a huge presence of negative reviews online, as well as poorly created copy on their website, we vote against DigiSMM.

Their website is secure, at least, but we don’t recommend that you buy from them because ultimately your order isn’t going to be delivered and even if it is, you’ll lose all of your followers very shortly after you receive them. 

DigiSMM User Reviews on TrustPilot

Things don’t look good on TrustPilot. Here are just some of DigiSMM’s negative reviews.

Digi SMM Trustpilot Reviews

Review Verdict: Avoid Like the Plague 

Here’s our pros and cons list for DigiSMM: 

  • Simple to use and buy from
  • Fake followers that they try to pass off as real
  • Impossible to get in contact with support and/or a refund
  • Followers disappear very quickly
  • May not even deliver
  • Many negative reviews online
  • Overly expensive
  • Shady fake reviews on their website
  • Not safe
  • Many false claims

As you can see, there really isn’t a single positive element about DigiSMM. Yes, it’s simple to use the service, but other than that, it’s much better to avoid altogether.

This is not a long-term solution for real Instagram growth and there are better services out there to help you get real Instagram followers that can help strengthen your reputation.

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