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Last Updated: September 21, 2021


Jason Reveals Product of the Year Winners
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There were 10 clear winners voted for by readers at the Product of the Year awards for 2006.

For a second year in a row, SAS won a couple of awards, while two other companies won the same awards in their categories as last year.

There was a new category this year as well, the Corporate Blogging Platform, which showcased five finalists.

The winners were:

For the second year in a row, SpamAssassin took home first prize in the anti-spam category. This is a product that has been made by Apache, which is a supporter of open-source software projects.

SpamAssassin won by a wider margin the previous year and earned more than three times the votes of Cloudmark Server Edition, who came in second place. Other finalists included CanIt-PRO 3.0 and PureMessage 5.1.

SAS Institute won in the Compliance Software category for the second time in a row, however they used a different product.

SAS Fair Banking won in this category, and it had more votes than any of the other finalists in any of the other groups. In second place was BizRights 3.0.

In the Corporate Blogging Platform category, iUpload Application Suite 2005 was the winner, followed by WordPress 2.0.

Reuters Messaging 5.0 came first in the Enterprise IM category, and in second place was SMARTGig 6000.

In the Enterprise Linux Product Category was Firefox, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 came in a close second. Zimbra Collaborative Suite was in the finals.

The closest thing to an actual contest came in the Enterprise Security category, where Spywall won closely followed by ThreatWall. Frontline 3.2 came in third.

SAS was able to nab its second award this year in the Enterprise Server category with their SAS Enterprise BI Server, and StorEdge 6920 came in at a close second.

The Handheld Device category had Treo 700w in first place, and in second was iPaq hx2790 from HP. Axim X51 from Dell was also in there as well as a finalist.

CoreFirst 1.4 was the clear winner in the category of Network and Systems Management, and in second place was Citrix Presentation Server from Citrix Systems.

Double-Take from NSI Software was in there, as well as Business Software Configuration Management.

The category of Wireless Software was headed by Laptop Analyzer 6.0 with OptiView WAN Analyzer coming in second place.

You will see some stories come up over the next couple of weeks around each of the winners that nabbed first place in the 10 different categories that were up for grabs.

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