Data Mining & Business Intelligence Archives

Published on: December 13, 2005
Last Updated: December 13, 2005

Data Mining & Business Intelligence Archives

Published on: December 13, 2005
Last Updated: December 13, 2005

Tools To Tame The Data Deluge
By Nathan Segal – Published 11/6/2002
On a global basis, data doubles about every nine months, twice as fast as processing capacity. To keep up with the deluge, many companies turn to data mining. Here’s a look at some data mining tools and solutions.

Drilling Down With A Data Mining Pioneer
By Nathan Segal – Published 11/6/2002
Dr. Usama Fayyad, CEO and co-founder of DigiMine, has worked on data mining technology since 1989. Here he shares his thoughts about how to get the most out of your data.

Sidebar: Tools To Tame The Data Deluge
Microsoft: Web Services is About Business Agility
By Thor Olavsrud – Published 10/1/2002
At Internet World Fall 2002, Microsoft continues to evangelize XML Web services and its .NET platform as a way to make organizations capable of adapting to trends and capitalizing on opportunities.

Network Appliance Digs Deep into Enterprise Storage
By Clint Boulton – Published 10/1/2002
At an event held concurrently with Internet World Fall 2002, NetApp tackles enterprise management with new storage software and accompanying products.

IBM’s Web Services Security Answer Lies with Tivoli
By Jim Wagner – Published 9/18/2002
UPDATE: The challenge in today’s Web services environment isn’t bringing one network online, it’s bringing together disparate networks using different platforms.

Case Study: Bridging The Database Divide
By David Needle – Published 7/26/2002
Blount International’s Sporting Equipment Group had a lot of great customer information in two disparate databases and no simple, secure way to consolidate. The company turned to Silvon Software, a maker of business intelligence products.

One Oracle Suite To Rule Them All
By Michael Singer – Published 7/11/2002
UPDATE: The company says its Collaboration Suite takes on Microsoft is anticipation of a big shift towards collaborative apps.

Nanoscale Sensor Could Increase Data Storage Capacity
By Michael Pastore – Published 7/8/2002
A magnetic sensor made of nickel is believed to have the potential to increase data storage capacity by a factor of a thousand.

Why Buy New When Used Will Do?
By Drew Bird – Published 7/2/2002
Looking to save a few (thousand) bucks on your next storage networking purchase? The answer may lie in the highly active market for previously owned equipment. Read on to find out how you can get what you need for much less than you thought.

Meta Report: Oracle Multiplexing Causing User Apoplexy
By Charlie Garry – Published 6/26/2002
Some customers have reported aggressive interpretations of the term ‘multiplexing’ by Oracle that threaten to increase licensing fees on existing installations.

Meta Group: Impact Of The IBM-Hitachi Storage Partnership
By Rob Schafer – Published 6/12/2002
The recent IBM and Hitachi Data Systems storage joint venture for component hardware and alliance for management software and standards development promises critical economies of scale and a long-term storage presence. Nonetheless, users must focus on the merits of the delivered product.

Bringing Simplicity To Complexity
By Matt Kelly – Published 5/2/2002
Business Process Management — software that pulls necessary data and functions out of legacy systems — has been slow to take hold in enterprises. But BPM vendors say growth is just a matter of time because the need for efficiency is only going to increase.

IBM Details Linux-based Storage Strategy
By Ryan Naraine – Published 4/23/2002
Looking to close the gap on EMC and Veritas Software in the Storage Management Software sector, IBM sheds light on its three-pronged strategy to embrace Linux technologies and standards-based management interfaces.

Business Intelligence Software Product of the Year 2001
By Eva Marer – Published 2/25/2002
datmation-poy.gifThe Business Intelligence Software Product of the Year contest was a sack race between apples and oranges, with the top three finishers representing very different products with diverse functionalities. Grabbing the gold for 2001 was Microsoft’s Data Analyzer.

Case Study: Office Depot Gets Intelligent with MicroStrategy
By Beth Cox – Published 12/27/2001
The office-supply giant turns to the business intelligence software maker to help it get a grasp on millions of customers, orders and items.

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