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Published on: June 19, 2000
Last Updated: February 3, 2023
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Use these Cascading Style Sheets for tremendous control over the content of your pages.

So, You Want Cascading Style Sheets, Huh?
     Start here! Set all your font size and face commands at once! All your pages read off of one template: That’s the Style Sheet.

So, You Want Info On CSS and Cursors, Huh?
     There are 17 to choose from.

So, You Want Info On CSS and Lists, Huh?
     Add some style to your lists!

So, You Want Info On CSS and Borders, Huh?
     If you can put it on your HTML page, you can get any type of border around it!

So, You Want CSS With Forms, Huh?
     Put all the commands together and you can create some pretty great forms in MSIE.

So, You Want Info On CSS and Printing, Huh?
     No, you cannot force a browser to print your page, but you do have some control over how it will look when the user does print. Here’s the lowdown.

So, You Want Positioning, Huh?
     These commands allow you to place images and text exactly where you want them on any browser.

So, You Want CSS Classes and IDs, Huh?
     The down-and-dirty use of Style Sheets to set up text style classes. It’s fast and it works.

So, You Want Info On CSS and Backgrounds, Huh?
     Colors, images, full and partial page backgrounds, background-repeat, and the watermark — all here!

So, You Want DHTML, Huh?
     DHTML (Dynamic HTML) employs Style Sheets in some very interesting ways. Check it out!

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