Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Trading & Investing

15 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Trading & Investing in 2024

Published on: May 30, 2023
Last Updated: May 30, 2023

15 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Trading & Investing in 2024

Published on: May 30, 2023
Last Updated: May 30, 2023


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The best cryptocurrency app for trading & investing in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is eToro!

Back just a few years ago, it was just a few people that were talking about Bitcoin, and if you were, a lot of other people would think that you were crazy.

Now, it seems that in 2024 everyone can’t get enough of the cryptocurrency industry, and it’s growing by the day.

They have become far more accessible for the average American after a recent increase in popularity.

This is why there are a number of brokerage firms out there that now allow investors to purchase and sell cryptocurrency right alongside their traditional stocks and mutual funds.

There are some really popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there that have made the entire process really easy, especially when they have a trading app that you can take on the go.

Of course, you might not be someone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency anytime soon, because at the end of the day, the industry is still highly volatile, and there is a lot of risk involved.

With this in mind, it could also be your time, and you could end up making a small fortune from it.

Let’s review what we believe to be the best cryptocurrency apps in the industry in 2024, so that you can put your best foot forward when you do decide to trade or invest in crypto.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps 2024

Here’s a quick look at the best cryptocurrency app for trading & investing:

  1. eToro – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Uphold
  3. Pionex
  4. Binance
  5. Ledger
  6. Gemini
  7. Coinbase
  8. Robinhood
  9. SoFi
  10. Cash App

1. eTor1o


eToro is an excellent crypto app in 2024 to go for if you are a serious cryptocurrency investor and you’re looking for a completely decked out platform in terms of features that also offers a straightforward pricing structure.

There are many advantages to using this crypto app, including the fact that they offer a lot of popular coins that aren’t on other popular exchanges out there.

Another aspect to this crypto trading app is that you can copy trades that have been done by other investors, and the app itself is super user-friendly, so you don’t have to be technically minded to take advantage of them.

👉 Get Started with eToro

We think that their fee structure is straightforward, and they even offer a demo account, so you can implement some test trades in the beginning, to see how they work.

One thing to watch out for with this crypto app is that they do have some high fees based on which digital currencies you’re trading, and you can only use them in certain states in America.

However, we are confident that this is going to increase at some point, as they become more popular, so watch this space, and get in early while you can.

2. Uphold


Uphold is one of the best crypto apps in 2024 to help you trade between cryptocurrencies, and the best part is that they can help you with US equities, national currencies and precious metals at the same time.

You can either download these guys from the Google Play or App Store, and they can help you transfer U.S. dollars to Bitcoin within seconds.

They support 27 national currencies, 68 cryptocurrencies, and more than 50 U.S. stocks.

They can help their clients schedule transactions regularly using autopilot, which means that you can set up recurring purchase or sell orders and reduce the impact of the industry’s volatility.

Because they are a multi-asset platform, you can trade both Fiat and cryptocurrency, and they believe that they are offering their clients a more versatile home for their financial life.

3. Pionex

Pionex Bot Review – All-In-One Option or a Generic Crypto Trading Solution?

Pionex is going to surprise you in the best way possible when it comes to being a crypto app, because they can help you automatically trade cryptocurrency with 16 trading bots that they have built into the system.

Did we mention that these crypto trading bots are completely free for you to use? Literally all you have to do to make the most of these crypto trading bots is enter your email address.

The other thing that’s so great about their crypto trading bots is that they are specified, meaning that they aren’t all generic and going to make generalized decisions.

👉 Get Pionex FREE

  • Price: FREE
  • Types of Bots: Arbitrage Bot, Grid Trading Bot, Copy Trading, Social Trading, Martingale Bot, Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot, Rebalancing Bot, DCA, etc.
  • Supported Exchanges: Huobi, Binance, Pionex
  • Mobile App: iOS & Android

For example, you can capitalize on their grid trading bot, or you can even go for their arbitrage bot.

They have no minimum deposit, and they have a ton of data and information on their website about cryptocurrency trading in general, so that you don’t have to go in feeling like you are completely inexperienced.

This is by far one of the best crypto apps out there if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to invest right now, but you definitely want to get started somehow.

4. Binance


Binance – there’s a really good chance that you’ve heard of it already before, because it is arguably one of the most well-known and popular crypto apps in the industry.

They talk on their website how they can help you purchase and sell your cryptocurrency in minutes, and if you do sign up for them, you will be joining the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

One of the features that stands out the most is the fact that their app makes it so that you can trade anywhere, and they say that the app is compatible with multiple devices, so that you can trade both safely and conveniently.

If there are any bumps in the road along the way, you can get in touch with their 24/7 support, and they also have a community you can be a part of when it comes to your cryptocurrency investments.

If you’re pretty new to the world of investing cryptocurrency, and you want to be able to tap into some knowledge, they also have a blog going.

5. Ledger


Ledger is a great choice for a crypto app that is good if you are looking for being able to store your cryptocurrency on the same app as you trade.

The next crypto app on our list is one of the most respected names in the storage and wallet business, and offers soft wallets as well as hardware wallets, so that you can easily store your cryptocurrency away safely.

The only downside to this crypto app is that they can be on the expensive side.

6. Gemini


The Gemini crypto app is easily one of the biggest sources based in America to purchase, hold, and sell your cryptocurrency.

It offers its clients an extensive lineup of cryptocurrencies and also comes with some pretty unique features. This crypto app is great for traders and investors of all skill levels that want a decked-out cryptocurrency platform with all the relevant features.

They have a large list of different cryptocurrencies that you can invest in as well as low minimum purchases, so you don’t have to have a lot of assets in the beginning to get started.

When it comes to their mobile app, it is highly rated and when it comes to their trading platform, it is advanced, so that you can capitalize on competent trading strategies, without having to have the skill.

You can even earn interest on cryptocurrency balances, and pay for purchases at thousands of different merchants in America through the app.

They also have educational resources, just in case you are pretty new to the cryptocurrency industry and want to learn more.

7. Coinbase


Coinbase is another crypto app that you’ve probably heard of already, because they are one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with more than 43 million users in more than 100 countries, and more than $90 billion in user accounts.

This crypto app is great for traders and investors of all different experience and skill levels who want a solid platform that is great for storing, purchasing, and selling cryptocurrency.

They have an extensive cryptocurrency selection available, and low a minimum rate.

When it comes to their mobile app, this is top-rated and when it comes to the trading platform, it is advanced, so that you can capitalize on it whether you are a beginner, or a skilled trader.

If you want to learn about new digital tokens, it offers free cryptocurrency, and you can even get your very own Coinbase debit card to spend cryptocurrency anywhere that visa is accepted.

Perhaps one of the only downsides to this crypto app is that the fee structure is a little bit challenging to understand, and if you are purchasing smaller amounts, the fees are going to add up.

8. Robinhood


Robinhood is probably another crypto app that you have heard of before, because they have been in the news for a variety of different reasons, and pioneered the idea of zero commission stock trading when it launched back in 2015.

However, there is so much more to this crypto app than just free trading.

It is great for investors that are seeking a mobile app to invest in fractional shares, stocks, and of course cryptocurrency.

If you need an IRA account to purchase mutual funds, then you will need to look elsewhere.

One of the biggest advantages to this crypto app is that there are no commissions and it is considered a high-quality mobile investment app.

It helps you with cryptocurrency investing as well as fractional shares investing.

Perhaps the downside to this crypto app is consumer perceptions around certain trading restrictions, as well as no access to mutual funds.

9. SoFi


SoFi is one of the better options if you are a beginner trader, and you’re wanting a high-quality experience on your mobile, without having to pay too much in commissions.

Options traders and mutual fund investors will want to look elsewhere.

One of the biggest advantages to this crypto app is that you don’t have to pay commission, and there is also a low account minimum, so you can get started investing for next to nothing.

The other thing is that the entire experience on the mobile app is going to be super simple and straightforward, which means a lot when you’re on the go, and don’t want things to be glitching and slow all the time.

It’s harder than you might think to come up with a crypto trading app that is going to be reliable all of the time, but it is especially important in an industry that is highly volatile.

If stability is what you’re looking for, then these guys are a great choice.

10. Cash App

cash app

Cash App is an excellent crypto app option for beginner investors, specifically because there is a lack of commissions, which means that you’re going to easily be able to invest small amounts through fractional share purchases.

If you want to use the cash app for IRAs or other investments, then you will need to look elsewhere.

Obviously, the biggest advantage to this crypto app is no commissions and we think that they are a great choice for beginning investors with fractional share investing.

They also have some really helpful crypto management features.

All you have to do to start investing is open the app, decide how much you want to invest in a specific stock, and then make your purchase.

The app will need to collect a bit of legally required information like your Social Security number, but the entire process is super quick and easy.

11. Webull


Webull is a great choice for options like stocks, ETF’s, and cryptocurrencies, and they don’t charge their clients any out of pocket commission.

This works on a spread markup for its cryptocurrency trades, which means that the cost of investment is built into the trade.

You are also going to be able to trade a few more cryptocurrency coins than other well-known crypto apps, like Robinhood.

The cost is commission-free, but there is a spread markup of 1%. It offers its clients 11 different kinds of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

12. PayPal


PayPal is probably one of the crypto apps that you’ve heard of already, because it has been around for a hot minute, and is actually better known for other features, like being able to send and receive traditional currency around the world.

There’s a good chance that you’ve already got PayPal downloaded on your phone, which means that you could be up and running with cryptocurrency investments in just a few seconds.

You don’t have to pay or even send cryptocurrency to other people, but you are able to trade it. PayPal is going to charge a fee for any transaction and has a spread markup on its trades.

Their fees were going to be $0.50 for trades that are under $25, and then it switches to a percentage that goes to as low as 1.5% for trades that are over $1000.

If you are a little bit confused about the price structure at any point, you can see it on their website, and you are able to gain access to and trade different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin an Ethereum.

13. Kraken


Kraken is another crypto app that is specialized, and lets you trade a huge number of different cryptocurrency coins, including some of the most popular.

In fact, they let you trade a lot of cryptocurrency apps that are not normally available on some of the other more popular crypto apps out there.

You can trade as many as 91 cryptocurrencies, which is probably the biggest list of cryptocurrencies in the crypto app industry.

It charges a 1.5% fee but if you sign up for their pro account, these fees are going to start declining measurably.

14. Coin Metrics


Coin Metrics is a great choice if you want to incorporate a huge amount of data around each one of your trades, but you don’t want it to be so confusing in advance that you can’t apply it practically.

They make it clean and relatively accessible to the average user, and sometimes it is going to be difficult to wade through it all, but we think that this goes for most crypto apps out there.

If you are someone who wants to learn as much as possible about the cryptocurrency investing industry in general, then these guys are great choice.

This way, you can research the market and figure out your options before you make a trade, and we also think that their interface is pretty well-designed as well.

15. Blockfolio


The last crypto app on our list can help you access information about your cryptocurrency portfolio, so that you can always check in and see how it’s doing.

Because this app has been natively designed for smartphones, it is user-friendly, and gives you the exact kind of information that you need. If you are a serious cryptocurrency trader, then this crypto app is a must.

Tips for Investing

The reality of the cryptocurrency investing world is the fact that the industry is highly volatile can be a bit scary, but we don’t actually think it is always a bad thing.

In fact, volatility can sometimes be good, because it means that an asset can go up as much as it can go down.

The challenge here is to make sure that you balance your speculative assets well with your portfolio, and this is where a good financial advisor can be essential.

If you don’t have enough money for a financial advisor, then you definitely need to choose a crypto app that has more than enough information on the app itself about how to invest with low risk in the cryptocurrency world, so that you are always learning, and getting better at trading in general.

Another thing to remember about cryptocurrency investment is that you can execute a copy trading strategy, where you copy a trading strategy of an expert who has already had a lot of success with it.

This way, you don’t need to school yourself too much on the ins and outs of the technical side of things, you can simply leverage success that someone else is already experienced.

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a company that allows cryptocurrency trading transactions.

On the app, you can purchase and sell a number of digital currencies and you might also be able to do other things, like exchange one kind of cryptocurrency for another or even exchange cryptocurrency for Fiat currency.

A lot of crypto apps out there are also going to let you spend your cryptocurrency, where you’ll be able to load your currency onto a linked debit card.

Lastly, as we have talked about quite a bit above, a crypto app can also give you access to educational resources so that you can learn about digital currencies in general.

Features of the Best Crypto Apps

As you can see from the list that we have made above, there are plenty of great crypto apps on the market for you to choose from. Let’s dig a little bit deeper and talk about the features that make them so great.


A really important aspect of a crypto app is their level of security.

One thing that you need to look at is how they keep their assets offline and in cold storage, and whether they have private insurance, and whether they are part of a bug bounty program that encourages hackers that are on your side to report any weaknesses.

You also should be able to figure out whether the exchange or app has been hacked before. If they have, they obviously should have improved on their security features.

Customer Support:

If you are brand new to the world of cryptocurrency investing, then you need to be able to get in touch with the crypto app that you are using very easily.

This is why 24/7 customer support is essential, because nobody wants to have to go through screens of FAQs to get the help they need.

This is especially important if your query isn’t a big one, and you just need a quick answer at some point.

Ease of Use:

There are a ton of crypto apps out there these days, as more people want to invest in digital coins.

However, some apps have raced to jump on the goldmine to the point that they have forgotten about user friendliness.

You need to make sure that the crypto app that you’re using has features that you actually want to use, and if you have never dipped your toe in the cryptocurrency world before, you will need to choose one that is beginner friendly.

Fees: As you can see from the reviews above, there is quite a bit of a margin between fees sometimes when it comes to crypto apps.

Paying fees that are unnecessary is definitely throwing money away, whether you are choosing a brokerage, a bank, or a cryptocurrency app.

You will need to know exactly how much it’s going to cost you to deposit, trade, and withdraw before you open a profile.

You also need to check out the deposit and withdraw options to make sure that they work well with your plan.

crypto wallet


Because cryptocurrencies are a pretty new investment, the more you know about them, the better.

Again, the best crypto apps in our opinion are the ones that are going to include a lot of information about the cryptocurrency industry in general, and help their clients become even more knowledgeable on the topic.

Earning Interest:

There are a number of crypto apps out there that let you earn interest on your cryptocurrency coins. Just make sure that you understand how this works and are comfortable with how their interest is going to be generated.

The exchange might loan you out money, or it might pay you staking fees if you decide to leave your coins alone for a certain period of time.


One of the most important things to think about when choosing the right crypto app for your needs is location.

This is because crypto apps out there can’t operate in every American state, so you will need to make sure that the crypto app that you’re using is covered by US regulations around investing in cryptocurrency.

Do You Need a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Cryptocurrency wallets can be a safe way to store your online tokens, but you really only need one if you plan to accrue big amounts, or you want to be able to spend your cryptocurrency really easily.

Cryptocurrency that you own is protected by private and public keys, kind of like your bank account number and your pin number.

You use a wallet to store these encrypted keys, so that you can keep them safe.

There are two different types of cryptocurrency wallets: a cold wallet and a hot wallet. A cold wallet is a piece of hardware that you keep offline, which means that it is really difficult to hack.

They cost between $50 and $150 are and considered across the board the safest way to store your online currencies. A hot wallet is a wallet that is connected to the Internet, which means that it isn’t as secure.

However, it is helpful if you plan on keeping small amounts of cryptocurrency that you might want to use often.

Because cryptocurrency has become more mainstream recently, wallets have started becoming more necessary.

Back in the day, it was easy to have your cryptocurrency hacked, and most of the time, there was no way of getting it back.

These days, it is a lot safer to leave your coins with an exchange platform without having to use a wallet. Good crypto apps out there are going to have a high level of security and will be able to store your assets offline as well as in cold storage.

There are also companies out there that insure your cryptocurrency assets. Some exchanges won’t even give you the option to move your digital currencies.

The bottom line with cryptocurrency wallets is the type of wallet that you purchased all depends on what you want to do with your cryptocurrency.

If you plan on purchasing a lot of cryptocurrency and then holding on to it for a long time, then you might want to consider investing in a cold wallet.

However, if you plan on trading your cryptocurrency assets regularly, and you need to be able to access them easily, you might want to go for a hot wallet.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, what we believe to be the best crypto apps in the industry right now in 2024.

As you can see, there are plenty for you to choose from, but for every one that we have reviewed on here, there are 10 out there that can’t be trusted.

This is because there are too many companies and apps out there that have been developed by people really quickly without regard for safety and long-term sustainability, which means that you do have a high risk of your cryptocurrency being hacked or stolen if you choose platforms like this.

We’ve gone through a few features to consider when trying to find the best crypto app for your needs, so take this on board, and consider it when looking at what we believe to be the greatest crypto apps in the market currently.

We are confident that you will find one that will suit your needs perfectly!

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Written by Thomas McGovern

Thomas McGovern is a highly experienced blockchain and cryptography expert with over a decade of experience in the field. He has worked on numerous projects involving blockchain technology, including the development of decentralized applications and the implementation of secure cryptographic protocols. McGovern’s expertise in this area is complemented by his academic background; he holds a master’s degree in Mathematics, with a focus on cryptography and number theory.